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  1. You can't prove or disprove Santa Clause either. What you can do is determine if the concept of god is falsifiable. It is not. For example, Einstein's theory of Relativity made predictions about the results of experiments. These experiments could have produced results that contradicted Einstein, so the theory was (and still is) falsifiable. In contrast, the theory that "the moon is populated by little green men who can read our minds and will hide whenever anyone on Earth looks for them, and will flee into deep space whenever a spacecraft comes near'' is not falsifiable: these gre
  2. Mathew, I think I can empathize with your situation and hopefully be able to give you some advice from someone who has been through what you are going through and has come out the other side. I'm not sure how old you are, but I'm guessing early to mid 20s? I grew up with some strong ideals regarding who I wanted to marry and how I thought married life would be. These values were planted by both the church and my parents. Somehow through my own interpretation of these values I overthought the whole issue and blew some things out of proportion in my head. I thought that every girl I da
  3. Yeah, I like that to. What other country in the world is more religious measured by American Christianity than America itself. So then, why are they trying to "take back America!" and why is god judging America for her sins? I will agree on one point. America has a lot of sins and I find the church behind many of them.
  4. Sheesh! I just noticed my grammar in that sentance and had to rewrite it: Traders with this contrarian mindset are often predispositioned to BE more successful than the crowd, WHICH IS usually wrong.
  5. Have you ever thought about becoming a stock trader? Traders with this contrarian mindset are often predispositioned to more successful than the crowd, who is usually wrong. I am a trader myself, so just thought I would mention it. Your statement also reminds me very much of a relationship I had with a girl in Italy. We were best friends, but if she argued white, I would argue black and then vice versa. Both of us would debate our position fervently but we both noticed that a few days later, after thinking through the other's point of view, we would find ourselves coming closer to mi
  6. My wife says that in the south it's too hot to think. She's Russian BTW.
  7. Sheesh... Ala, the taliban-like judicial appointees get their lifetime appointments and rhetoric normally pointed at Iran becomes reality in the US. This trend played at least a partial role in my decision to "blow that joint." It's amazing how much freedom can be found under a broken infrastructure. I'm not sure "efficiency" and "government" are complimentary.
  8. If they pass the "nuclear" anti-filibuster option, you may end up with a taliban of christian judges with lifetime appointments no less. Then what you suggest may become reality. So far the option seems to have been tabled. It's going to take another cultural revolution however to turn the ship of eroding rights around. Most (a majority anyway) don't know, don't care, or are in favor of the current direction. But alas, we don't want to get political here. These things usually get out of hand. I digress.
  9. What, we still have a constitution? I thought you all were under marshal law back there. Gotta do something to pertect agin' them terr'sts and godless comm'nsm, oops, I mean muslms.
  10. Hey, if you are here to learn and discuss, then more power to you. I've only been here a couple of days and it seems the board has had its fair share of proselytizers already. I'll bite. I probably lean more towards atheism now since I can't even conceive of a god (Anselm may have been able, but I can't even conceive of the perfect island that sorta kinda disproved his premise). It doesn't matter to me where he might be, what he might be, etc. The idea that there is an intelligent being out there that created us begs a huge question for me; who made him? And, you can ask this same q
  11. Why bait us? Surely there are easier groups of people to pick off for the kingdom. Or is it a badge of pride if you convince one of the hard core to reup for service?
  12. That was just cruel! Worse than Sam's scare tactics. Ok, I must elaborate for this to make sense. I'm in Russia and a good steak is nearly impossible to find. I thought about the food I miss from the US and steak is probably it. I saw it for $70 at one restaurant, but I have my principles...
  13. So you say! Now I understand why readers here get upset with people like you. Take your scare tactics and your hell and shove them where the sun don't shine. This kind of crap may work in Sunday school, but come on, you have to be able to do a little better than this. Aren't you embarrased? I once remember witnessing to a 16 year old Taoist who knew more about the bible than I (and I pretty much read the bible from your perspective at the time). I walked away refusing to give my testimony to another person before knowing what I really believed and being able to conveigh it in a way th
  14. Very nicely put! I've never heard it put quite that way.
  15. Dude, we are NOT Christians (most of us anyway). Why do you assume that the bible has some sort of authority to argue an issue from with us? It may work for those in your bible study, but most of us have been there, done that. You gotta build your foundation better before you can make the assumption that we even care what the bible says. I've read it. I've read a lot of books. So, why is the bible an authority? And don't prove this point by quoting the book itself. What would that accomplish? This reminds me of the book Confederacy of Dunces (I highly recommend it by the way; fun
  16. Congratulations! You are learning to throw off dogma and are starting to think for yourself. I don't have any advice for you. You will figure it out. I myself voted for Reagan when I was 18; even wrote him a letter for my high school civics class and got a photograph in the mail in response. Then in college I recall writing a scathing review of Dukakus (sp?) who was then running against Bush I. I was sure if that damn NE liberal would win terrible (not sure exactly what, but terrible) things would happen. My family now considers me the "liberal" black sheep. I'm not sure this
  17. Hi Japedo, I am not sure why I stumbled on your story. I have been tooling around with this site for the past two days now and decided to read your testimony because I recalled that you had responded to one of my posts. I have to tell you, your story brought tears to my eyes. I am so happy that you escaped from that nonsense. I wish I could say I empathise, but I really can't. Your childhood and mine were polar opposites, though I to was raised in a Christian home. I guess I was just fortunate. I really respect that you were a free thinker even in your teen years. I pretty mu
  18. I wonder if athiesm is the cause or the effect; with cause being a higher level of education among other things. Before I found this topic I posted on another board with a similar issue. In the post I noted how those living in countries outside the Anglo paradigm have a much lower receptive rate to the gospel story. I won't rehash it here, but will provide the link: http://www.ex-christian.net/index.php?show...=40entry18763 (BTW, I hate that song to. The patriotic BS back in the states has gone ballistic since 9/11. So glad to be far away.)
  19. My response was that my family fails to engage the issue. In the mind of my mother and father, they think I had a bad experience with church and have left for that reason. My mother once went so far as to apologize for their earlier "legalism," which she thinks turned me off. Actually, I'm not that shallow. Bad experiences and too many rules would not push me into non belief if in fact the original premise of belief were actually true. No, what pushed me into non belief was a study of the facts, the claims, the history, and the lack thereof, revealing the utter nonsense of the belief
  20. Totaly new. I just found this site yesterday and spent (wasted? - nah) the whole day twiddling around with it. From what I can gather this is the best site out there for ex-Christains. Hopefully I can find the time to participate/contribute and not let my business slide too much in the process (ha ha). Thanks for the welcome.
  21. I was just browsing and had to register so that I could reply to this response. It took a while to get approved, so maybe someone has adequately addressed this issue by now. Sam, you made some sweeping statements about why members of the board had left church and their old belief systems behind. I have a sweeping statement to make as well. It seems to me that most Christian apologists fall back on the “conscience of the heart” issue as some sort of proof of god and Christianity. We would all likely agree that mankind feels pangs of guilt along with other forms of emotion defined as “
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