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  1. Yup, which is why if it ever happens, I'll keep my mouth shut and just do it.
  2. I always wanted JD and for some reason, never got called. Living outside the country so many years probably didn't help. I would love to nullify and that's exactly what I would do if the crime were victimless. Fuck the evil US police state. It's seriously twisted.
  3. That's the issue. They seemed sincere, as I was too sincere, but the reality is we just bought into the virus on a deeper level than our peers and as a result, probably suffered from it more than they. On the plus side, after hanging out here for the past decade, a pattern has emerged that appears to indicate those most serious are more apt to question their faith because they demand something true and real, not just symbolic. Thus, it's probably an advantage in terms of deconversion.
  4. I was drawn to Green when I was a believer too. I guess I've always been someone who demanded something real. In the xian world, Green was about as close as it got in terms of sincerity. At least that's how it appeared.
  5. So, you don't like my link and want to send me on an errand to satisfy you? I demonstrated how the industry is still massively subsidized. It's the most heavily subsidized industry in history. We spend trillions on the military and wars for oil, etc... I reject the claim that the government/tax payers receive a net benefit. The world is in chaos right now. The US is fighting 7 active wars and has bombed, droned and sent commando units into upwards of 150 countries just since Obama was president. This doesn't even touch the cost in terms of the environment. US citizens receive far less from th
  6. I saw a PBS doc years ago that showed how the internal combustion engine won out due to government support; especially in terms of building fueling depots and refineries across the nation giving it the sole advantage over other competitors. Hell, where would the oil industry be now if they had to pay for building the roads? Today, the fossil fuel industry is still massively subsidized. Pipeline projects alone make up huge amounts of subsidization in terms of land lease and eminent domain land grabs. But that's not even the half of it. Imagine if the oil industry had to
  7. Yeah, I looked it up after I posted. Not sure I fully comprehend it, but there it is.
  8. Virtually all new tech is government subsidized until it becomes cost effective for the private sector. This was even true of fossil fuel tech which required the government to build the infrastructure before it became viable in mass markets.
  9. It probably blows more here, since I live on the sea, near the Bay of Finland. But wind doesn't blow non stop even here. So I don't see why it's different than solar in that there are lulls that need to be accounted for using battery tech. A breeze may turn the turbines, but I bet not much. I don't have any issues with wind power. Again, my point is general and about the future, not necessarily now, based on current tech. I've already explained why I think so. Really? This is new info for me. Are you sure?
  10. I don't see how wind could be 24/7 except occasionally. Some places, of course are better than others. My point is more general than specifically related to today's current tech. It just makes more sense to me to focus on developing solar tech given it's the source of energy and wind is simply a biproduct of that huge, massive source. Virtually all energy on the planet originates with the sun, right? I've read that tech is in development that will make even northern climates like the one I live in viable solar areas as they are able to collect even through the clouds. With developing batte
  11. Wind seems promising, but solar has to be the focus I'd think just in terms of the huge power difference between the two. Wind is a biproduct of the sun's rays, right?
  12. Governments don't give two shits about cost effectiveness. Look at the F35, which has already cost tax payers $2T and it can't even fly under normal conditions. The Russian SU35 outperforms it in virtually every possible way and costs 1/10th the price. The US isn't adopting clean energy in a significant way because it's still controlled by the oil lobbies. They are spending billions on pipleline projects simply because the oil lobbies have gotten the government to commit to oil into the future even though it's a dying energy source.
  13. Either that, or this was the part of the religion that survived and bubbled up to the surface via an evolutionary process over the ages. Remember, it wasn't the first religion in the rodeo, so this process may have started long before xianity.
  14. It's a key factor in the formula that makes the religion work. Label something a sin. Offer a solution to the consequences of committing the sin. If that were it, the religion would die on the vine. But if you label an innate, biological need a sin, then your follower will struggle with it on a daily basis and be in constant need of the anecdote. This keeps people on a hamster wheel and dependent.
  15. American Jesus wasn’t crucified. His diabetes was just a preexisting condition and he slipped into a coma and died while binge watching Netflix.
  16. You were lucky to have studied that so early. I didn't study these until university. I was already deconverting at the time but was still in that stage of the nagging feeling "what if I'm wrong" when I read Oedipus Rex in theater class. That sealed the deal for me. It was like the man behind the curtain was revealed. The play was written some 600 years before year 0 and the story of a son of a king sacrificing himself to save the members of his kingdom from God's wrath was just too close to the gospel story to have been a coincidence. I came away from that class with a confidence that the whol
  17. I was thinking the same thing. It can't form because organic material is food for existing life.
  18. Me. Betting the same is true of most here.
  19. Ok, fuck the holy ghost in his tiny little urethra with the John Holmes model schlong until baby Jesus cries and pops begs for mercy. Feels a bit anti climactic.
  20. Yeah, sure. Falsifiability. I was probably assuming too much as I played fast and loose with the words.
  21. Falsification is actually necessary for it to be a valid theory. Theories that can't be falsified are unreliable on their face. For instance, what would falsify god? You can't do it. He is either invisible, living in another realm and can't be discovered, living somewhere out or reach, beyond our ability to reason, etc... Every challenge to his existence, even theoretical, will be counterchallenged. Evolution can be wrong if... But if ... holds up, the theory is once again confirmed. Big difference.
  22. That show is great the most intelligent show on tv right now and one of the sharpest I remember. It is worth the effort to watch it. It really has the potential to change how you see things. Inspired, no doubt, by Fight Club, one of the best movies ever made IMO.
  23. That's a tough one. There used to be a special support group for ex pastors and/or their spouses. Perhaps it still exists. It was started by an ex pastor who had written several books about his deconversion. I'm struggling to recall his name. Does this ring a bell to anyone here? Edit: I found it http://clergyproject.org/ Maybe you will be able to get some good advice from them. I don't want to brush you off here, but I'm thinking they may have more experience with this particular issue.
  24. I sincerely hope the US does lose it. It will severely cut into its ability to storm the globe and will force it to shut down much, if not most of its 900 odd foreign military bases, etc... US foreign policy has forced countries like China and Russia to work together to create alternatives. So far, there has only been a trickle of countries who are eschewing the dollar. Venezuela and a couple of others (note that Libya did it right before they were destroyed. Many seem to think this was motivation for the US attack. I'm not sure myself. It was probably a factor). Russia has changed
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