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  1. Omniscient god knew from the beginning of time that homos would one day congregate in SF and Key West, where he sends hurricanes instead as he's diverse like that.
  2. Or, you could just embarrass him by giving him the 3rd degree: Is that your legal name? Then why are you asking me to use it? Well, that's weird don't you think? Suit yourself buddy, if you want to announce to the whole restaurant you're a freak, who am I to stop you? Strange cat who asked me to write JIL, your coffee is ready!
  3. In that case, I'm less embarrassed. The dude probably knows it's cheesy as hell but also knows this type of vid will keep the donations rolling in from the faithful.
  4. Dingus. I'm embarrassed for him.
  5. I didn't, but the xian school in my hometown was where parents sent their problem kids, so it had a reputation as a school full of bullies and petty criminals. Not sure how accurate the rumors were.
  6. How would one go about falsifying such a claim? You can't disprove that which can never be falsified. The claim is simply made on a whim, with no evidence supporting it whatsoever. In the mind of the person making it, it can never be wrong or proven wrong, so why even get into that discussion? It's like arguing with a cat. https://explorable.com/falsifiability
  7. US media is one of the most repugnant of all medias. It's all owned by essentially the same groups with the same interests and they have been fanning the flames of fear to ever increasing degrees -- especially since 9.11. The only way civilization disappears is if the US starts a war that ends up on its own soil for a change. DPRK isn't a threat. We are a threat to them. White supremacists are not a threat, they are a shrinking group of heavily marginalized people who are being hyped for political purposes. ISIS would go away if the US/Israel/Saudis would quit funding and arming them (no,
  8. This is people like Hal Linsdey trying to sell books by extrapolating ancient writings to modern day life. It's not the mark of the beast, clearly, but it's probably still a really bad idea to let the government tag you if you have any choice in the matter.
  9. Given our record, it's going to happen. I really feel bad for the younger generations. We haven't left them much other than a future of lost freedoms and environmental destruction.
  10. When both teams pray before the game, how do you decide which team to favor with a victory? Why did you create mosquitoes? Why do men have nipples?
  11. Not the end of the world, but a sure way to create unneeded drama for your kid with no measurable gain for the effort. Maybe the world is different today, but a kid would have gone through hell for this when I was a kid.
  12. Where Bob Larson is concerned, I wouldn't be too sure. He's the televangelist version of Alex Jones.
  13. I'm cool with transgenders, but let's not lose our heads here. This is pretty whack: http://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/health-and-families/baby-gender-why-not-boys-girls-trans-assign-birth-non-binary-reveal-party-gendered-intelligence-a7933871.html?cmpid=facebook-post
  14. I think it might be incredibly demoralizing for women and would discourage many from even participating in sports. As you point out, the divide between men and women here is huge. Not like the divide between Kenyans and the rest of us where long distance running is considered.
  15. When you said Jesus, you woke yourself up, which is why you could turn your head. A coincidence isn't proof of anything. We tend to remember positive hits and discount negative hits. I.e., we forget all the times there was no coincidence, which makes coincidences seem more powerful than they really are.
  16. Me too. I get to exercise this a lot lately with today's news.
  17. I don't understand what "faith in the atheist life" means. As I understood it, a backslidden xian is one who can't hack all the strict rules and decides to go out and engage in some sort of pleasure of the 'flesh'. What parallel is there with atheism?
  18. I don't think Poe. You can see by his writing that his mind is unorganized and confused. He lacks education to put his thoughts in order.
  19. The original Twilight Zone had an episode about this. A gangster was shot and walked through a door into a mansion where everything was perfect. At first he was thrilled, but later discovered how bad it was that everything worked out his own way. He couldn't play pool as his first shot would knock in every ball. Every woman he looked at was ready for him without any effort on his part. At the end of the episode he realized he wasn't in fact in heaven, but in hell.
  20. Why is hell more damaging? When I was a teen, I used to lay awake at night and try and figure out eternity. I imagined that 'what if I fuck up and end up in hell?' After a million years I'll still be no closer to the end than I was at the start. After a billion years, the same. No hope of endless, excruciating torture to ever end. Texas Chainsaw? You're kidding, right?
  21. If it wasn't ancient, it would be seen as ridiculous like it is. Imagine a pyramid operator tells its sales team that they will be given mansions and streets of gold if they add members but if they refuse, they will be kept alive while their skin is peeled. Someone would go to jail.
  22. Not sure I understand what you are saying. My parents taught me that there was both a heaven and a hell. That doesn't make the hell doctrine any less evil IMO. Personally, I would never feel comfortable in heaven knowing that others were suffering in hell. If god erased my memory, he just brainwashed me, but there would still be people suffering, which means it's not ok. IMO, both places are fairy tales. Just fairy tales that cause people psychological trauma when they believe in them.
  23. I understand the "creep out" feeling. I used to have it myself. I can't speak for others, but in my own experience, this went away quickly as I got to know people. I grew up in a conservative western town and gay people seemed like aliens when I was a kid. In my early 20s, I met a friend of a friend who was gay, ended up going to a gay club (which I was surprised even existed in my town) and found them all to be great. Most importantly, I didn't feel any sense that they would hit on me (which I think is probably one of the main factors that creeps out a straight white male who grew up in a con
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