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  1. I think you took that from someone I quoted. I didn't write that.
  2. All three of his names, first, middle, last, have 6 letters, hence, he was the antichrist.
  3. How does that impact you now? Did you go off the deep end when you deconverted and do everything in rebellion, are you still conservative because it's now ingrained, something else?
  4. When I was 18 or 19 my friends and I listened to Bob Larson's call in show and the demons on it scared the shit out of us. Looking back, it's some of the funniest performance art ever:
  5. When I was a kid, I remember a missionary who told us that back in the jungles in places like India, the demons were so open and aggressive, they'd just call out to you from the trees. My church was pretty run of the mill, not kookoo as far as churches go, but he had everyone all freaked out. We just knew that stuff like yoga was some sort of demon portal to the god-protected US.
  6. Let's assume for the sake of argument that all of this is true. Putin is killing his opposition or imprisoning them. I've pointed out above that I don't think these things are accurately reported, but again, for the purpose of an intellectual exercise, let's say they are. We establish rules against these types of things because we worry about how they impact the masses of people, right? If it's really just a question of what is right and wrong, the US, with it's wars is way out in front in the sin game, but it's a lot more than just a question of absolute morality isn't it? So, how has this impacted Russian society? I've provided a brief synopsis of what life is like for the average Russian. Cops don't shoot them. They have relatively stress free lives with a lot of perks Americans don't generally have. So, what's the issue? Should America 'free' the Russian people from this 'despot' when the American people are worse off than the Russian people? Will the people be better off after America sets them free from this 'dictator'? Is Ukraine now better off without Yanukovych? Are you starting to see how some of the western criticisms leveled against Putin and Russia are a bit nonsensical from the average Russian citizen's point of view? Isn't the average Russian's point of view the only thing that matters here from the perspective of you, me and just other average humans?
  7. Sorry for derailing this thread. I'll stop if you wish Fwee. On the subject of business experience in Russia, there was an interesting event which took place Putin's first year in office. The city of Vladivostok was left without heat right in the dead of winter. 400K people were at risk of freezing. Meanwhile, ships in Siberia were loaded with coal, already sold to western companies. Corrupt oligarchs had diverted the entire supply of coal in the region to Western buyers. Putin seized the coal in the harbors, diverted it back to the city of Vladivostok and arrested 24 industry insiders for criminal conspiracy. So, yeah, I'm sure business leaders don't like him, but name me a single western populist who has put the people of his/her country first over business interests like this. If you can, I'll bet he/she also has an 80% approval rating.
  8. On American TV. As I've been pointing out, the media has an agenda. The same conglomerates that have interests in seeing NATO expansion own the media. But, it's not easy for foreigners to do business here. That's another topic. I'm not really too worried about this. I'd like to see Russian businesses given a chance without having to compete with Western corps. IMO, it's better for the Russian people. Putin put Khardikovsky in prison for a while. The guy was evading taxes and when he did it, he was in the political fight of his life, having to deal with western-backed oligarchs who were in control of the country and selling the Russian people down the river. Standing up to these guys was one of the highlights of his career. Literally hundreds of high profile Putin critics operate in the open on Russian television. there are even stations dedicated to the opposition parties. They aren't dying. Under mysterious circumstances is easy to jump to conclusions with. How many dead people do conspiracy theorists attribute to the Clintons now? Well over a 100 by my count, and those are all people who Americans can readily read about and follow up on. Americans have no real way of doing research here in Russia where everything is done in Russian language, and where the culture and the stories are unfamiliar to them. How easy is it then to attribute every single death to Putin and just have people believe it? Bottom line here is he has over an 80% approval rating and has no need to kill off his critics. Weak dictators do that. Strong leaders don't have to. So, no, I don't believe he is killing off his critics or imprisoning them.
  9. I don't like the US government (not unlike any thinking and informed person with a sense of morality in this day and age), but I'm an American citizen and I want the best for the American people whom I love even if I sometimes criticize them. Right now they are just as abused (if not more so in many ways) by their government than other countries that are also victims of this evil organization. My citizenship is my birthright, it's not something the government granted me. Why should I give it up? My family came to the US 200 years ago and worked hard to build the country, long before the corrupt government that exists today came into power You can't know about a country unless you visit it and visit it thoroughly btw. Reading about countries can only get you so far and in many, if not most cases, it will end up leading you down paths of misconceptions. Russians today, especially in St. Petersburg and Moscow, have a higher quality of life than the Average American by quite a long mile. They have more vacation time (a lot more -- everyone I know goes to places like Turkey, Tunis, India, Thailand, Philippines, Italy, Greece 2x year), they have less debt (a lot less), far more of them own their homes outright (around 70% IIRC). They have more spendable income after taxes and bills. They have more education. They have less stress. They don't have to pay for expensive medical insurance and they don't have to worry about an illness wiping them out. They have an efficient rail system that is cheap and that takes them anywhere around the country or Europe. They have amazing metro systems that are fast and cheap with stations that look like rooms in palaces) make cars unnecessary. They have no crime to speak of. I can go to any neighborhood in Moscow or SPB day or night and be perfectly secure. There are literally no slums. I could do without St. Petersburg's cold, dark winters, but I have hundreds of world class museums, hundreds of live performance theater shows, ballet, opera, the symphony to help bide the time until spring. All of these things are affordable for even lower middle class people (definitely not true of NYC). Live, professional theater, for instance, costs $2-$3. I can visit the Hermitage, a museum that puts the NYC Met to shame, for around $4 IIRC. The US still has a lot of great things about it, but the police, the economy, the government, pressures at work are all putting a damper on people's lives and from what I see from the outside looking in, things are getting a whole lot more stressful over there and people seem to be being pushed to their limits by a lot of different factors. I don't find any glee in this. Quite the opposite.
  10. Sigh. This is just not true. Claims unsupported by actual facts don't make things true. Russia today is far more free than the US is today. This is a great example of why I started my thread about bullshit in the media. People don't know which way is up anymore as the media can't be trusted to share facts, but are more than happy to spread propaganda. I encourage you to come visit. It will do wonders for your world view. Syria is not committing genocide against its own people. There is so much wrong with your post, I just don't have energy to address it all. Let me ask you, why did 600k people return to Syria after Assad and Russia liberated Aleppo if Assad, with the help of the Russians, were committing genocide against them? Seriously, turn off the television and stop reading the newspaper. It will make you less ignorant of reality just for that effort.
  11. I'm never going to concede that all countries do it. Russia did nothing wrong in the Ukraine. The US fomented a coup in order to turn Ukraine into another NATO base and grab Russia's important naval base Sevestapol. The people of Crimea, who are 95% Russian held a referendum and voted to join the Russian Federation with almost a 90% result in favor. No shots were fired. And who could blame them, after seeing the Nazis in charge in Kiev who had kill lists and were on a hunt for Russians and Russian sympathizers? Below is a detailed explanation of what happened there. The US is doing a whole lot more than sticking its nose in other's business. It's a completely out of control rogue state that is running around the globe completely destroying countries, such as Libya, which was no threat, not a rogue state, and which was successful and thriving until the US turned it into an ISIS infested wasteland. It's sick. Nations like Russia are a tiny handful that are actually standing up to the US and pushing back -- hence, the enemy state label. The US essentially sent ISIS to Syria and was aiding and supporting it for years until Russia went in and bombed them into a shell of their former selves in a matter of weeks. IOW, it's Russia and Syria that are actually fighting the war on terror and the US which is fanning it for its own military and political purposes. The American people seem happy to be willfully ignorant about what their country is up to.
  12. Geezer, Russia became a nation in 1989. The Soviet Union no longer exists and Russia has not invaded anyone in its 25+ years of existence. The US, meanwhile, over the past 25 years, has invaded, droned, bombed, overthrown democratically elected governments and otherwise molested 134 countries. You do realize that Syria is a Russian ally and that Russia was invited there to defend it? Seems like you don't. The US, OTH, is there as an invader. You don't invade your friend's home when he invites you in, you invade when you break in uninvited. Can't believe I have to point this out. The level of misinformation that exists today is unreal.
  13. And Napoleon was just bringing French Glory to the world. The US isn't fighting terrorists, it's creating them, both literally and figuratively. This isn't a war on terrorism, it's imperialism straight up. Russia hasn't invaded a single country. They may or may not be arming those in Donetsk. Hard to say. They wouldn't have had to if the US hadn't incited a coup and supported Nazi killing squads in UK. But why do I have to defend Russia? I'm still an American citizen.
  14. Do you realize how drones are being used? The president has a kill list and drones are sent into countries all over the world taking out people who have never had a trial and who are on sovereign soil where no war has been declared. This happens in over 100 sovereign nations (who the fuck do we think we are?) around the globe without permission from those nations to operate, much less commit acts of war. Even US citizens have been taken out -- again, with no due process. So, no, we shouldn't be sending in soldiers or planes either. The drones just make it easier for us to break international law.
  15. The interesting thing about people is they react differently under different types of pressures. When I first moved here, there was a skinhead problem. The 1990s were an extremely difficult time here. The ruble had collapsed and people had lost their savings overnight. At the same time, prices for food and everything else soared and jobs were hard to find. It was the US depression on steroids. During this time, crime rates rocketed, so did drug and alcohol use. Today, things have been the most stable things have been in 30 or 40 years, even with the sanctions. Crime is way down and society is pretty calm and relaxed. I haven't heard anything about or seen a skinhead in over 10 years. If things get bad again, I'm sure they, or something like them will rear their heads once again, but it's not an issue today.
  16. The US, with only 5% of the world's population, has 25% of the entire world's prison population. Why would we want to increase the conviction rate? As it is now, myriads of people are in prison on plea bargains because they are too poor to fight the charges.
  17. I had experiences and I can explain them all rationally. I saw demon eyes once. Scared the shit out of me. Now I understand it was sleep paralysis. I saw people speaking in tongues and doing all kinds of crazy stuff. Now I understand it's group psychology. Both seem really real. I understand why they fool people. But they are quite common.
  18. I think they have always gone together. The only reason xianity survived and became the force that it is today is the concept of divine right of kings. This lasted until the enlightenment as a justification for political rule by a single person or family. I'm far less familiar with the history of Islam, but I imagine there was also a commingling between religion and political leadership. That certainly seems to be the case in places like Saudi Arabia, which is still led by a royal family, which justifies its position of authority using religion.
  19. Thought of another: Trust in authority. Not questioning. Lack of critical thinking skills or failure to apply them.
  20. American exceptionalism. It has caused us to think we can sanction, bomb, drone, influence elections, overthrow leaders we don't like, subjugate, exploit and dictate our will to the rest of the world. And, we're not exceptional. We don't have more freedom than others. Unless we're comparing African dictatorships, we have much less than just about everyone else. We have a broken healthcare system that lets people die in the streets if it doesn't bankrupt them first. We have decaying infrastructure, a sky-rocketing poverty line and a distribution of wealth on par with a banana republic. We spend more on the military than the rest of the world combined and then some, yet we have planes that can't fly, we have ships that are new, yet obsolete and we can't even win a war, even though we have been bombing and invading non-stop, literally for the past 15 years (really, much longer than that, but we really ramped things up since the millennium). We bombed Syria for years with no progress and then Russia came in and turned ISIS into a shell of its former self in a matter of weeks.
  21. " More than a quarter of college-age women report having experienced a rape or rape attempt since age 14." I'll probably get myself in trouble for this one, but I've always wondered how true this one is. If rape is defined as drunk sex where the male gets accused, then no doubt we'd see numbers like this. It certainly seems to be the case with campus rape stats. I don't know about general stats.
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