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  1. You're really putting a damper on folks who are convinced Europeans are being overrun by hordes of raping Muslims who are going to bring Sharia law and out populate white Europeans in just the matter of a generation or two Soren.
  2. What is this? Another spin on "you're just mad at the church?" that we've heard so many times from friends and family and even nosy strangers?
  3. Vigile

    Moral law

    Do you really know nothing at all about psychology, sociology and/or just natural consequences that fit into simple algorithms of cause and effect? No god or supreme being is needed to tell us or instill within us that I don't steal my neighbor's chickens or rape his daughters because I don't want him to steal my chickens or rape my daughters. Occam's razor slices off 98% of your position as superfluous. Meanwhile, your rules include a whole lot of extra moral guidelines that are completely unnecessary and nonsensical. The Hasidic Jews highlight just how ludicrous they are. The xi
  4. http://mondoweiss.net/2017/07/crossing-politicians-suddenly/ Crossing AIPAC leaves writers smeared, politicians’ careers ‘suddenly stalled’ — Sullivan One of the features you most associate with creeping authoritarianism is the criminalization of certain political positions. Is anything more anathema to a liberal democracy? If Trump were to suggest it, can you imagine the reaction?
  5. Congress has always been out of touch, but they are living in la la land these days. Yesterday the Senate just passed, nearly unanimously, new sanctions on Russia. This is pretty much par for the course these days, but these sanctions attempt to force Europeans to buy US LNG gas, which is far less efficient than Russian gas, costs far more money and requires massive amounts of refining before it can be used. Instead of buying Russian gas, which is pipelined in, congress is telling Europeans they have to buy liquid gas which comes in on expensive ships. IOW, they sanctioned their European partn
  6. My wife used to go there once every year or two, but since the flight was shot down they shut down all Russian flights to Egypt and she's not on board with it herself anymore. Geopolitics has created a lot of terrorism in the ME for sure. My post above was more about the history and cultures. The average person there isn't a terrorist, despite popular opinion to the contrary. I've personally had nothing but pleasant interactions with people from Turkey, Iran, Egypt, Tunis, Lebanon, and maybe one or two others that I've forgotten.
  7. I think you guys are missing out on some of just how amazing the ME can be. If I could, I'd be all over that part of the globe. Minus the parts the US and its asshole allies are bombing of course. But, if you want to go to other countries and ignore all of their rules and traditions and act like a big ugly American, then, yeah, you shouldn't go.
  8. I know a lot of non religious people from my parents generation that would see it the same way as religious folk. It may be influenced by religion, but it's a pretty common protocol. Pragmatism seems reasonable here. It doesn't hurt to use it, but not using it can. They aren't asking anyone to perform any rituals. That's different in my book.
  9. I can't say what is right, but I can say what I would do. If it were my mother and father, I'd respect them and spend a couple of nights apart from my GF. It's not that big of a deal to do something like this for them I don't think. If it makes them uncomfortable, why make them feel that way? Does it really make you feel that uncomfortable to comply? Now, if they start wanting me to attend church or say prayers. That's a whole other ballgame.
  10. Even the CIA-backed rag WaPo can see that it violates the 1st Amendment: https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/this-piece-of-pro-israel-legislation-is-a-serious-threat-to-free-speech/2017/07/24/0752d408-7093-11e7-8f39-eeb7d3a2d304_story.html?utm_term=.64fd8d3e21aa But frankly, the ACLU is a much more informed source: https://www.aclu.org/blog/speak-freely/first-amendment-protects-right-boycott-israel I don't understand how anyone could even dispute this or even want to. It's a prima facie violation of every ideal we are told our country stands for.
  11. We need to address things like AIPAC first, otherwise, the next round of stooges will be the same. See my McKinney vid above to see just how much influence the Israeli lobby has on our congress.
  12. I'd point out that this is completely unconstitutional, but who pays attention to that piece of paper these days?
  13. How are they going to calculate when Jesus is coming back? Kids these days.
  14. It's a great book, but I had to wade through it with great difficulty and I have a university degree. Willy says he's a simple country boy, which is cool, but I wonder if this book might be a bit above what he's asking for. Or, who knows, maybe he has more aptitude for the subject than I.
  15. Hey Willy, I like science too, but need a little help with it as it doesn't come naturally to me either. This is a great series that introduces space and physics in a very accessible way. The Openload links work best for me. https://www.primewire.is/watch-2744966-Cosmos-A-SpaceTime-Odyssey-online-free
  16. I'm guessing the changes come with automatic upgrades and webmaster doesn't have control over them.
  17. The last time I cried because I was upset was at my grandfather's funeral about 15 years ago. But I cry from time to time when I'm moved. I couldn't stop the tears running down my face when my friends got together and made a bday vid for me last year. I was deeply touched. My eyes water up when I hear a beautiful song sung beautifully, or when I see a great film. I wouldn't consider myself an emotional person. I don't have mood swings, for instance. I admit, though, that if a guy is overly emotional, I probably think a little less of him. Maybe living in Europe has impacted me
  18. Man, you are now free. Before, you were nothing but a worm, undeserving of salvation, saved only by grace by a god who couldn't look at you unless you were hidden from his sight by his son's blood. You were constantly held to an impossible standard designed to keep you feeling guilty and thus designed to keep you under the thumb of your church, your rituals. Now, your life is an open canvas. You are only limited by physics, morality (don't hurt people) and your own mind. Do stuff. Explore stuff. Push boundaries. Enjoy life. There is no sky daddy judging you.
  19. You say you have been afraid, but honestly, you're one of the bravest people I know. Love ya Margie.
  20. Most definitely. But probably prone isn't the correct way to frame this. Other countries just don't have the same media empire owned by a tiny handful of self-interested corps or the CIA working behind the scenes (Obama made propaganda against the public legal and we know that the CIA has employed agents to work in places like CNN). But this isn't my point in posting here. I thought it was a good analogy for people who decovert. Many here talk about how they wish they could go back -- especially newbies. This explains why I think.
  21. Plato's Allegory of the Cave Here translated to watching Hollywood movies, is a good illustration of Plato's Allegory of the Cave. But you can extend the illustration to the whole context to the way, we in the West, experience reality. In Plato's original, the spectators were chained at the neck, so that they couldn't turn around to see that what they were seeing projected from behind was smoke and mirrors. They were forced to think that the shadows they saw before them were real. What would happen, Socrates asked, if a shadow-spectator were liberated and brought out into the light of the
  22. My father always said gesundheit! when I was growing up and that's what I've said ever since. Bless you was never in our family's lexicon even though my family is religious. As you note, it means 'to your health'. In Russia, they say Byd'zdarovia, which is the same thing. In Italy they say 'Salute'! again, same. I think the bless you thing is unique to our culture. Most focus on health it seems.
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