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  1. Just a heads up since you can't seem to get PM's, the Committee for Posting Purity is no more, we have disbanded.

  2. I love your quote and enjoy reading the political discussions you and the others get involved in, keep it up! Also, nice to see another anime fan on here too! :)

  3. Happy Birthday! :)) Whoa..you have lots of rep points, lol.

  4. I can't send you PM's.

  5. Former C of C minister...glad to be out!

  6. I'm from TN too, what part are you in? lol

  7. Empty your PM box I can't send you anything.

  8. Just wanted to say I really like your sig. Never really read it until today.

  9. Thanks for overlooking my blunder and answering my question. I have been kicking my own ass for the last half hour. :)

  10. Love the full metal quote ;>

  11. Last night at my parents' church one of the preachers was giving a sermon about how the reason why God gives us moral laws to follow and why hell exists is because it's like a fence to protect us from being harmed and he used the analogy of a recent news event where a tiger at a San Francisco zoo escaped from the fence and killed one of the people there. I admit that I was almost taken in by this argument and it almost had me accepting it until I realized that this was just another dressed up version of that "we can't have morals without God!" argument that's just so ridicilously pathetic. T
  12. Does that time where one of the church psychiatrists at my church tried to get me to go through conversion therapy so I could be "saved" from my "lusts" count here, too?
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