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  1. Just a heads up since you can't seem to get PM's, the Committee for Posting Purity is no more, we have disbanded.

  2. I love your quote and enjoy reading the political discussions you and the others get involved in, keep it up! Also, nice to see another anime fan on here too! :)

  3. Happy Birthday! :)) Whoa..you have lots of rep points, lol.

  4. I can't send you PM's.

  5. Former C of C minister...glad to be out!

  6. I'm from TN too, what part are you in? lol

  7. Empty your PM box I can't send you anything.

  8. Just wanted to say I really like your sig. Never really read it until today.

  9. Thanks for overlooking my blunder and answering my question. I have been kicking my own ass for the last half hour. :)

  10. Welcome back to the site, Zenislev! I'm so glad you were able to break free from xtianity!
  11. BT proves once again that he's never read the bible in his life since if he's a follower of Jesus, then BT is the one who has to hate himself. Luke 14:26
  12. If you can only claim that if you have a standard to compare it to, then what standard are you using to compare moral absolutes to in order to claim that morality is absolute? What standard are you using to compare the meaning of morality to when you claim God is needed for morality? The word in bold is the key word there. Implied, not proven beyond a shadow of a doubt, but implied. If it's only implied to you that morality is meaningless without God, then how can it be common sense? If I say, "it's implied that if kids behave all year, that proves there is a Santa Claus beca
  13. Love the full metal quote ;>

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