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  1. Welcome back to the site, Zenislev! I'm so glad you were able to break free from xtianity!
  2. BT proves once again that he's never read the bible in his life since if he's a follower of Jesus, then BT is the one who has to hate himself. Luke 14:26
  3. If you can only claim that if you have a standard to compare it to, then what standard are you using to compare moral absolutes to in order to claim that morality is absolute? What standard are you using to compare the meaning of morality to when you claim God is needed for morality? The word in bold is the key word there. Implied, not proven beyond a shadow of a doubt, but implied. If it's only implied to you that morality is meaningless without God, then how can it be common sense? If I say, "it's implied that if kids behave all year, that proves there is a Santa Claus beca
  4. I think you're slightly confused. I think a more accurate description would be if morals were absolute, there wouldn't be a scale because all morals would be on the same number. After all, wasn't it Jesus who said that all sins are the same in the eyes of the Lord? Isn't that what people typically mean when they refer to moral absolutes, especially those that you claim are "true Christian values"? Then, why are you demanding us to accept your opinion that morals without God are meaningless if you can't prove that they are? That makes no logical sense. I never said you shouldn
  5. Hence morals are relative, not opposite good vs evil absolutes. Evidence please? As I said before, aren't you being egocentric when you make baseless assumptions concerning the truth about God's morals? And if God created the universe, then God created morals which are apart of the universe. Or are you suggesting that morality is a separate entity that exists outside the universe? And if morality is a separate entity from God that has always existed, then are you suggesting that morality is a god itself? It still sounds like to me that you're cherry-picking which parts of
  6. So, what was the message taught when God gave a commandment to kill in Judges 11:29-40? So, using that "logic", is God virtuous and just since God has never had to suffer before (and no, the crucifixion of Jesus doesn't count since that was rigged for Jesus to win from the start and it's debatable if Jesus really called himself God or not anyway). Here's an article that I think you'll find interesting: http://atheism.about.com/od/argumentsagain...rfectvirtue.htm
  7. So, what about say, the morale relativity of lying? Most everyone agrees that lying is a basic moral principle and that lying is immoral, but what about in cases where the justification or immorality of lying is blurred? Say, for example, that you're in a situation where you're the only one who can save another person's life but the only way that you can reach that person to save them is through lying. In this case, is it moral to lie if it saves another person's life or is it moral to allow another person to die through telling the truth even though lying is a basic moral principle?
  8. But you specifically said we got our morals from God yet now you're saying that we can get our morality from other places. Aren't you contradicting yourself when you say that God is the source of morals yet you've just proven that we can get our morals from other sources besides God? But you just said above we can get our morals from other places besides God. If we can get our morals from other places besides God, why is God relevant? But if morals are absolute, how do you define what murder is? How do you define what an innocent person is? Is abortion murder? Is a fetus cou
  9. But you specifically stated that morals come from God. If morals come from God, then shouldn't people who believe in God be able to figure out what is moral just from believing in God? Since people who believe in God can't figure out what is moral any less than unbelievers can, then doesn't that prove that the existence of God is irrelevant to what is considered moral and what isn't considered moral? There's a major difference though between mathematics and morality. With mathematics, no matter how many times you solve a problem, if you solve it the correct way, you'll always get the sam
  10. Actually, yes the term Christian is used in the bible. Acts 11:26,
  11. That's because morals are subjective, not objective. If moral absolutes existed, then why can't people always agree on what is moral? Take the doctrine of hell, for instance. Some Christians think God is loving and moral if he sends people to hell. Other Christians believe that it would be immoral for God to send people to hell and that a truly moral and just God would not punish people with hell. In this case, if morals are objective rather than subjective, which view of God is moral and which view is immoral? And please don't say that the Christians who disagree with you are not "real"
  12. Earlier in the thread, you specifically stated you were not here to prove anything. But if you're making sweeping baseless statements such as these, then you most certainly are trying to prove something to us, and so you are a liar and a hypocrite, Mr. I'msomoralandfarmoreperfectthanatheists.
  13. Then, how exactly are you trying to prove the existence of Jesus? What method are you using to prove your claims? Blind faith? Isn't there more evidence for the existence of Muhammad than the existence of Jesus? Or at least that's what I heard? I thought that biblical scholars already proved that these are forgeries?
  14. No, it's not! It's a creation of God to test our faith! Glory to Jebus!
  15. When I read LOTR, I always saw the ring as being like sin. When Christians commit sin, it might help them get ahead in "the world", but it's also supposed to cause them spiritual suffering, like the ring causes Frodo to suffer even if its magic helps him in the war. And so Christians must overcome the sin with the strength of God/Jesus and return sin to where it belongs and destroy it, like Frodo returning the ring to Mt. Doom. Of course, the difference is that God/Jesus is the one responsible for sin whereas in LOTR it's evil that's responsible for the ring. Though, I agree that the Chris
  16. First, Yahweh would have to prove his existence to me. Second, Yahweh would have to prove to me that prayer actually works and give me a logical explanation as to why some people's prayers are never answered, even if they're good believers. Third, Yahweh would have to prove to me that the doctrine of hell and all the evil immoral acts that he committed throughout the bible were all lies that were added in by control-freak humans and that he actually is all-loving, after all. Fourth, God would have to be tolerant and accepting of people who are just being true to themselves to prove that he
  17. I was born left-handed, but I broke my arm when I was a kid and I had to learn how to use my right hand during that time, so after becoming accustomed to using my right hand, I just switched over to using it and I pretty much use it all the time now. I can barely use my left hand for anything at all anymore, so I just voted right-handed.
  18. Welcome to the forums! I disagree that religion doesn't change. You don't need to look much further than the history of chapter 16 of the Gospel Of Mark to see how much the bible has changed over the years. Who's to say that a 1000 years from now we won't have another modern day Council of Nicaea who will vote to canonize the Secret Gospel Of Mark or the Gospel Of Mary, and remove all scriptural references that preach against homosexuality and suppression of women, and create a new bible canon while the current one dies out. If an entire chapter of a bible can be removed but later added in
  19. I've never read The Wheel Of Time, but according to Wikipedia, "With Jordan's death on September 16, 2007, the conclusion of the series was in question. On December 7 the publisher, Tor Books, announced that fantasy author Brandon Sanderson would finish A Memory of Light." So, it looks like the last book will be finished, only by a different author.
  20. Thank you for posting this, Doctor. You explained what I was trying to say better than I could. I don't get this either, that God is merely providing other religions with a "first step" yet for some reason Jesus is more than a "first step", as if it's impossible for the opposite to happen and for Jesus to be a "first step" to other religions and ways of life, or making the assumption that there is even something to make a "first step" towards. And he claims God is providing other religions with many "first steps", but for some reason stops short of the possibility that the bible's teachings
  21. Men, not women? So, what do you do when you deal with religions that are in clear conflicts with each other, like Christianity and Islam both command their followers to kill people from their opposing beliefs? How can they both be right only not really if they both command to kill each other? Wouldn't that be counter-productive? Again, aren't you just cherry picking because other religions have verses that say that their opposing religions like Christianity are false yet Christianity says the other Gods are all false yet you're saying it's ok to follow the false Gods because they aren't fa
  22. Wait, I'm confused, I thought Kratos said he was a "bible believer" Christian, but now he's saying God is more than outside the Christian box. But how can someone be both a "bible believer" Christian and believe God is bigger than the "Christian box" when the bible commands to have no other Gods than Yahweh? Isn't that clearly cherry picking which scriptures to follow and ignoring anything that's inconvenient, and isn't this dishonest to say you're a "bible believer" Christian but clearly don't obey everything in the bible?
  23. So, going by this logic, we should not look up to Jesus since he was a human, and since Jesus was also God, we must also not look up to God since that means God was a human, too? Congratulations, you just defeated your own argument, Kratos!
  24. By more "fitting" signs, do you mean signs like these? http://bp2.blogger.com/_blBRacH1VWk/R8bAyh...ByTheBook38.PNG
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