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  1. http://techie-buzz.com/science/dark-energy-confirmed.html?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+techiebuzz+%28Techie+buzz%29
  2. My mother is a fundamentalist Christian and like me she was always raised to believe homosexuality was a sin. She used to always rail against the evils of homosexuality and how gay marriage will destroy society. But this morning I came downstairs and my mother was watching Lady Gaga being interviewed on the View who my mother is a fan of. They were talking about Elton John's baby and my mother was talking about how cute the baby was and then just out of the blue she said gays and lesbians are the best parents in the world and there's nothing wrong with them wanting to get married and raise children. I still plan on waiting until I move out on my own to come out to my family as there's still my dad to deal with, but first my sister shifted her views to support gay rights and now my mother randomly seems to be supporting gays. I'm still not coming out to her yet but this is wonderful news for me and it's a testimony that proves that the more people are exposed to gays and realize we're just like everyone else, the more they become accepting of it. In this case, it seems to be thanks to Lady Gaga and Elton John.
  3. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-13286241
  4. If matter cannot be created nor destroyed, how does God create matter?
  5. But then there's no concept of hell in the OT and yet Judaism is still around. I've watched some of the interviews with Rob Bell on youtube and he doesn't seem to be a universalist in the Spong sense of the word where they think everyone just automatically goes to heaven when they die. Bell seems to have this belief that hell is real but hell is only temporary and that you can repent of your sins whenever you want to in the afterlife and God will let you in. Isn't this like the Catholic doctrine of purgatory?
  6. Rob Bell is a pretty popular Christian author with the younger Christians at my parents' church and they've previously had a lot of respect for him, but now that Rob Bell has a new book out where he apparently argues there is no hell, suddenly they treat him like a heretic who's fallen away and leading people astray. Like this morning during bible class when they were asking for prayers, one of them suggested we should all pray for Rob Bell and for God to help him see the light and error of his ways. Then they started ranting about how sinful it was for him to preach that non-Christians can go to heaven too and how Jesus' death is meaningless if everyone gets into heaven. Of course nobody presented any actual proof that hell is real and didn't bother to refute any of Rob Bell's arguments. They just attacked his character instead and mocked how he was supposedly "dodging" questions in interviews and complaining about how he was shattering many young Christians' faith for challenging their belief in hell. One of them also tried to claim Rob Bell must have gone through a personal tragedy to arrive at this conclusion because nobody could have possibly arrived at this conclusion through thoughtful consideration or logical thinking. It obviously had to have been an emotional decision. It just irritates me that for years they sang praises to Rob Bell about how wonderful he is and now that he says something they don't agree with, suddenly he's treated like a traitor who's leading people to hellfire with his evil heresy even though none of them have any actual proof that hell is real. I also find their "let's pray for Rob Bell to change his mind" attitude to be rather patronizing and obnoxiously self-righteous. Besides, doesn't praying for Rob Bell to change his mind contradict the Christian belief in free will? If Rob Bell magically changes his mind because of his prayer, then how can he have changed his mind with freewill? It just annoys me with how these Christians are just fair weather friends who only like you when you say what they want to hear but if anyone challenges their beliefs by daring to disagree, they just toss them aside and brand them as heretics and traitors.
  7. I'm trying to decide between listening to this episode out of morbid curiosity or skipping that week's podcast to save my sanity.
  8. My point is that there is no objective definition of what the soul is and until the soul can be objectively defined and proven to exist, any discussion on whether or not it's compatible with something that does exist like evolution is meaningless whether arguing for or against it. Likewise, any discussion about God is meaningless until we can arrive at an objective definition of what God is.
  9. The problem with debating whether or not the soul is compatible with evolution is that if all religion is human-made, then the religious believers can make the soul be anything they want and explain how it works however they want. So as long as they come up with a convincing enough sounding word game, they can make the soul be compatible with almost whatever scientific theory they want. Trying to argue whether the soul is comptabible with science is like arguing how many angels can dance on the head of a pin.
  10. Again, simply plugging your fingers in your ears and going "They're comptabible, lalalalalaIcan'thearyou!" isn't an argument.
  11. It was one of my Catholic friends who mentioned this to me that it's happened before. She's a big believer in the paranormal and the supernatural and she even believes in Mothman. I linked her to this story and she was unimpressed. Her reaction was "again?" and she mentioned to me this has already happened before and she found it unconvincing even though she's a believer in this stuff herself.
  12. Didn't someone claim to have found bacteria in Mars meteorites back in the 90s and that got debunked too?
  13. Here's NASA's response to the alien microbe claim: http://news.yahoo.com/s/afp/20110307/sc_afp/usspacebiologyastrobiologynasa_20110307213247;_ylt=Ai65eMY3VTwp_uvAp_Sb11Ks0NUE;_ylu=X3oDMTFla2gwdjlsBHBvcwMxMTQEc2VjA2FjY29yZGlvbl9zY2llbmNlBHNsawNuYXNhc2F5czM5bm8-
  14. If God knows all possible outcomes to every situation beforehand, can God change his mind?
  15. When is LNC going to get it through his thick skull that saying "it's not the same!" over and over again is not an argument?
  16. And Jesus also healed people with pre-existing conditions completely for free. OMG, Jesus supports Obamacare!
  17. http://richarddawkins.net/articles/599327-scientist-imam-threatened-over-darwinist-views
  18. Your scenario actually disproves omniscience and proves the point we're trying to make. In your scenario, you claim to know ahead of time that the child will take the candy but then turn around and allow for the possibility that the child will not take the candy. But if the child doesn't take the candy, then the child did something you had no foreknowledge of and thus you are not omniscience because your foreknowledge is imperfect and you yourself admit foreknowledge in your scenario is not perfect. But under the biblical definition of God, God is supposed to be perfect and have perfect foreknowledge. So either you admit God isn't perfect and God can't know every scenario or if God knows every scenario the child will choose, then it is inevitable the child will do the action that God foresaw and thus God determined it but you can't have it both ways. You can't have your cake and eat it too.
  19. Here's one skeptical response to it: http://blogs.discovermagazine.com/badastronomy/2011/03/05/has-life-been-found-in-a-meteorite/#more-29102
  20. Weren't Jesus and his disciples all a bunch of commies?
  21. Simply repeating over and over again that they're different doesn't explain how they're different. Going with the chess analogy, this would be like arguing the chess player deciding what moves the chess pieces can make on the board isn't dictating their moves and that the chess pieces somehow have freewill. So you're arguing that God allows suffering to produce a positive effect while at the same time claiming this isn't a positive argument at all? Do you even know if you're coming or going? According to YECs, God has the power to magically speak the universe and all creation in only six days but a god who takes billions of years to create humans is not a personal creation in any sense of the word and at best would be an impersonal deistic god.
  22. So if God being all-knowing doesn't really mean that God doesn't know what the future is and the future is still unknown to God, then why call God all-knowing? You're trying to have your cake and eat it too. You said and I quote You clearly state here that God allowed evil to exist will result in positive effects in the future, so if we connect the dots, this mean God allows children to be raped because allowing children to be raped will somehow result in positive effects for the future. How could the sins of humanity be responsible for why God took forever to create humans when no humans existed then to sin? Im' not saying I believe God has left his creation alone. I'm saying that the first humans didn't appear until thousands of years after the formation of the universe. How is this a personal creation? And you can't blame the sins of humans for this when humans didn't exist yet. Are you even reading what we post or are you just here to preach? If you're just here to preach and not to address what we say, please stop wasting our time.
  23. I think that as long as they're not including BL manga like Gravitation and Loveless, I don't have a problem with them moving the more explicit BL manga into the adult sections of bookstores. That's the way they do it in bookstores here in the U.S. At my Booksamillion, they have the softer stuff like Gravitation and Loveless in the regular manga section but they have really explicit graphic manga like Berserk in a another sections that's just for comics for adults. But banning late night ecchi anime would be about as absurd as banning South Park on late night TV in the U.S. Even Jerry Springer aired during daytime TV and nobody made a law to ban it as far as I'm aware.
  24. How can you be making a free choice if God already has determined what your choice is? If God has already determined what your choice will be before you make it, then you're no different than a character in a video game and God is just a video game player forcing you to do his bidding. If God just changes which reality he knows if you make a different choice, then this god is not all-knowing in any sense of the word. How can God know ahead of time the action you chose if he doesn't change what he knows until you make it? You said God allows evil to exist so that some good would come out of it. A priest who rapes a child is committing an evil act, so according to you, God allowed a child to be raped so that something good would come out of it. It'd be like a parent who gives birth to a child but doesn't see that child until years later when they grow up. Would you say that parent had a personal relationship with their kid? Maybe you should go back and re-read the bible. This is pretty basic common knowledge. I'm not going to waste my time explaining basic common bible knowledge to you because I don't think you're worth it.
  25. If somebody claimed they were abducted by aliens, would you believe their claim just because they claimed they were abducted or would you need more proof that confirms their story? Do you just go around buying into any supernatural claim someone makes just because they claim it's true or you demand evidence for it? And if the standard for extraordinary evidence is subjective, then you admit you have no objective evidence for your claims and you're just making it all up.
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