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  1. Apparently the monuments are supported by the United Daughters of the Confederacy. Does anyone know anything about them?
  2. This is what Texas will look like if they ever secede. They also want to pass a Pledge Protection Act to protect under God from being removed from the pledge of allegiance.
  3. Is it just me or are youtube videos not showing up at all on Firefox when they get posted?
  4. So this weekend we went to go visit my grandmother for the fourth of July and outside their courthouse, they were having a celebration for the county's 200th anniversary since the county has been around for 200 years. When I was walking through the little park area they had, I noticed it was a Confederate Park and they had several statues in honor of the Confederacy. Like they had one that was in honor of all the soldiers who died for the Confederacy and another statue that said "Preserve the truth in history" that was also in honor of the Confederacy. I just felt really awkward because I'v
  5. So if God had just let Adam and Eve eat the forbidden fruit, they wouldn't have ate it and they'd still be in the garden?
  6. Good luck with your move and I hope things go as well as they can with coming out to your parents!
  7. Apparently Prothero thinks universalists are too pluralistic but atheists aren't pluralistic enough and he claims all atheists are intellectually dishonest http://friendlyatheist.com/2010/07/01/why-is-stephen-prothero-so-hard-on-atheists/:
  8. I wonder how Christians would feel if instead saying we're praying for them if atheists posted on their Facebook pages that they were reasoning for them and hope they would see the error of their ways one day?
  9. Your family should read talkorigins.org instead. And if the Genesis creation account is so important, why wasn't it written until much later in the history of Judaism? Why do the majority of Jews accept evolution as scientific fact?
  10. Doesn't the bible say Christians are supposed to do all things without complaining or something?
  11. I love how if you post a counter-argument he says you shouldn't believe everything you read on the Internet but wants you to believe everything he says on the Internet.
  12. Try uploading this classic Japanese art: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/4/44/Dream_of_the_fishermans_wife_hokusai.jpg
  13. It's like they added in Jesus to remind us that modern day religion is totally different and not unrealistic like those Greek myths were. Methinks the History Channel is protesting too loudly.
  14. It seems like if they're not airing pro-religious programs that assumes the bible is true, the History Channel is either airing something about aliens, Nazis, or how Nostradamus was right all along. They should be renamed to the Pseudohistory and Paranormal/Paranoia Channel. But even in non-Christian programs, I've noticed they've tried to throw in something pro-Jesus into the show. Like I tried watching their series on Greek mythology once and they had one episode on Hades and they tried to drag Christianity into it by saying Jesus was the first person to ever go into hell and make it out
  15. I've had Photobucket remove pictures I uploaded for nudity before but I've never had them ban me. For some reason though, fanart with nudity is ok but live-action nudity is unacceptable.
  16. This isn't on the subject of religion but I'd highly recommend Stephen Hawking's documentary, The Story of Everything. It's a very good and easy to understand documentary that explains the origins of the universe from a purely naturalistic perspective. I was surprised the Discovery Channel let Hawking get away with saying he didn't think there was a god on American TV and he even explained how he thinks the universe came into existence without a creator. This documentary is more about cosmology and space but he explains it in an easy to understand way and it's a very high quality documentar
  17. Another good book is Hitchen's The Portable Atheist. It's a collection of excerpts from various atheist authors which should give you a good introduction to all sorts of different authors. From the perspective of an ex-Muslim, definitely check out Ayaan Hirsi Ali's Infidel. I'd also recommend the book Why I Am Not A Christian which contains a collection of short but thought-provoking essays on religion, philosophy, and morality by the atheist philosopher Bertrand Russell.
  18. Here's the trailer for the film version of The Golden Compass. I enjoyed the movie but I recommend reading the books first
  19. If you want fictional books that deal with religion and atheism, I recommend Philip Pullman's classic fantasy book series, His Dark Materials. I thought the film version The Golden Compass was pretty good, too, but I'm sad that they're not going to adapt the second and third books and it'll be left unfinished. I also recommend Pullman's new book The Good Man Jesus And The Scoundrel Christ.
  20. I think the virgin birth myths are more likely Jewish midrash on the Exodus myth and other myths from the Hebrew bible. Herod is the new Pharaoh, Jesus is the new Moses, John the Baptist is the new Elijah, the story of John's birth is lifted from the myth about Sarah and Abraham giving birth at birth etc. There's even a Jewish midrash where the Pharaoh is given a prophecy about Moses which was their explanation as to why Pharaoh murdered all the first born Jewish boys which is the inspiration for the story about Herod. The virgin birth myths aren't rip offs of paganism. They're Jewish midr
  21. The atheist classic is Richard Dawkins' The God Delusion. Although I don't agree with all of his arguments or beliefs, Dawkins does a good job of collecting all the classic arguments for the existence of God and debunking theism. He's also a good introduction to learning how to think skeptically and using critical thinking and I enjoy his scienctific work a lot, too. I'd also recommend Dawkins' new book, The Greatest Show On Earth as a good introduction to evolution. It focuses on proving that evolution is a fact and explains how natural selection works in a very clear and simple way that'
  22. Jesus is not the Greek version of Yeshua. Jesus is the Latin form of Yeshua which literally means "Jehovah is salvation." The Greek version of Yeshua is Jason, which literally means to heal http://www.newadvent.org/cathen/08374x.htm
  23. The problem with all these comparisons between Christianity and paganism is Jesus never called himself a god so already there's one major comparison in the Jesus myth hypothesis that's fallen flat on itself. Nowhere in the bible does it record Jesus calling himself God in the flesh contrary to popular Christian belief. In the bible, the son of God is merely a special title that is used by someone who is chosen by God by for a special purpose, not as a term referring to Jesus' biological status. King Saul, for example, was also referred to as the son of God yet no one ever claims King Saul w
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