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  1. The stupid minimalist facts argument can be debunked just by looking at my bookshelf. Just looking at my bookshelf, John Dominic Crossan, Burton Mack, and Bart D Ehrman are biblical scholars and all of them either allow for the possibility there was no empty tomb or flat out state the empty tomb is a myth. Crossan himself argues in his book Jesus: A Revolutionary Biography that there probably was no empty tomb, Jesus' body was never returned to the apostles, and the Roman authorities probably threw Jesus' body away to be eaten by dogs.
  2. JK Rowling also chose a gender neutral pen name to write Harry Potter under because it was believed nobody would want to read a fantasy book written by a woman, but I think in Rowling's case, it was her publishers who pushed her to use a pen name and not her own choice. I don't know how true it is that books by women sell worse than books by men. At least it seems Harry Potter has only become more popular since JK Rowling revealed her real name and gender.
  3. I've always wondered, what causes people to have dreams? I mean like the kinds of dreams you have at night or when you're asleep? Why do people have scary dreams or good dreams? How are people able to dream about being in a different place they've never been to or about people they've never met? Are there any good books about the scientific research of dreams? I just find the whole concept of dreaming fascinating but I never understood why we dream.
  4. Here's the quote from Harpur on Irenaeus from his book on pages 157. Harpur never gives the full quote or cites where he pulled this info from, so I don't know what writings of Irenaeus he's referring to.
  5. I was recently reading Tom Harpur's book, The Pagan Christ, and in it Harpur claims that Irenaeus and Papias both denied that Jesus died on a cross. He claims that they both believed that Jesus lived to be an old man and died a peaceful death in bed. He uses this in his argument to prove the crucifixion is a myth and that Jesus in turn is purely mythological, but this is the first I've heard of this claim. I had always assumed that Irenaeus believed in a literal crucifixion of Jesus and I can't find the exact quote of what Harpur is talking about. Is it true that Irenaeus and Papias didn't believe Jesus died on a cross or is Harpur misunderstanding them?
  6. Isn't thinly veiled misgony just another way of saying it's not really there but I'm going to read what I want to in your posts anyway?
  7. Aren't some Ayn Rand followers like that too? I think the conspiracy theory thing has something to do with it but I also think it's because of good 'ol fashion persecution complex. It's like the creationists who think because all of genuine science disagrees with them, it must be because they're being persecuted and people like this revel in persecution. I'm not saying everyone who's a Jesus mythicist is like this but a lot of people in both mythicist and creationist camps seem to think consensus is irrelevant and the only reason the consensus view contradicts there's is because they're trying to persecute them and silence the truth. They're replacing one form of religious persecution complex with another form. Murdock is also coincidentally the same name as the owner of a certain fanatical right wing news network.
  8. I love how he complains about us insulting Acharya S and then turns around and insults us.
  9. So did Ray disappear again? Did he ever finish Spong's book?
  10. That was the stoning of Stephen but he wasn't one of the original apostles who witnessed the resurrection on the third day.
  11. But for all we know, Socrates could be a made up character invented by Plato since the only evidence we have for Socrates is the writings of Plato.
  12. One of the arguments Christian apologists love to use to prove the resurrection of Jesus is real is the argument that nobody would die for a lie so obviously the apostles must have been telling the truth since they were martyred for their faith. But is it even true that the apostles were martyred? The only evidence we have for the martyrdom of the apostles that I'm aware of is church tradition which isn't exactly the world's most reliable source and some of the martyrdom stories just sound too fantastical to me, like that bizarre story of Peter being crucified upside down. Even the bible is silent about the apostles' fate and never tells us if any of Jesus' apostles died for the faith. So what evidence is there the apostles were martyred?
  13. I believe there was a historical Jesus. For one thing, most of the comparisons between Christianity and paganism are exaggerations and not accepted by mainstream biblical and Egyptian scholars. Secondly, even putting aside the authenticity of extra-biblical sources of the historical Jesus, the origins of Christianity make no sense if there was no historical Jesus and I think it is the contradictions of the bible that actually lend evidence to his existence. If Jesus was just a purely mythological character made up from scratch, why would Matthew and Luke go through the trouble of inventing a made up town of Nazareth and come up with a historically inaccurate nonsensical tale to get a fictional Jesus from a fictional Nazareth to a real Bethlehem? If Jesus was made up, the biblical authors could have just skipped that whole pointless Nazareth subplot and have Jesus be born from Bethlehem from the start. It seems more likely to me that there was a historical Jesus behind the myths who failed to fulfill the prophecy and the biblical authors are clearly making up mythological propaganda to make the historical Jesus fit their prophecies better rather than being invented out of whole cloth. It's like how the prophecies in Harry Potter fitting neatly doesn't prove Harry Potter is real but they fit neatly because Harry Potter is a made up character and JK Rowling is just making up a story from scratch. But the "prophecies" of Nostradamus are all over the place and a big mess because people in later times are trying to take a real life person and make their prophecies fit their propaganda.
  14. Although I believe in a historical Jesus, I do believe Christianity has been influenced by paganism but not in the way the Jesus Mythicists believe. I think there is legitimate influence from pagan myths on the bible beyond the usual Jesus/Horus comparisons that strangely never get talked about by most Jesus Mythicists. Like most biblical scholars who believe in a historical Jesus also believe the Israelites were originally polytheistic pagans from Canaan and that the bible god is a composite of Yahweh and El from the Canaanite pantheon and the Israelites even believed Yahweh had a goddess wife. Even stories in the Christian bible are clearly lifted from the Hebrew scriptures, like the virgin birth myth is clearly a Jewish midrash on the Exodus account. There's plenty of similarities between Christianity and other myths and genuine influences on the bible that are far more fascinating than exaggerating comparisons with Egyptian mythology that seem to rarely get brought up in discussions by Jesus Mythicists.
  15. Have you read Tom Harpur's book, The Pagan Christ? Harpur isn't trying to use Jesus mythicism to get rid of Christianity but while Harpur doesn't believe in a historical Jesus, Harpur himself is a Christian theologian and an Anglican priest who advocates Cosmic Christianity as a reformation of the religion. Surely this is proof that AM never existed and AM is just a plagiarism of paganism.
  16. Yay for science! http://dotearth.blogs.nytimes.com/2010/10/18/obama-takes-science-push-to-mythbusters/
  17. I didn't believe in the Rapture as a Christian but I believed in the Second Coming. But one of my fears of the Second Coming was that it would happen while I was naked and I would be embarrassed having to fly out in the sky while naked because of some verse in Revelation were it warns you about being naked when the Second Coming happens.
  18. For those wondering if O'Donnell still believes evolution is a myth, she refused to answer the question when she was asked but apparently believes local schools should be allowed to vote on whether or not they get to violate the separation of church and state: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2010/10/13/delaware-senate-debate-christine-odonnell-chris-coons_n_762025.html
  19. They didn't teach us hell much when I was a kid. They mostly focused on the fluffy feel good stories like Jesus healing people and walking on the water. They didn't start teaching us hell until middle school but after I realized I was gay, it was my fear of hell that lead me away from the horrors of it all. The idea that God would torture somebody for all eternity was one of the reasons I started to question my former faith and such a god is not a loving god at all worthy of any worship.
  20. Test driving in the desert is one thing, but how will it fair on busy highway or downtown? What happens if someone hacks your robot car? http://news.cnet.com/8301-11386_3-20019136-76.html?tag=mncol;txt
  21. And why does the White House always issue fear mongering warnings like this during election time?
  22. O'Donnell also claimed scientists were combining mice with human brains: http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,311946,00.html
  23. She certainly hasn't retracted her views and openly endorsed evolution yet.
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