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  1. Is it sad that one person can get so much media attention just from spouting out stupid things?
  2. So is the evolution in Pokemon completely wrong then? I think that's how Christians imagine evolution is supposed to be like. If you get enough experience from battling, you're supposed to magically evolve into another creature in five seconds. But even if that did happen, how many Christians would believe it and how many would still deny it happened? We all know good and well that even if Christians did witness evolution taking place, that they would find some reason to deny it happened. Defending right-wing Christians again, are we Vix? You know, for someone who supposedly thinks the
  3. It's like asking why are there still British people if the U.S. came from the UK.
  4. Some Christians will deny the evidence of alien life and insist it's all an evil conspiracy by godless liberal scientists. Other fundamentalist Christians will insist that the bible had always claimed aliens existed. Some of them will claim aliens are soulless beings who don't deserve the same equal rights and should be treated like animals. Other Christians will claim aliens do have souls and they should evangelize the gospel to them. Liberal Christians will argue the bible is metaphorical and that the existence of alien life is compatible with Christianity. I doubt much will change reli
  5. We could ask O'Donnell the same question. If the god of the bible is real, why isn't he still bringing people back from the dead today? http://thinkprogress.org/2010/09/24/odonnell-evolution-maher/
  6. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-11390944
  7. I think it depends on which type of left you're talking about because I think there are two types of liberals. There's the secular humanist liberals like the FFRF who are generally critical of all religion and then you have the postmodern left which places a high emphasis on multiculturalism and the idea that nobody can know the truth.
  8. But then Christianity got along fine with Mormons when they fought against gay marriage in Prop 8.
  9. Why do so many Christians, especially right-wing fundamentalists, hate Muslims so much? Given how much they share on social justice issues, you'd think they would be best pals. But for some reason it's the left that seems most supportive of Islam and the Christian Right who is the most opposed to it. Yet both Christians and Muslims condemn homosexuality, they both have draconian and out-dated sex laws, they both promote a lot of anti-evolution pseudoscience, and many of them both believe their religion is the one true way. I know some Muslims believe that Christians and Jews will also be s
  10. I think the reason why the Gnostic myths seem so far out there is because we weren't raised with them and they seem so foreign and bizarre to us. Maybe if we were raised Gnostic instead of orthodox Christianity, orthodox Christianity would seem strange to us and Gnosticism would be normal. It's like how Mormonism seems bizarre to Catholics but Mormons might think Catholicism is silly because it's not the belief you're used to.
  11. I'd like to know where all these people who are excusing Islamic violence are at because I just don't see them.
  12. All religious extremism sucks. Does it really matter in the grand scheme of things which is worse? It's like trying to decide if cyanide or poisoned Kool-Aid is worse.
  13. Isn't it usually considered dangerous to let kids get in the car of a stranger?
  14. Other Christians do the same thing to JWs. Like my parents will complain about how annoying the JWs are but they go out door to door knocking with their church themselves.
  15. But it's a double standard that the Jesus Mythicist arguments argue that the other mention of Jesus in Josephus isn't real because it's not mentioned by Origen but this one which is cited by Origen as well apparently isn't real either, so why do Jesus Mythicist keep bringing up Origen as the requirement for genuine citations?
  16. Bias = you don't agree with me on something.
  17. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Josephus_on_Jesus#Reference_to_Jesus_as_brother_of_James
  18. Aren't there lots of people in Mexico who don't believe in the Catholic church but worship the Our Lady of Guadalupe as a goddess in her own right or something like that?
  19. I think DARE can be summed up in even fewer words than that: cult.
  20. I've never even used drugs, cigarettes or even drank alcohol. x.X
  21. Did anyone go through DARE brainwashing when they were in school? I remember having to go through it in elementary school and I remember we had to act out skits where one person is the drug addict and the other person is the concerned friend. I remember they always tried to scare us into believing everyone who smokes even the more harmless drugs like marijuana was always an evil person trying to seduce kids down a life of crime or they were a misguided rebellious teen who only changed their misguided ways after marijuana nearly killed them or caused them to be seriously hurt. There were nev
  22. But then look at all the myths that pop up around real historical people. Obama has only been president for a year and already there are dozens of myths about him that lots of people are convinced are real like Obama being a secret Muslim from Kenya with secret death panels.
  23. So Jesus being a human sacrifice doesn't count as a violation of Hebrew law because the book of Hebrews says so?
  24. Another argument I've heard is that linking Christianity to an ancient religion gave it more mass appeal and made orthodox Christianity more popular. In the ancient world, older religions had more respect to newer religions. Sort of like how some atheists in modern times have more respect for Judaism and Christianity but newer religions like the Raelians and Sciencetology are considered to be too insane even for most people. The Ebionites had the link to an ancient religion like Judaism but their requirement that Christians still had to be circumcised was a major turn-off for most adults.
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