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  1. I thought politics was war without blood?
  2. I was a member of the Church of Christ. Their position on divorce is that all divorce is a sin even if your spouse is abusing you. The only exception where divorce was allowed was if your spouse was cheating on you, but even if you divorced, remarriage was also considered adultery and therefore sinful, and so you had to stay single for the rest of your life. This was based on a literal reading of Jesus' teachings on divorce in the sermon on the mount.
  3. I think one should also be careful of overtly biased sources like Zeitgeist and sites that clearly scream bias like Jesusneverexisted.com. I still believe in the historical Jesus and I don't know how much he goes into Mitrhaism if he ever does at all, but Robert Price still has the most professional argument in favor of Jesus Mythicism. Frankly I don't think the whole December 25th comparision is that huge of a revelation. Plenty of Christians and most scholars today who believe in the historical Jesus are aware that Jesus wasn't born on Dec 25th and the Catholics stole it from the
  4. According to Wikipedia, the supposed similarities between Christianity and Mithraism have been exaggerated: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mithras_in_Comparative_Mythology#Mithraism_and_Christianity
  5. Yeah, it annoys me whenever a Christian mocks an atheist by proclaiming that it takes more faith to believe the universe was created by an accident than by God.
  6. Even if there was a god who wanted to communicate its message to us, why would it use something like fallible humans to communicate its supposed perfect word to us? Even if the word itself was originally perfect, what's to stop the gospel writers from making a mistake either through an honest imperfection or sinning by rewriting God's words to suit their own agenda? Wouldn't God have to take away the gospel writers' free will and ability to sin while they were writing the gospels to pull it off? How does divine inspiration work anyway? Christians never explain how God communicated his mess
  7. The most insidious form of Christian-fueled bigotry that I despise the most is when Christians are in fact the ones persecuting atheists but when atheists protest the persecution, then Christians lie and try to make people think it's the atheists who are persecuting the Christians. If atheists complain about being forced to pray at government meetings, then Christians complain that atheists are persecuting their faith. If an atheist student refuses to stand for the pledge of allegiance because of Under God in the pledge, then they claim that those evil atheists are trying to take away prayer
  8. You should read Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials trilogy and his new book, The Good Man Jesus And The Scoundrel Christ instead.
  9. So you can go about your whole life giving to the poor and saving peoples' lives but because you said Oh my god once in your life, Jesus is going to torture you in eternal hellfire for one word?
  10. Sadly I used to think like Justyna when I was a Christian. I used to think it was a sin to speak the Lord's name in vain and to cuss. I used to give lectures to people, including other Christians, about why they were going to hell for using the Lord's name in vain. Even now as an atheist, I still rarely cuss or use God's name in vain mainly because most of the time I just don't feel like the need to, but I don't get all worked up when other people do it or when it gets said on TV. I find censorship of swear words to be incredibly annoying too. It seems like a double standard to me that on
  11. Ouroburos said we live in a Christian culture. Nowhere did he say that America was founded on Christian principles. Those are two different things entirely. So do you really think America should outlaw taking God's name in vein?
  12. Which do you think is more blasphemous? An honest atheist who never bothers anyone else about religion or tries to force their beliefs on religious believers but uses God's name in vein or a Christian preacher who never swears and believes America should be ruled under biblical principles but turns around and has a homosexual affair behind his wife's back? And is the opening post suggesting America should start using violence towards people who take God's name in vein like Islamic nations or am I misunderstanding?
  13. I wonder if the aliens would also have their own gods and religions or if the aliens would all be atheists.
  14. It'd also be a big boost for Scientology who would likely claim the aliens as their Galactic Overlord and proof that all psychology is evil.
  15. I think what they're saying is like some Christians try to get away with a lesser punishment when they commit a crime by claiming they were crazy and that God told them to do it. To label Christians delusional might lend legitimacy to this tactic some criminals try to use to get out of a harsher punishment by using an insanity plea.
  16. If schools should be forced to teach creationism, then churches should be forced to teach evolution.
  17. I think how Christians react to the aliens depends on the type of Christian. I doubt most moderate Christians would be bothered by it and would argue that aliens aren't incompatible with Christianity because they don't believe the bible is the literal word of God. Some fundamentalists might argue that aliens were always in the bible. There's even some authors today who are claiming aliens are found in the bible. They might see aliens as soulless beings who deserve to be treated as animals or demons or they might try to evangelize the gospel to them. I don't think it'll shatter faith compl
  18. Watch the sci-fi movie Contact. It's a brilliant movie.
  19. And you know if they tried to teach secular bible scholarship like stuff about the Q gospel and the historical Jesus in an RE class in schools, these same fundamentalist Christians would immediately start crying about how their beliefs in the inerrancy of the bible are being persecuted by evil liberal scholars and their godless agenda.
  20. What I want to know is how do you take an exam on creationism? Just answer "Goddidit" on everything and get an A+?
  21. I didn't know Noah went to Hogwarts to learn magic spells. When did the bible become Harry Potter?
  22. http://www.news.com.au/national/creationists-hijack-lessons-and-teach-schoolkids-man-and-dinosaurs-walked-together/story-e6frfkvr-1225899497234
  23. We studied about things like this in my World Civilizations class in college last year where we studied how Muslim converts in Africa still retained many of their shaman traditions and beliefs while at the same time believing in Allah and Muhammed, so while mixing monotheism with witchcraft may be uncommon, it's not totally unheard of. If there's gay Catholics out there, Catholic witches isn't that big of a stretch.
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