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  1. I've tried before over more serious issues and it usually turns out badly. I don't want to get into it more because it's personal but I'll just say I don't get along well with my father....
  2. But doesn't the bible also say Jesus is the replacement for the temple and that Christians are supposed to follow Jesus instead of worshiping the temple? These end times Christians' obsession over the temple sounds like idol worship to me.
  3. Basically the Christians want the Jews to get back in control of Israel so they can see the Jews executed when Jesus comes back. If only American Christians had the same amount of residual guilt over the gays who were executed in the Holocaust...
  4. Paul also orders Christians in Romans not to defy the authority of the government and that anything the government does is approved of by God. So if the government decides to ban officially sanctioned prayers in school or legalize gay marriage, according to Paul, those decisions have been approved by God.
  5. That's what I was taught to believe too. I was also taught that it was ok to like pop culture things as long as you were still putting Jesus first in your life. So as long as you were going to church three times a week and stuff, it was ok to like that other stuff.
  6. But Ouroburos, you're presuming these Christians have actually read the bible. Has Shirley Phelps replaced Madalyn Murry O'Hair as the most hated woman in America yet?
  7. My parents have never found fantasy and sci-fi threatening to their religion. They've never forbade me from reading it or watching any of it. I guess I should feel lucky in that regard that at least my parents let me read it. My mother is actually a fan of Star Trek TOS and my mother and I have gone to see several fantasy and sci-fi movies in theaters. My mother and I went to see Avatar in 3D for my birthday and we both really enjoyed it. She also liked The Golden Compass even though she's a fundamentalist Christian. My dad is just one of those types of people who only likes "realistic"
  8. My dad is also one of those people who will watch an entire movie he doesn't even like and then tell you at the very end that the movie they're watching sucks. Like when the Daredevil movie first came out, my dad watched it even though he hates superhero movies and he watched the entire film and only after watching it did he say the movie sucked. I can understand it if you're like a diehard geek who has to watch everything in a franchise even if it's a mediocre movie but if you don't even like the genre the film is in let alone the film itself, why watch the entire movie only to announce aft
  9. I always hate it when my dad starts getting on his mocking rants of fantasy and sci-fi. Like last Sunday when we were eating lunch, my sister and I were talking about True Blood since we're both fans of the series and my dad kept asking all these obnoxious questions about what the point of watching it is or what the difference between True Blood and Twilight is if it's all about vampires. Then I started talking about the seventh Harry Potter movie with my sister and my dad started asking obnoxious questions about Harry Potter. Like he asked me how much of it I've read and when I said I've r
  10. Wouldn't the Romans have burned Jesus' body in Gehenna?
  11. Apparently these people haven't gotten the memo yet that Jesus didn't die on a cross.
  12. Is thread officially the longest thread in the Lion's Den?
  13. You can always do it like this: http://thatguywiththeglasses.com/videolinks/ir/yrt/readright/21419-lets-bible
  14. I believed in the second coming when I was a Christian but I didn't think anyone could know when the end times would occur and I thought the Rapture people were going to hell for believing heresy. I was always taught that as Christians we weren't supposed to be sad about the end of the world and in fact we were supposed to pray that Jesus come back faster.
  15. Another word to describe him would be conspiracy theorist.
  16. I don't think anyone here has any ill intentions towards you or doesn't want your opinion. If they didn't, they wouldn't be responding to your posts at all, would they? I think there's just a misunderstanding going on somewhere that's not being made entirely clear.
  17. I always enjoy reading your posts and I tend to agree with you on most of what you post about religion, but this is one area where I'm not in agreement on but I have a great deal of respect for you and I appreciate your posts in this thread.
  18. I think when most use the term homeopathy, what they're referring to are the magical water sugar pills that people try to pass off as real medicine.
  19. Don't you mean Nutri System? I posted a thread about Nutri System over at the SKU forums and they said the Nutri System has been proven to be effective against diabetes but only in the early stages of it but they didn't think an all natural diet was the same thing as homeopathy.
  20. Isn't it equally dismissive to brand skepticism of alternative medicine as "dogmatic"?
  21. That's what I meant. I meant they can "overdose" on it and not get sick on it and if homeopathy works more than just a placebo pill, why is that possible?
  22. But again, why doesn't homeopathy seem to work for other people when it's put to any actual double blind tests and only seems to work in personal subjective experiences? Why is it possible to overdose on homeopathy?
  23. I'm not saying BO is making up lies or that his experience didn't happen, but if it's the homeopathy that did it, why did it work for BO and not all the other people out there all the studies done that have shown it has no effect outside a placebo effect? http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1874503/?tool=pmcentrez Are all these doctors really involved in some sort of conspiracy to cover up the TRUTH about homeopathy? Why do all the studies on homeopathy research yield negative results yet seem to only "work" in individual's personal subjective experiences? Again, I'm not saying B
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