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  1. Aborigines? POMs? Inuits no doubt, wish they'd go back home!
  2. There has been a distinct anti-intellectual strain in American Evangelical circles for a long time.
  3. Compare and contrast the Bible and the Quran, there is most definitely a difference there. Compare and contrast the history of the two religions, orthodoxy as well as splinter sects and there are definite differences. To say they are the same is about like saying that the culture of Europe and the Middle East are the same.
  4. Ah on-campus life, hope you enjoy yourself, and get used to never sleeping!
  5. Interesting, one gets this impression as well when reading the words of pre-Christian Greeks.
  6. I wouldn't say I don't worry about it, I find it very unsettling to see things like that, but it is a normal sight in my lifetime. That's what I hoped to convey by my tone, that a person now could list the radical effects of pollution like another could talk about the weather. Like you say, if environmental groups go crazy, it certainly is a lesser insanity than the kind that can see these things and think there isn't a problem!
  7. It's a strange feature of the modern times, I'll bet we could all swap some pollution stories. There is a constant haze surrounding the metropolitan areas here. On some days the young, old and asthmatic are advised not to go outside and all others are warned not to be out much. You can't eat anything caught from local rivers and creeks, though with the sewage smell and varieties of orange/green sludge I don't know why you would. Near where I grew up there were much higher levels of cancer than the surrounding areas, later I found out this was due to toxins (heavy metals I think) that had b
  8. I've heard something to that effect before, it was part of the reason for their high quality navy as well, since they didn't have to go drydock and repair so much. Didn't know that some of the wood came from the Baikal area though. I'd imagine they'd only haul them as far as Kerch or one of the other Black Sea ports, but that is still quite a trip.
  9. Then you have a very loose definition of religion. That's like calling gun rights advocacy a religion. Members of both can display near religious zeal, but religions they are not.
  10. It was for a summer semester, and I just finished actually. On to Ethics now for the Fall! Good luck, your schedule sounds like hell to this BA pursuant! And that can ruin it all. To me a good professor is one who either holds back with his own opinions, or gets in there and plays the devil's advocate a bit. So long as the students are challenged, either to confront opposing views or develop their own I call it good. The soap-boxing types do their students a disservice. I might have, but he told me that he used to play the online apologist over at Infidels.org, but he doesn'
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