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  1. For myself, obviously, but knowing what so many others have been through, here, I bet I'm far from alone.
  2. Strategos, do you really think we haven't heard all of that before, and explored these issues in depth ourselves? Sheesh.
  3. Happy New Year, everyone! May 2013 be good to you!

    1. Deva


      Happy New Year to you as well!

    2. Margee


      You too MBL!!Hug!

    3. MultifariousBirdLady
  4. A certain discussion is bringing up stuff I don't want to look at... but maybe I should?

    1. Akheia


      What's the worst thing that could happen? :)

    2. MultifariousBirdLady


      A whole lot of discomfort... realizations that are hard to swallow... perhaps effects for others, if I talk about it... it's a little complicated. :/

  5. I just noticed part two in the new content list and hadn't seen part one before. This looks wonderful... very well-done! The campus group I was in had the same style of prayer. I'm looking forward to watching part two.
  6. Nothing crazy about that. In fact, I think the point where you just don't need to prove it to anyone else is a great place to be. There is a real freedom in not needing to engage the issue anymore.
  7. As mentioned elsewhere, I had trouble with that idea, too. It's a real mindfuck. As one author I read put it, Christians keep saying, "Oh, you should be so grateful that God gave his Son to save you!" when in reality it's more like God cut you and then wanted you to feel grateful because he then gave you a bandage.
  8. Margee, I missed your OP when you first wrote it. It's excellent! Bravo! New2me, welcome to the forum.
  9. Zomberina, the question of parenting and the child's consent is an interesting question. I know that some men today are upset about decisions their parents made to circumcise them as infants, for example. Still, it's very common for parents to make decisions like these for their children and I just don't think that will change anytime soon... especially on things which have deep meaning religiously and culturally (such as circumcision in Judaism). With respect to personhood and fetuses: fetuses are human and they are alive, but they are not "people." Being a "person" is more than just b
  10. In a conversation in response to someone else's status update, someone suggested that I post something about the election and women's issues. There is a lot of info online already about this... would a bunch of links to that info be helpful? Do other people want to see that, or something written by me on this?

    1. mymistake


      If you want to add something you can always toss it on the "I won't be voting" thread in totally off topic.

    2. MultifariousBirdLady


      I should probably do that. Hmm.

  11. Been birding lately?

    1. MultifariousBirdLady



      Hi NaturalMary,

      Sorry, I didn't see your message and am only active here intermittently.

      I haven't gone out just to do birding but I love seeing them when I run across them. I had the pleasure of watching a pair of red-tailed hawks this year that nested on a hill near my house, for example. I felt very fortunate to see them out with their new fledgling this summer. It was wonderful.

      How about you?

  12. I agree. Diana, I'd really like to see more info on that, if you have it. Dwayne, thanks a lot for the book suggestions!
  13. WTF happened to the formatting around here?

    1. webmdave


      The older skins are still available. Just click on the one you like.

    2. MultifariousBirdLady
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