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  1. MultifariousBirdLady

    A Minor Peeve: Christianspeak

    I've noticed the same thing! Once you realize this is happening, it can get incredibly distracting... as bad as a speech full of "ums." (And yes, I probably picked it up without realizing it for a while, too.)
  2. MultifariousBirdLady

    Found My Dad

    Hi dB-Paradox, Wow, there are certain things in what you and some others wrote here that resonate with me, too. I totally understand your desire to want to know more about him - and that you can feel love for him - despite the bad stuff. I also understand the uncomfortable questions that can come up WRT genetics and family history... And all the "what ifs." I guess I just want to emphasize that you are your own person. I like your mom's idea that we all have a choice, which includes the choice to get help if we need it.
  3. MultifariousBirdLady

    A Minor Peeve: Christianspeak

    I know!! There have been times when talking with certain people who do it which have really tweaked me. Nails on a chalkboard is right... that's my initial reaction to some of those phrases, and then when I realize the source of my reaction I find it funny and strange.
  4. MultifariousBirdLady

    Not Yet Deconverted Enough To Be "encouraged" By

    Welcome to the forum, pithhelmet. There are people of many different mindsets here. Some do need to vent; others, not so much. Whatever way you feel, we're glad you found us.
  5. MultifariousBirdLady

    A Minor Peeve: Christianspeak

    Does anybody else cringe just a little now when they hear the telltale phrases of Christianspeak in ordinary conversation? In this case, I'm not talking about ideological cliches like these but more about "stock words and phrases" that are frequently used in certain Christian venues and end up leaking out into everyday conversation: "awesome," "just so blessed to be _____," "really humbled that ____" plus the more obvious peppering with "I just thank God that ____" and so on... It can sometimes be a bit subtle; each discreet instance consists of words or phrases that nearly everybody uses sometimes -- but when they appear frequently and together they can really peg someone as being immersed in a particular group... which to my understanding is one of the functions of in-language like this. The conversation doesn't even need to have anything to do with God or religion for this wording to appear in ways that are distinctive to the group. It's really minor, I guess... I dunno... but I think it's an interesting phenomenon and I still notice myself reacting to it after all these years.
  6. MultifariousBirdLady

    Young Woman Currently In Surgery

    I know someone who thinks God literally guides cars on the highway to prevent them from hitting each other. Apparently people can't do that on their own, either.
  7. MultifariousBirdLady

    Fuck You, Jesus!

    ((((((((((((((((Brother Jeff))))))))))))))))))
  8. MultifariousBirdLady

    Young Woman Currently In Surgery

    That's a good point and I really see where you're coming from. However, I think probably a good number of people who participate in online displays like that do so more because they really do care about the person and feel social pressure to demonstrate that they care in that particular way. They might also be thinking that it could mean a lot to the family to see what people have written, too... especially if a family member set up the page.
  9. MultifariousBirdLady

    "pro Life" Vultures

    The description for "amniotic fluid embolism" in the OP sounds like a severe allergic reaction. I hope her family is able to stay away from the forced-birther spouting about this.
  10. MultifariousBirdLady

    Young Woman Currently In Surgery

    I have mixed feelings about prayer pages like that. I can sure understand people wanting to do something they think will help, and to come together (even online) to support each other and her. To thank God rather than the doctors and medical science rubs me the wrong way, though, too. I hope she recovers quickly.
  11. MultifariousBirdLady

    "pro Life" Vultures

    Apparent only voluntary martyrs... if they or their policies martyr someone unwilling, their responses are pretty damn callous.
  12. MultifariousBirdLady

    The Most Difficult Transition For Me...

    Interesting. For me, whippets (nitrous oxide) helped allay that fear somewhat. I had heard that they were called "brainkillers" and that part of what happened was that the brain was deprived of oxygen. (I don't know if that's actually true or not. I heard this a long time ago and never checked into it.) I could imagine that feeling getting more intense until the point of losing consciousness, and then that would be it.
  13. MultifariousBirdLady

    "pro Life" Vultures

    I have no idea what was wrong with the fetus, either. I have no idea what the fetal abnormality was, either, but the symptoms mentioned here reminded me of this post about a child born with Tay-Sachs. Warning, it's an extremely depressing read.
  14. MultifariousBirdLady

    "pro Life" Vultures

    The ones I know tend to be very religious, legalistic, and supportive of "traditional gender roles."
  15. MultifariousBirdLady

    Any Problems With Self?

    This is worth emphasizing. One thing Christianity does is make us afraid or ashamed of our thoughts and impulses. They are just thoughts. Just because we think of something or have an urge doesn't mean we need to believe it or act on it. Christian teachings about "sins of thought" condition many of us to struggle against our thoughts in anguish, rather than just let them go with a shrug. I had a big problem with that. One of the really difficult things about this is that struggling against your thoughts is like telling someone to not think of a pink elephant... of course they are going to immediately think of a pink elephant. In this way, this "thought crime" idea in Christianity sets people up for failure, which serves to further convince them that they are "sinful" when they are simply human. It takes time and practice to get out of this mental habit, but the more you can just let the thoughts go, the easier it will get over time. The Buddhist concept that people have "monkey minds" has helped me a lot. This is based on the observation that if you sit down and watch your thoughts come and go, that you can see that something in your mind acts like a monkey that first grabs this idea, then that one. It jumps all around and gets into all kinds of things. That's just what it does. It doesn't need to "mean" anything. That's exactly it.