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  1. In my sisters religious education book it lists fundamentalism alongside atheism as "Challenges to faith". It says, "The Bible does not set out to be a science book. Instead, the Bible aims to tell us the really important things about God and the world God made. These are things that science does not set out to tell us. No matter what science may yet discover about the process through which the world was created, we will always need the Bible to remind us that: God made the world with power the world God created is good people are made in God's image and likeness" Just wonder do the christians here agree or are the nuns going to hell?
  2. No but the weed where I am isn't that strong.
  3. Anyone ever hear of the magdalene laundries?? http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2003/08/08/...ain567365.shtml They were basically slave labour camps run by nuns to save "fallen" woman. Fallen mostly meaning getting pregnant outside marraige (raped or not didn't matter) though it could be for something as small as being too much on the attractive side. The last one of them closed, in Ireland anyway, in 1996. Taliban had nothing on us.
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