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    Hi! I've been gone for a while but now I'm back. Sassy swede who left religion at 13 but it's still in my life as I work at a christian work place and my family is religious. I'm not angry at Christianity anymore but it's in my life and I have to deal with it. Hopefully you can help me!
  2. Don't worry. Hell does not exist. It's just so illogical. That's what made me stop bothering about the afterlife. Noone knows what's going to happen for sure-sure, but it doesn't seem likely that a deity is going to sort us into good and bad, give the goodies a lolly and spank the naughties. Just seems juvenile. Surely an allknowing awesome creator would be more nuanced than that? Hell is just a 10th century fling. Even the catholics are mumbling "oh maybe it didn't exist after all ahem #oops#vaticanklulz#popzdititagain" Hell is just in your head. You'll be fine.
  3. I'm happy living life the way I want, after my own values. Also kinky sex. Just sayin.
  4. Sin is a made up concept.There is action and reaction, but you decide what is good and bad in your world. Don't be hard on yourself.
  5. Great news! Good luck. I didn't pray for you. You're welcome. No no really...again,you're welcome.
  6. Wazzup Ex-c?

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      Hey Emme! You been hiding?

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      Hey! I've had a lot going on! Good to be back though.

    4. Emme


      Thanks falloutdude.

  7. Hey, I feel for you. To be honest your dad sounds manic/psychotic. You say you had some psychological problems. Do you think he could have to? His doktrine seems confused, where did he get it from? I'm a former pentecostal and I don't recognize it. Although there are many branches, hard to keep track. What about yor mom? Is she the same way? Does she think that his behaviour is normal? Hang in there, this will pass sometime too.
  8. LAAAAAWD halleluuuja brotha! No Lawd, I am nawt ashamed of goin full retard for Jesus! I say #YOLO in the name of christ I say sister, throw those angry birds and smash those piggies of sin! Run to the temple of GAWD, Cause my lord got #SWAG!
  9. Yes! I read it 7 years ago and felt comforted and it still is!
  10. Hi guys, long time no see! Just wanted to tell you that I'm so greatful for all your replies. I'm doing much better. I'm stable though lightly depressed. I have trouble motivating myself to do things and take charge of my life, but at least I'm sane. Thank you for posting in this thread at a time when I really needed it!
  11. Free Spirit, maybe you can still work towards a career? what are your skills?
  12. Just checking in. Panda, hows the diet going? I'm finally not manic, just depressed. Yay! Actually, it feels alright to be able to sleep and do nothing. I can't believe this is happening, but I'm trying not to loose my sense of humour. I guess it's possible to lead a "normal" life even thouh I'm now under the Bell Jar for real. Hmm. What did you do when you got your diagnosis? Doing nothing is damn boring i tell ya.
  13. You guys cheer me up. I bought a jawbreaker yesterday and today I tried to smach it with a hammer. That's my patience level right now. Oh and it did not work.
  14. I'm on abilify, a sedative and Zyprexa. The doctors and my goal is to have only one med in the end (abilify). Also: I'm a social outgoing person normally, but now I can't stand to socialize anymore. I'm like a tired old granny. But I guess thats ok. There has been som much stress and pressure lately. Anyway, I'm
  15. Well, u guys are true supporters. I cant complain. Ive been in hospital for two weeks raving and ranting like a true maniac. (Sylvia Plath u got nothing on me). I'm home now and coping. Just waiting to get better and rebooting my life. Good thing healthcare is cheap. This happened: I snapped and yelled at my parents like a crazy person (duh) and really got everything out of my system. Everything about my lack of faith, demands etc. I told them to back the fuck upp (literally) or were done. Accept or I'm out After that nothing has been the same. Colors started to vibrate. I thought I was finally happy, but it was mania. Huh. Life - you're weird Well, clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right. Here I am -
  16. I'm so thankful for all your replies. I'm reading slowly, cause my energy is way down. You guys are awesome.
  17. Thank you so much. It was like looking in a mirror. I'm taking your advice for sure.
  18. Hi everybody. It's been a while. Sorry to just burst in unannounced with questions, but I need u guys right now. I've been given a diagnosis: Bipolar. I'm trying to cope and keep coming back to religion and black-white thoughts. Does anybody here have any experience you would like to share. I feel Christianity is connected to my disorder, but I can't clarify better. Any takers? Emme
  19. As a christian I was pro-life and then I suddenly turned and became pro-choice about the same time I deconverted (it was part of why I left). I'm still pro-choice, but I'd say I'm not so categoric about it as I used to be. I don't think it's always right or always wrong. It's a personal choice and a lot of things has to be taken in account. Life for me is shades of gray now, rather than black-and-white.
  20. Hi! Thought perhaps you're Swedish because of the ö, but I guess Danes are ok too... Välkommen!
  21. As a christian, I had a way of chategorizing deeds, and sometimes people, as good or bad. Evil seemed to be metaphysical and unavoidable; "Evil is out there". Today I'm inclined to think that there are just actions and consequences. Simplified: Sometimes we like the consequences of our actions, sometimes we don't. What is your opinion on good and evil?
  22. Maybe you don't believe in God, but HE believes in YOU.
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