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  1. Thanks for this Poonis. This has helped me rethink some things.
  2. I wonder what our Christian guests thinks of what Bruce has said here? I wonder what they think.
  3. Atheism is a lack of belief in gods only. There should be no spin either way. My atheism has nothing to do with my stance on religion or politics or most everything. No belief in gods is just one part of the whole which says nothing of the other parts of my self. The xers like to try and link my beliefs to my atheism and that is thier mistake. I criticize religion as a freethinker and not as an atheist.
  4. I feel the same way, with the exception of Islam and Christianity. Those two should be debunked and discouraged. Thier holy books are bigoted and narrowminded. There are Islamic and Xer denominations that are bigoted. I do not support bigotry. I support freedom of religion and religions that don't use such shamful tactics of converting people with threats while maintaining that thier way is the only way to god and all others offend god. Yes, I too am an atheist and for now can't see much harm in god(s) belief. Still as far as I am concerned you should just do your thing and I'll do mine, which is to criticize the Xer holy books and the Qu'Ran. I say live and let live between heathens. Welcome to the forums.
  5. Xianity fails just on the fact that everyone is an infidel. EVERYONE IS AN INFIDEL. Every religionist makes naked assertions in defending thier beliefs in thier gods and the invented bribes and threats that go with thier mythologies. Religion is an invented solution to an invented problem. Thats because it is a very lousy guess as to why things are the way they are and why we are the way we are. I can use the same empty threats and bribes to defend any absurd and untestable belief system. A god really expects us to have confidence in an alleged god given message and an alleged god given solution to sufferening based SOLEY on naked assertions/circular logic that uses empty threats and bribes as its only hook without really proving it is true and truly has merit? Puh-leeezzz! A thing can only have merit to humans if it can be demonstrated to enable us to reduce suffering as well as promote life and freedom. WANTING LONG LIFE FREEDOM AND HAPPINESS is something inherent in us all and a real creator god would respect that if it created us with those traits. Those traits are self evident and so religion is debunked just on those self evident attributes of the human animal. Based on these self evident things a loving personal god would base its relationship with us on those things that are inherent in us. Cut and dry. Anyone who can't realize this has been brainwashed to overlook these self evident things.
  6. diggin All things are connected. All knowlege is good. Could you please expand on this a little more? Thank you.
  7. Well maybe if he sticks around he will decide to expand his knowlege base a little. Speaking of which thanks for the book!
  8. Yea. I was hoping for a decent debate in the one on one arena. Bummer.
  9. I think he was just longwinded in saying " God made us with a conscience"
  10. I'll go with " fixture of the natural world" for 500 Alex. If we give other people reason to be angry with us will they cooperate with us? Is having a bad reputation a good thing? Helping eachother to survive is considered beneficial. Always has been with most of us. It is natural for most of us. We want security. Most of us are rewarded or punnished chemically in the brain ( conscience) depending on our thoughts and actions. Feelings and Reasoning based on instincts/physical needs are what I'm talking about. Say what? Is this a leading question of some kind? We all have the same basic needs and therefore most of us will choose to be moral for greater security. Dude there is a lot you are not taking into consideration here. We are social animals for starters and we feel the need for family and friends. These feelings are instinctual. Remember that most of us feel satisfaction or guilt according to our thoughts and actions. Also keep in mind that cultures make code of conduct in keeping with increasing security, (even though some of the rules can be stupid as hell because of ignorance or superstition), moral codes are invented with the intent of mutual benefit. What are you implying here? That a god magically instilled in us the abilty to feel guilt? Would it be to much to ask that you provide proof of a god first? There are natural reasons why most of us feel guilt. As the little red head girl in The Kids in the Hall says "Its a fact!" hehe.
  11. Which is more than jesus ever did for us. Is jesus still in hell paying our debt off?
  12. My favorite one. Since you started a thread on this it would be cool if you added new ones that you come up with once in a while. The pic right next to my favorite looks like a rose that grows in a rainy area. Like a real life rose that is not so perfect. Real.
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