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  1. I don't think it's just limited to science. I have been joking that the next stop for our rank when coming to math test scores is going to be 60th. I find those comparisons with other countries to be grossly flawed, but it's the state of nature I guess. I think the breakdown of the family and obsolescence of the American education system might have something to do with it, yet I think the culture of the United States (one of emphasizing personal freedoms) is why American test scores keep falling. Some of those countries that rank at the top of the list have more respect for education and more
  2. You want to go to heaven so you can feel special? I think so because the conception of heaven I had was the one described in Revelation, where God was being worshiped all the time and we got to sit around and have fellowship with God at the great feast in the book of Revelation. I never really had that "loved ones will meet me in heaven" conception.
  3. For me, death is still hard to accept. I think the remnants of a hell exist to a degree for me because I just don't have a positive outlook on life. Life seems to be hell for me and many others even if there isn't anything there to justify it. I've even considered life itself to be the zeroeth level of hell, a la Dante's Inferno. There are times where I said I wanted to die and there are many times I don't because life has so much to offer still. That emotional insanity is hell enough for anybody. Hell as a physical place may not exist, but it sure can exist physically if you have a negative v
  4. I am unsure if Jesus did or didn't exist. Richard Carrier said as much in "Not The Impossible Faith". It is likely that if Jesus Christ did exist, then his life became a giant game of telephone, not so much the trilemma that Lewis put forth in "Mere Christianity".
  5. I was a wafer-taker even while I posted here actively.
  6. As one of those inconsistent knuckleheads myself, I can attest that a loss of job and the birth my daughter almost fully forced me back into the Christian fold. I went to bible study, attended Mass and even baptized my daughter Catholic, but the indoctrination didn't stick.
  7. Nope. If Christians can say miscarriage is part of a natural process, then so are abortions. I personally detest the practice but Christianity offers false hope by saying miscarriage is a natural process. That kind of cognitive dissonance is reprehensible to say the least.
  8. You have been claiming this crap for two thousand years? You sound like the radio DJ that says my favorite song is coming up on the queue but it never comes.
  9. I think love exists between human beings and something physical, like inanimate objects, animals and other human beings. I don't know about metaphysical conceptions. I guess I love abstracts too, because they are languages developed within the confines of physical reality. Just my random thoughts.
  10. I am firmly agnostic, probably more of than atheist myself. I wrote "any real number divided by zero" as Still Have Any Gods answer because the answer comes back as being undefined, like you were divided a whole number by zero and you get no answer, an indeterminate form rather. God is a nebulous term, and it is conveyed in different ways by different people. That alone makes agnosticism my philosophical position before atheism. I am an atheist agnostic I guess.
  11. Christmas at Ground Zero by Weird Al Yankovic is my favorite. I also like Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas, The Christmas Song, Sleigh Ride and Winter Wonderland. I have a special fondness for Greensleeves by the Vince Guaraldi Trio
  12. From a philosophical standpoint, anything goes if humans can do it. If a human can expose themselves openly without fear of repercussion, then suicide can be completed quite easily. Morally speaking, it goes both ways. It's wrong to leave your loved ones and those that rely on you in the lurch. At the same time, I don't see why it's such a negative thing. Humans adapt regardless of the fallout around someone's deliberate life-taking. Sounds callous, sounds brutal, but that's the sad truth of the matter. Some people are probably better off dead anyway.
  13. I think, for me, it's the fact that I want to be one of the chosen ones. One of those who has loyalty to a person, being or cause. The loved ones idea is probably secondary to that.
  14. I'm back for now...it's been a while

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