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  1. What shattered my faith for good? Falling into really nasty spells of anxiety and depression, the last one being at 19, and realizing that depending on churches that taught that my shitty mental health was a lack of faith in God or whatever. Seriously, I'd never heard of spiritual health until college. It's such bullshit. I never could figure out what the hell poor spiritual health was supposed to be, or what good spiritual health was supposed to be for that matter, just that you were supposed to do spiritually healthy things like meditate, do yoga and go to church. It was optional of course, and they'd always say "it's not supposed to be like religion!!" But yeah, it was. I have a feeling some theocrats disguised as New Age positive "thinkers" got into the system and came up with that bullshit. At least blasting Lady Gaga counts as doing something spiritually healthy. But anyway, I got really depressed/anxious as I'm prone to doing, and began thinking that I should start going to church again. But I couldn't even decide whether or not God actually existed, and I could not reconcile my feminism with Christianity at all, even the liberal branches. So once I got my head screwed back on properly, I decided to write a story about a Tea Party paradise (by "paradise" I of course mean "hell").
  2. By American standards, I am not a woman.

    1. hello


      What do you mean by that?

  3. My school has actually done something right for once...

  4. Good to see you here, Misterspock. I've only been around since after last Christmas. I'm 16 and I can relate to a LOT of what you've gone through, particularly in your pre-teen years. My parents aren't fundies (though my mom can be at times) but the church experience... I can relate to that. A lot of people often commented on my maturity and good behavior. I was fairly well-liked at church. I went to the camps, sang with the youth group, did those little skits at Christmas, went to the youth groups, did everything. (And yes, I'm former Baptist. Not Southern Baptist, but just Baptist in the loosest sense of the term). I rejected Creationism early on (around 10 or 11) but at 12 became a fundie. At 13 I was a very liberal Christian, and kept having to bend in all sorts of interesting ways to stay Christian, since at the time atheism seemed like a scary viewpoint to me. At 14 (June 2006) I finally deconverted after learning about something called the Council of Nicaea... yeah, I couldn't believe in a religion whose Lord and Saviour's divinity was voted on. I considered Paganism for a while but then went agnostic. Last yearI dabbled in Wicca... bad idea. I've dealt with anxiety for a lot of my life. It just so happens that all my life that I was taught that Gawd could see any action, any word, and thought that was against him. For a long time I pushed doubts away, thinking that if I thought on them I'd go to hell. I still feel a tad guilty from time to time when I think thoughts that aren't nice about Christianity. But... I'm free from one less retard supposedly watching my every move and waiting to punish me for it. It's good to know that you're better now. And hopefully you'll stick around Living a life of fear and pessimism is not living at all. It's painful to be a Christian and at the same time have so many unanswered questions and constantly have to watch your back for the silliest things. It's just as painful being a non-Christian when everyone else is Christian and having to pretend, or else.
  5. So do I... but most of my friends on there are Christians. Bah. Oh well, as long as they don't bible-spam me I won't have to delete anyone.
  6. Welcome aboard, Comanche! Like you, I'm not sure whether I ever really believed in god (other than the two years wher I was a fundy...) but I too was 14 when I turned agnostic and then atheist. My parents have a problem with that, even though it rarely comes up and we're not particularly religious. Good to see I'm not the only teenager who ditched Jesus. Hallelujah!
  7. Hi there muna! You sound JUST like me, only a year older. I deconverted thanks to the internet, I live out in a rural area with a bunch of rednecks, but my parents aren't really fundies.
  8. Thanks for the warm welcome guys And Upstarter, I named myself Vendredi after my religion, which I came up with (or came up with the idea for) on a Friday.
  9. Hi, FedUp! It's nice to see another newb around here, lol. How long have you been a non-believer? Me, I've only been oen for about a year and a half now. hai!
  10. And I've never been happier. I'll introduce myself, as well as tell you about how I turned away from Christianity. Okay. So, As of right now, I am 7 days away from turning 16. I have been a non-Christian for a year and a half now. It's a tad difficult to be a non-Christian in eastern North Carolina, because the churches (more specifically, the Baptist churches) run EVERYTHING. But whatever. My journey to non-belief starts, strangely, at six. Before this I had moved to the UK at 4 and lived there for two years, and at 6 moved to Virginia. I had only gone to church a few times in the UK, but not often as my mother was Baptist and my father was non-denominational and it's a tad hard to find those kinds of churches there, I guess. But when we moved to Virginia my mother decided it wouldbe a good idea to go to church. So, we went to a Baptist church in Virginia. I lived in a small city in southern Virginia, and there were TONS of churches and denominations I had never seen before (perhaps because I didn't remember them from prior to the UK when I lived in a fairly large city in Ohio and hadn't seen them in the UK). So I constantly asked "What are Methodists? Who goes to the Catholic church? What are Pentecostals? And Jehovah's Witnesses? What do the LDS people believe in?" My parents only gave me the vaguest answers, I guess because I was 7 at the time. But we went to a Baptist church, and I hated it because I had to go to "big church" and it was BORING AS ANYTHING. After a while my parents got sick of it, citing reasons such as "they're sucking money out of us" and "I thought this was a church, not a junior high school!" I should note that I never thought of myself as Baptist. But anyway, when I was seven and a half I moved here to eastern North Carolina, and my parents were still looking for churches. By the time I was eight we'd left A Baptist for B Baptist, which we went to for a few weeks until my parents got sick of still being treated like "newcomers" and ignored. So we left B Baptist. Then there was C Baptist, which we only went to for one Sunday. I was eight or nine by this time. Once we'd left C Baptist, we didn't go to church again until I was 12. Well my "fundie days" began at 11, with all the talk about Bush and Kerry. I was super-Christian, anti-choice, anti-gays, pro-war, anti-"non believer". If you weren't a super fundie Christian, screw you. Thankfully I snapped out of this phase shortly after turning 13. At 13 I began to seriously question my beliefs. I didn't question my belief in God or Jesus, I was questioning what I actually believed about Christianity. I became a Christian in the loosest sense of the term. I was pro-choice, pro-gay, anti-war, and I'd done a complete 180 religion-wise. Strange eh? Well when I was 13, I joined a forum that I will call Girl. At Girl I came across their religion forums. I was more exposed to different religions than ever. I could read anything about other sects of Christianity, atheism, agnosticism, Buddhism, Islam, Judaism, Paganism, and Wicca. I became pretty interested in Wicca, and I still very much am. However at 13 I stuck with Christianity. In January of 2006 I was introduced to this game, which I will call NationS. (If you know what NationS is, tell me!) In late February I decided to join the NationS General forums, and I became REALLY exposed to atheism and agnosticism. After reading soem posts there, debating, and questioning what I believed even further, I became an agnostic in the summer of 2006. And then I got into Wicca, but got out of it again after month or two. Then came Christmas 2006. It was my first Christmas as an atheist, so I told my friend. Unfortunately I had momentarily forgotten that this friend was also my younger sister's best friend, to whom she told everything. So my sister slipped this information to my mother, who proceeded to make that christmas hell, and after an attempt to run away, things quieted down. So forward to this summer, when I got into Wicca again. I remembered the Wicca forums at Girl, so I went back and found some WONDERFUL Wicca websites. I studied Wicca from July to about October, when I was like "what if this is jsut fluff?" and went back to atheism. And now I have created my own religion, which is a mix of atheism, Wicca, Theravada Buddhism, and pantheism. Strange combination? Yes, but it's my religion, not yours, ask me no st00pid questions I'll give you no snappy answers. Wow... this is longer than anything I have ever posted on any forum. And this is certainly the longest First Post of anyone on any forum in history. Wow. Anyway, hello, my fellow ex-Christians!
  11. So, yeah. I haven't been posting on ThinkingTeen because WordPress decided to be fucking retarded and not accept my password. fuck you too, WordPress. Nobody other than Ex-Cers even read this, so this is my new blog, if anyoen wishes to read it. So I've officially left the Toxic Forum. For real this time. I know I've posted about it 9000 times in hte Rants section, but I'm done with it. I still keep in touch with the friends I made on there, though most of them left way before I did, either becuase they had school or they jsut hated the place more. I haven't been on in months. I did leave a very angry message... but still, they somehow don't hate me. Right. They jsut think I'm some shallow, whiny teenager who just wants attention, probably, which I'm sure they were thinking before when I was still there and "not contributing anything positive" and "being angry all the time" and shit. Yeah, they'd be pissed off all the time to if they were completely alone in a school they'd had plenty of friends in for the 3 years previous to that, and if they had a shitload of classes, and work, and just overall other bullshit going on. Sorry that I couldn't exactly keepmy temper in, assholes. And what's more is, anything they bitch about is automatically worse than anything I bitch about, jsut because they're 25 and I'm 1718 now. Anyway.... Now I have prom to worry about. I'm most likely not going, which sucks, becuase I want to. I jsut can't find a dress or a date. I could go with my friends, which I was planning on last year, but only one went and she had a date. The others decided to skip it, one because she was receiving death threats from someone else's date... yeah. Ah well. even if I do have someone to go with this year, either date or lesbian friend, I'm never going to find a dress. Ever. they don't make dresses that damn small and if they do, they're skanky (I've already browsed jsut about every site I can think of). Or they're $400 (not skanky AND $400). Why is it that the bigger girls can find cheap dresses that don't bare everything to the world? It gives a whole new meaning to "cheap hooker". It also feeds into everyone's stupid fucking misconception that skinny=skanky, and I'm the most prudish person I know. And among the smallest (that's my age). wtf. So yeah, no dress. I'm going to look awful thanks to the horrible band tan I've had since 9th grade. It doens't help that I'm uber-pale and the band tan is the only tan I have. If I need a tan, I need to start tanning now. Which means laying in a UV ray casket thing for 5 minutes. No, really, 5 minutes. Any more than that and I'd fry. fuuuuuuuuuck. so there's my rants for today. enjoy.
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