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    Hi, I'm Mriana. I have two grown sons, a new husband, and have four cats- 2 boys and 2 girls. The reason we have four cats is when I remarried he had a cat and I had 3, so we became the Brady Bunch of cats.

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  1. I was thinking Maine Coon too, so there are several of us thinking the same thing and is probably the best bet. A Russian Blue has short hair, so we can rule that out.
  2. Mriana


    I wasn't disappointed per se, however, I did find other mythologies, that it was based on, very fascinating. I find reading about various mythologies and philosophies very fascinating, but that doesn't mean I have to believe them. I guess I am disappointed in something- that the believers of the Xian mythology insist on imposing their views on everyone.
  3. 1. Define "God". Even within the Xian belief systems, there are many definitions. It's the same with the human concept of hell. 2. The Xian is the one making the claim that a god exists, therefore the Xian needs to show this existance. Once you define your concept, maybe you can present evidence that your concept exists- other than the Bible. At the very least, we'll all be on the same page in which to discuss your concept.
  4. The colours are sort of dull since I last came here.
  5. Wow, you are scarce around here. Happy New Year to you :)

    1. Mriana


      I've been scarce because I've had some personal issues preventing me from being online the last five months, but it's getting better now.

    2. Thumbelina


      Hmmm, I thought maybe you stopped by as you remembered that March 1st was my anniversary of being with you guys and you wanted some more Martinelli's ;)



      :( Sorry you had those issues but I see you're getting that silver lining. Good.



      When I'm on here I miss you making a comment or two but there's a Zomberina lioness around here and I wanted to tell her that she can be The lioness when Mriana is not here :D



      Nice hearing from yo...

    3. Thumbelina


      ... you, Mriana.



      Take care.



  6. Happy Mother's Day Mriana :)

    1. Mriana


      Thanks and if you're a mother, happy Mother's Day to you too.

  7. Tomorrow will be another anniversary for me on here. You wanna toast with me with a bottle of Martinelli's apple cider? :)

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Thumbelina


      Cheers lioness, glad to "see" you :)

    3. ShackledNoMore


      Hey, Thumbelina, happy anniversary: that's two years on tough turf for a christian. I'll have some cider, too. If you bring up the jesus jazz, Mriana and I will pummel you a double dose of reason! :)

    4. Thumbelina


      Sure, you can have some cider, I like the price of it too :) Nah, I won't nag you about the bible. Mriana does not like talking about the bible so I mainly say hello to her and tease her; she's a tell-it-like-it-is sorta gal and I like that.

  8. Hey lioness, I hope you are OK. I had missed you in the forum, you actually make me laugh sometimes.

    1. Mriana


      Oh I've been mostly on the main blog lately when I am around.

    2. Thumbelina


      I just wanted to know if you're alright :)

  9. I still miss her, but it's getting better. It's funny, how my relationship with her was so unique. She was truly a member of the family and not just an average cat. We all still miss her, but its not as bad.

  10. My sons did it on their own... sort of. I educated them while we attended the Episcopal Church until they were 14 and 13. My older son slowly left on his own and my younger son was informally excommunicated. He didn't care. I left with them eventually. So I really don't think it matters or phases them as much.
  11. She was with us 13 years and the holidays seem a bit weird without her.

  12. Haha me too. I'm sorry I just had a friend who had a cat die. Having a beloved pet die is never easy. I only have one, Jiji named after the cat from Kiki's Delivery Service.

  13. I do love cats. :) I have two now, because Amber (pictured) died Nov 14. :( Organ failure.

  14. Right yes... :) well either way crazy!

  15. BrotherJosh, don't you mean you are a crazy cat man?

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