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    Philosophy, History, Biblical Studies, Counter-Apologetics, Video Games, wearing monocles, German Opera, hitting on women and failing hilariously.
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    College student in Boston. I come from a pentecostal background, and am still deeply entrenched in that culture.

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    Perhaps, but none that I know.

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  1. http://en.radiovaticana.va/news/2013/05/22/pope_at_mass:_culture_of_encounter_is_the_foundation_of_peace/en1-694445 So the pope made a splash yesterday when he stated that even non-believers could go to heaven, including atheists and members of other faiths. People reacted as if the Pope had singlehandedly revised one of the ancient tenants of Christianity, but Catholics well-read in the theology of their church know that this has been the official stance of the Church since Vatican II. Growing up in a Pentecostal Church meant I was exposed to a very different view of salvation. It was caustic, exclusionary, and declared that one had to be "born-again" and have a personal relationship with Jesus to warrant eternal life. I always thought it was crazy that a person with genuine love for his fellow man could be condemned to eternal hellfire for the "crime" of not professing belief in Jesus. I see absolutely no moral value in the mere act of believing in Jesus, and cannot fathom how Christians can rationalize good non-christians being condemned to eternal suffering because of their decision to not believe. So I've always been partial to the Catholic view. What do you guys think?
  2. Makes me wonder what Robin looks like as a dog...or the Joker...

  3. I had to add you for that adorable batman dog.

  4. ;D Thank you, lol!

  5. I only hope that with Elmo's help, you can finally destroy Sin.

    The monster, not the theological concept.

  6. Hahaha (: I thought it was fitting.

  7. I saw your FFX reference and I was compelled to comment!

  8. Sheild, kick them with Bertrand Russell's Why I'm not a Christian strapped to your foot

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