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    My children are my whole entire world. I love them dearly. I also enjoy the outdoors, music, and just general things that I didn't get to do growing up.
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    I hate writing things about me. I try to stay true to myself, try to discover myself. I hate religion and what it does to people. And I look up and hope for better things from my friend the universe... (I am a bit of a hippy)

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  1. I'm curious, I've abandoned facebook for a while due to the dramas on my newsfeed being really unhelpful for my mental health right now. Has anyone ever come accross any decent PTSD help forums? I'm attempting to finally deal with my past and some regular chats with people who can share similar experiences or coping tips would help greatly.

    1. Margee


      Good book hon:http://www.pete-walker.com/complex_ptsd_book.html

    2. Margee


      Good video:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OAkkbWlznNs

    3. Margee


      GM. Highlight the link and right click and it should take you right there. (hug)

  2. Anyone ever had that feeling of walking on ice or on egg shells, even when there's no reason to be feeling like that? I've come to the conclusion that my brain is possibly wired to deal with crisis every second of every day.... The majority of my life has been extremely stressful and not all that pleasant, the last two weeks I've had a rather calm life minus my kids running away and my other (real) mum being really fucking sick .. All of that I can deal with.. Apparently what I struggle with is having no major urgent situations or problems to solve. It's like I have to be stressed to
  3. I'm finally starting to realize that no matter what, life is amazing and beautiful. Some days it feels far from it, but in an entirely secular way, life itself is kind of pretty inceedible

    1. GypsyMoon
    2. FreeThinkerNZ


      It is incredible, yes! Glad you are feeling good.

  4. Why do i suck at painting my nails so bad? Maybe I should quit my attempts at beinga girl because I'm epically failing for the most part :/

    1. Helvetios


      If it helps, you aren't the only one! :P

    2. Thurisaz


      Besides, since then is it a law that every human female (at least everyone post puberty) has to have painted nails? Sure, it can look good, but why would it be mandatory?


      Are you doing it because you want to or because you, for some reason, feel you have to?

  5. So I'm ambiguous because I don't have any reason other than kids being kids for my kids running away. Thumbs up mother.....

  6. Slept in, wake up, hungover, late.drop kids off, drop car off, realaize I've left my wallet at home. Great now i can't even go get coffee

  7. He sure didn't help me get to where I am today, thanks, that answers that
  8. I. Just. Want. To. Be. Normal. Wait is there even such a thing??

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. mymistake


      You seem normal to me. I hope you feel better.

    3. Ellinas


      I very much hope I am not normal. In fact, I hope none of us are. Be yourself. Be proud to be yourself. You have every right so to be.

    4. moanareina


      Why be normal when you can be totally you :-)...

  9. So, mother informed me today that my old pastor is pribably going to pass in the next 24 hours. He has cancer, his wife passed away a few minths ago and I couldn't make it to her funeral. I'm curious, did anyone here bother going to funerals like that? This guy was a huge part of myblife for 17 years, not entirely positive but I have as many good memories as I do bad ones when it comes to him... I'm just not sure whether to go or not and I should probably figure it out now cos I'll have to organise childcare
  10. I guess the title of this entry says it all really. I have a tendency to run from positive relationships, and I'm trying to break that habit. My biggest issue right now is that I feel numb, as in, I cannot feel my emotions, whether I care deeply for someone, love them, or simply feel deep respect for them. The only exception to this is my children, whom I know I love unconditionally as any parent should. All I want right now is to feel again, it appears as though this is going to be difficult and possibly painful.. I probably shut down that part of me as a child, and as
  11. I So, as usual I'm awake in the middle of the night. Except this time it's somewhat ironic, I don't currently own a journal and haven't kept one for several years now, I figured a blog would fulfill the same purpose. Thinking about my life in general currently and trying to work out where too from here. Tomorrow, or rather today now, seeing as it's after midnight is going to be yet another major milestone, I guess I could call it that.., . Mother is going to arrive to watch the kids for me whilst I oattend family court, and when I return I intend on discussing matters wi
  12. Cant get into chat after I got kicked

  13. Does one NEED an education to be successful..

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    2. RealityCheck


      The job market is the great equalizer. At my place of employment, we have college graduates and high school dropouts doing the same mind numbing work. It takes more that education to get ahead. You need a certain level of cunning and social finesse.

    3. TrueFreedom


      In my experience, most decent gigs require a Bachelor's. Master's and PhDs make a difference, but it takes more than a degree.

    4. GypsyMoon
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