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    My children are my whole entire world. I love them dearly. I also enjoy the outdoors, music, and just general things that I didn't get to do growing up.
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    I hate writing things about me. I try to stay true to myself, try to discover myself. I hate religion and what it does to people. And I look up and hope for better things from my friend the universe... (I am a bit of a hippy)

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    The Universe

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  1. Does one NEED an education to be successful..

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    2. RealityCheck


      The job market is the great equalizer. At my place of employment, we have college graduates and high school dropouts doing the same mind numbing work. It takes more that education to get ahead. You need a certain level of cunning and social finesse.

    3. TrueFreedom


      In my experience, most decent gigs require a Bachelor's. Master's and PhDs make a difference, but it takes more than a degree.

    4. GypsyMoon
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