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    I am not really all that interesting so why are you even reading my profile to begin with?
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    Hey all I am Lunar Shadow a 28*year-old Male I have 2 kids anything else you wanna know just ask and I may tell.
    I have been Xtian free since April 2005. And since then I have gone further down that path and declared myself an Atheist in June 2005.

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    Gods? Damn it! I knew I forgot something

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  1. *EDIT*oh shit I just noticed the same joke right above me
  2. If you *really* want catharsis, you might be interested in the I recently posted a video response to their challenge, not for catharsis but just because it felt good (heh) Yup I took part in the blasphemy challenge, actually I have been very active with the Squad even so far as to heading up the Nothern California Chapter. also helping out with other operations if you are in to Atheist Activism I would say there is no better group to associate with. There are a couple members here who are also active over there MrX.C., Greydon Square, Zach. and maybe more.
  3. Does anyone else find it funny that his title is Chaplin?? I mean last I checked Chaplin is a religious title??? Fuck Epstein... I have been spending a lot of time over that the Rational Response Squad site and in their Stickam chat room and well lets just say by the back stabbing Epstein has done to them I have no love for the man. He can get fucked by a big spikey metal cock for all I care
  4. Yea ive actually been hear for some years now, even before joining the Rational Response Squad in the words of GAWN: INDEED this is where I started too a couple of years now
  5. good shit Greydon and Unholy shit I didn't know you were a member here
  6. Ivy and I did ours it can be seen on my myspace we got our DVD a few weeks ago www.myspace.com/jester1508
  7. Then Why are they pushing it so?? The environmental lobby praises Brazil for breaking free of foreign oil and switching to 100% Ethanol but what they ignore is that fact that they cleared thousands of acres of rainforest's to make the room to grow the sugar cane to produce the ethanol in turn doing loads more damage to the environment in the process aside form the fact the ethanol causes more pollution in the first place. I mean Why the hell are we even looking at this why not look at real advances like oh lets say BMW has a car in production THIS YEAR that is a hydrogen car it also comes with a tank for gasoline to handle the infer structure issues in the meantime. now that is an advance but the environmental lobby will not praise it because you need nuclear power plants to produce the hydrogen to keep up with the demand and since everyone is convinced then nuclear power is so dangerous and harmful to the environment (evidence points to the contrary it is safe cheap and abundant) so the hydrogen car might not survive.
  8. It was in a text book I read long ago. If that's not sufficient then I leave the problem in your hands. I am not going to do your work for you... you raise an objection you should beable to back it up with an accessible source, I mean hell this is the internet so try running a search.
  9. And Where is your source that shows that they do not take everything in to account for the production of gasoline?? because I have read studies that do take it in to account and they come to the same conclusion that the study I posted do. SOURCE YOUR WORK!
  10. Well here is some more fuel for the fire since environmentalists claim that Ethanol is the answer I would have to say think again Ethanol Takes MORE ENERGY to produce than it gives as a fuel not to mention that some studies show that when burned it causes more pollution than Gasoline so this seems to be another half thought out idea by the environmental movement. much like MTBE. take a read if you'd like http://scholar.google.com/scholar?hl=en&am...930049820810858
  11. Well yeah there are no Atheists in foxholes they are out fighting the war while the christians and what not are praying to their god to save their ass
  12. Well its been a week since he has responed but he has been online (he was online today according to the board) but I guess that he has no answers for any of our qestions so he just can't post.. Come on sye I really want you to answer the question you keep dodging form me.... it isn't that hard just say that you never did and we can move on. if not you are only deciving yourself.
  13. Well its been 4 days now I guess he took his ball and ran home with tears in his eyes because his god didn't help him win.
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