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  1. Ethnic Cleansing in the USA

    I think what you're missing, Vigile, is that in today's America the majority are willing to trade some privacy for enhanced surveillance of bad actors who pose a threat, and frankly that threat is not imagined or totally manufactured. Basically, nobody gives a shit about FISA but a vocal minority does give a shit about racism. The majority does want DACA, but that is irrelevant to politicians playing football with people's lives.
  2. http://www.truth-out.org/opinion/item/22374-the-failed-libertarian-experiment-in-chile
  3. Ethnic Cleansing in the USA

    I think a quarter, and maybe as many as a third of Americans would be fine with an ethnic cleansing. I used to wonder how Hitler ever managed to come to power and gain popular support in Germany, but I now see exactly how it happens.
  4. Germ Theory was a lie published by the companies that make antiseptics. I ask, have YOU ever seen a germ? I didn't think so. I think it's darkly humorous and sadly ironic when someone believes there is an international conspiracy to present the facts about climate change because "grant money" while incredibly wealthy industries who benefit from denial of climate change are beyond scrutiny. Amazing times we live in.
  5. Blue Pill or Red Pill?

    Of course, and much in the way I wish there really was a Santa Claus to bring me that bike on Christmas morning.
  6. Blue Pill or Red Pill?

    If you leave religion for the right reasons, because it doesn't stand up to logical of factual or scientific or historical scrutiny, there's no way you can go back.
  7. I suppose if I took time to look I could find a current doctor or scientist who can "prove" that cigarette smoking is harmless. Such reports, funded by tobacco companies, were easy to find in the 1960s. I also suppose that around here it wouldn't matter if such reports are old and have been debunked, I could cite them anyway to make my case for the safe cigarette. https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/climate-risks-as-conclusive-as-link-between-smoking-and-lung-cancer/
  8. China Demolishes Xian Megachurch

    Christianity and Islam just can't help themselves when it comes to infesting and infecting other societies. They do it to them for their own good, of course.
  9. Thanks, but young ones are a pain. Older is better these days.
  10. I get it, LF. It's why some of us engage with Christians here from time to time.
  11. In this age of cyber crime and international terrorist/drug/criminal organizations is is only natural that law enforcement wants access to any such information available, and much of their business is done on the phone these days. It is also natural that regular citizens resist the notion that people in government might inadvertently get access to their call to Aunt Mary or their email to Uncle Bob. They seem less concerned that there are criminals deliberately seeking their information in order to steal from them. Nothing will ever be totally secure with electronic information just as written records and landline conversations are and always were susceptible to interception. Criminal organizations have the greatest need and the available capital to employ the best possible security on all fronts. When the bootleggers started building faster cars the feds responded by building faster chase vehicles. Such is the eternal dynamic.
  12. Are you and Roy shopping for new girlfriends?
  13. I remember once having an argument with a small soap dish.........
  14. BAA

    This site is diminished by his passing.
  15. "MY TAX DOLLARS did not go to Ruper Murdoch or ANY media site." So in fact they did. Thanks for finally admitting it.