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  1. Boy (9) shoots sister (13) during argument

    CDC stats say that 96 Americans are shot and killed every day. This is just another one. Get over it, pussy snowflakes. It's the price of freedom.
  2. The Inevitable Death of Gun Control

    The good news is we can now theoretically print our own grenades and land mines!!!
  3. The Inevitable Death of Gun Control

    I know you are but what am I?
  4. The Inevitable Death of Gun Control

    Somebody's been jacking off to gun pictures today. That aside, all the boners over unlimited access of "printed" guns do away with the "collector argument." It does away with admiring the fine craftsmanship of a good gun. It does away with any respect for law. It's about obtaining, by any means necessary, machines that kill people, plain and simple. My usual disclaimer: I own guns and I am a pretty good shot. I have not, however, made a religion of guns.
  5. The Skripal case - Evil Putin(TM) #4,331

    That was my assessment from the start. Anybody COULD have done it, but why? It could be Russia sending a message or it could be Britain looking for an excuse to slam Russia. The apparent circumstances are so perfectly designed to say "Russia did it" it looks like a setup. Of course it could actually be Russia sending a message to spies so they make no mistake who is flexing their long reaching grip. As I said before, why is anyone shocked or outraged that a double agent has an attempt on his life? So far we have no way of knowing who benefits from this act; it certainly isn't any of us in the regular world.
  6. Peterson on school shootings

    Well, actually, not really. Neither approach would work at all.
  7. Boy (9) shoots sister (13) during argument

    And here he goes again.
  8. Peterson on school shootings

    Please allow me to make a reasonable argument for every household to be armed to the teeth. If an alien force invades us from space, they will first target governments and military forces. Those of us with combat type rifles, hiding under our trailers, will be the last line of defense for white America. We can take them by surprise.
  9. Are You A Nazi?

    We are in a post-fact age. Better get over it.
  10. The Skripal case - Evil Putin(TM) #4,331

    I don't get the surprise and indignity expressed when a double agent has attempts on his life. All major states do it and none are concerned about "collateral damage" but everybody goes apeshit every time there's an event in this theater.
  11. Are You A Nazi?

    I actually know someone who was intimidated by the KKK. I used to know two people who survived the Holocaust and had the tattoos to prove it. The only person who can pull off any humor regarding Nazis is Mel Brooks.
  12. Threads being locked

    There shall be no talks until you disarm. Our button is bigger than your button.
  13. Foreign Corruption Everywhere

    Trump's cure for political corruption turned out to be worse than the disease. There are no good guys or parties anymore. America had a good run, though.
  14. Threads being locked

    It's taking everything I got to not lock this thread.
  15. The Skripal case - Evil Putin(TM) #4,331

    Words are irrelevant; official government position papers, campaign speeches, State of the Union speeches , tweets and interviews more often than not show a picture in exact opposition to the facts. What governments, what leaders DO is all that counts. There are no "good guys" but the bullies seem to take turns at being the most aggressive. Apologists on all sides get faced with verifiable facts that they must and do spin to fit their narrative. To say, "X is bad therefore Y is good" is a far too common error in logic these days. Boris and Natasha were pure evil and Bullwinkle and Rocky were pure good. The real world is nothing like that.