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  1. According to the story, we are made in God's image, therefore we are like him. We often would do a better job at running things, however.
  2. Legitimate belief? Then the belief in Santa is also legitimate. More correctly, it's an unfounded belief/wishful thinking. People believe in Xenu, but is that legitimate? The word "legitimate" means more than simply that people believe it.
  3. Is there any evidence to support that claim? Can I claim that plants and even rocks have consciousness as well?
  4. Do only humans have consciousness? If so, is it because of their brain? If not, then doesn't everything have consciousness as well, even if there is no way for them to talk about it like we do?
  5. Having been a Christian myself I would say that Christians may very well have the ability to reason. We just have to give up reasoning and intellectual honesty in order to maintain and defend the faith, which is of course paramount and eclipses all else.
  6. The owner of the property loses his slave through death of that slave, not the slave's freedom. If the slave didn't die immediately from his "punishment" then the owner is absolved of responsibility but still suffers the loss of property. An early legal technicality.
  7. According to your post this is a current problem. I suggest a current solution, that's all.
  8. Welcome! Your post indicates you are familiar with Eastern philosophy. You might try thinking about back when you would "give it up to god" there was a catch - who do you think "god" was/is anyway?
  9. Bear in mind that the deity in question, and in fact all deities, are of by necessity human invention. The mistake that was made when coming up with the OT mean god turned NT nice god was to assign him the qualities of omniscience, omnipresence and omnipotence. Added to that were the assumptions that this god was all good and all loving. Clearly, real life would indicate that no such entity exists. Of course this doesn't prove that there isn't a deity in charge that keeps his hands off human affairs and just watches as we self destruct within his world of randomness. And obviously, it is also not incumbent on anyone to disprove any of the myriad god assertions men have made over the millennia. If one proposes a god then let him bring forth evidence for it. I will not and cannot craft arguments against the existence of Jehovah, Zeus, Apollo, Santa or the tooth fairy.
  10. Christians like to be identified as Christian. It's their validation and badge of superiority. That doesn't mean they're going to actually do anything Christlike.
  11. The answer is that God works in mysterious ways. Next....
  12. Yes, I think we understand each other, we simply disagree on what constitutes evidence, what makes sense and intellectual honesty. Using the Bible to prove the Bible is, frankly, an idiotic argument we see all the time. Please understand that most of us here have actually been Christians. We are from many denominations, we have engaged in apologetics, taught Sunday school, led Bible studies, been missionaries, Biblical scholars and ministers. We understand where you're coming from.
  13. We have the entire picture and so do you. We just have different thresholds for believing unsubstantiated claims. It's a cheesy way to squirm out of thinking for yourself when you assert that the Bible tells you that when it's word is obviously wrong or contradictory that just means you don't know enough. You do know enough. Now try thinking about it.
  14. So what? Does that make it true any more than talking snakes are true? What we have here is an unreliable source claiming itself to be unreliable. BUT HAVE FAITH!!! (At least in parts of it.) And stop using "intellectuals" as a pejorative. I'm just a simple guy who wants evidence, has the ability to think and reason, and I have the ability to observe reality and contrast it with religious dogma. The intellectuals you need to malign would be Dawkins, Hawking, Hitchens and others who put lots of effort into making the argument for reality and facts. I'm just a guy who doesn't easily buy into bullshit anymore.
  15. Here is the problem with Christian "reasoning." That statement is taken by a Christian on blind faith and therefore by definition there is no evidence that it is true. One can only, for his own reasons, choose to believe the unsupported statement. One must choose to believe the Bible, or at least parts of it. One cannot be intellectually persuaded to belief; it is an emotional proposition, not intellectual. But considering that statement alone, kind of a lame excuse, isn't it? It tells us that when reality doesn't match up with Scripture it's only because we have been prevented from knowing enough about how things work. Not a valid defense.
  16. The alternative is reality. You present a false dichotomy in that the only alternative to your god belief is hopelessness. It isn't.
  17. So to answer the question if it's impossible to reason with a Christian, I think this thread demonstrates the affirmative rather well.
  18. Christian theology and beliefs are as far from natural as is possible. They are of human invention and poorly executed at that. Your "argument" here is that given a few thousand more years the theology will probably work out.
  19. What would be the point or value of that? It sounds more like a desperate excuse for the clusterfuck that is Christian theology.
  20. No, they would not even read it because he didn't really say that, and if he did he was joking. Facts elude them.
  21. Sometimes I like to sport some Pagan/Witchy looking stuff. It pisses people off. Obviously I don't expect spells to work any more than Christian prayers do. But Pagan and Satanic shit looks cool and causes comments. I'm a troublemaker.
  22. florduh


    Yes, a troll. Enjoy while you may.
  23. I think the word would be "collaboration."
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