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  1. Panic attacks are treatable regardless of whether the trigger is religion, bears, zombies or alien abduction. Perhaps concentrating on the absurdity "Hell" isn't the most helpful therapy. Good luck.
  2. Here's a question to ask those who make unsupported assertions about anything; gods, religious belief, flat earth, climate deniers, anything at all. "If it were available, what evidence would you accept for disproving your claim." You will not get an answer.
  3. I like Alan Watts' take on this stuff. Essentially, you are already where you should be. You don't need a discipline, yoga, prayer, religion or any of the "spiritual" trappings we use as not just crutches but as a way to actually put off enlightenment. You don't need it, unless you think you do and cannot accept yourself without paying some dues first. Everyday life is Nirvana when viewed from a different perspective. Of course then, nobody talks about Fight Club, do they? Namaste, bitches!
  4. I remain open minded to evidence, not beliefs. Anything is technically possible, but is it probable? We must live by probabilities, not absolutes. The probability that unicorns exist is virtually nonexistent, the probability that life on other planets exists is somewhat higher even though we have yet to discover any actual proof.
  5. Apparently God gave us a brain with the expectation that we wouldn't use it.
  6. I would think that all Bible believers can agree on at least one thing, that God is omniscient. It plainly says so in the book. He knows everything. He would know which babies are born as elect and he allows the others to be born anyway as their first step on their journey to Hell. Free will and omniscience are mutually exclusive. While claiming that God/Jesus wants everyone to be saved and that none should perish, it's already a done deal. What would be the point of preaching the "good news" to those already destined for eternal punishment before their birth? I'm beginning to think this whole thing might not make any sense.
  7. Looks like a great resource for those suffering religious trauma and those who have already been through it and want to learn how to help counsel others. Not familiar with most of them but if Winell lends her name to it, then it's good.
  8. Yes, the subconscious mind often outperforms analytical thinking. It can access more information more quickly. I think of it as speed analysis using real data and experience, not magical at all. Obviously, it's not infallible, but neither is anything else.
  9. Pastafarian and Dudeist Priest here. The other religions are just as silly as Christianity.
  10. Free will? The Bible contradicts itself on this subject. In fact it's not even well defined as a concept. But the fact is we have always exercised our "free will" even though that often involves choosing a lesser evil. We can choose to obey mommy or go ahead and hit our sister and face the mommy consequence. Free will!
  11. Sorry about your situation, but there's no need to feel shitty. Feeling badly about being yourself and asserting your right to an opinion is due to their emotional blackmail. That has only the power you give it.
  12. Because this is an Ex-Christian site. I think most would agree with me that we do not want a theocracy under any banner. Christians, Jews and Muslims worship the same god, so why don't you just all get along?
  13. Any idea why that is? Perhaps because Islamic countries can get away with throwing homosexuals from rooftops and more enlightened societies can't. It takes a special kind of hero to come out and admit who they are when their life is in constant danger. It's tough in an open society, suicidal in repressive regimes.
  14. So have you decided to stop praying and stop crying yet? It's all up to you now that you have the facts.
  15. You could at least be agnostic about coffee.
  16. I think almost everyone wishes magic was real. It isn't. I still miss Santa.
  17. I swear I read that as "litter box."
  18. The point is that only one relentless troll was banned. The fact that others are also not around seems to lead some to a wrong conclusion. If you can just wait I'm sure there will be some new members you might like better than the current ones. The missing ones might even come back, who knows. Sorry if there's not enough drama at the moment. Dave has explained everything so take it or leave it. As far as superiority, those who aren't trolls stirring the shit pot are actually superior to those who do. Remember the mission of the site; it's not mud wrestling for entertainment.
  19. BO? Perennial troll finally gone for good cause? Some apparently think there was some kind of "purge" and censorship is at work. BO is the only troll who got banned Only one. Only one. ONE GUY. One, and only after years of his abuse and the complaints and exits he engendered. Perhaps with their mad king gone his followers weren't up to hanging in there, idk. There is no conspiracy. Sorry to disappoint.
  20. So start some shit! You can be the new BO!!!!!
  21. I'm more inclined to be critical of those who let serial parasites take advantage of them. I'm happy to step up and help anyone in need, but some people take advantage.
  22. There is nothing one can do about gossip. People often make up shit to serve their own agenda, and denials just keep it going. It's hard, but ignoring it is the only course of action here aside from moving away from the toxic environment and people. Of course, that's an option that should be considered.
  23. A stopped heart is not a definition of death. Brain activity is the benchmark both medically and legally.
  24. Have you ever talked to a Scientologist recruiter? A religious terrorist? A Bigfoot enthusiast? A psychic? Energy healer? Flat earther? Don't be so easily convinced. I can't believe we're still kicking this around. Near death is not death. Things that occur after real death can find no working brain to record the memories.
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