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  1. I appreciate we have a Christian (of sorts) willing to duke it out here. I have to give him credit for hanging in.
  2. Only you know what serves you best. I am the only person I'm aware of who can cut someone loose with no regrets if they are not worthy of my affection or attention. I am described as pragmatic or even cold, but some people, even family and once close friends, have done things to remove themselves from me. Most people hesitate or even refuse to cut ties with toxic people. I do not, but everyone is different and I hope you find a place that satisfies your need for loyalty/empathy/sympathy while not making you feel like a chump. All the best to you!
  3. Rather that getting rid of discrimination against "races" there is a move to simply deny race as a human component. https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2019/jun/12/what-does-it-mean-to-be-genetically-jewish
  4. I think most people here come from a Bible believing church background. A church that goes to some lengths to "prove" that Biblical accounts are accurate history, all events actually happened. I suspect people in Christian churches who see the Bible as most others see their own holy texts - as mythology, allegory, a vehicle to provide some guidance in a confusing world having few answers to the Big Questions - do not end up here. But what about the camels? (and other fantasies) https://time.com/6662/the-mystery-of-the-bibles-phantom-camels/#:~:text=Last week%2C archaeol
  5. Currently everyone seems to be bending over backwards to show there is no difference between (pick one) and (pick another). If you want to play, pick two things that are very obviously different. It's as if things can't be clearly and demonstrably different without one being assumed inferior to the other. Black people with blue eyes are assumed (by medical researchers and geneticists) to have some white ancestry and if a white person has sickle cell anemia it's safe to assume at least two ancestors came from Africa. There are biological differences between races - "genetic cluster
  6. I think there is some difference depending on who makes that "choice" comment. We can admit when a choice is a choice, and it's neutral observation, without attaching extras like sin, abomination and all that.
  7. Dafuq does thst mean? There's nothing you can do that can't be doneNothing you can sing that can't be sung
  8. How is it not choosing? Even today some still choose to retain their career and family over an extreme "coming out." Ideally, everyone should be whomever they want to be without repercussions, but it seems we all have choices to make and compromises to live with. Your choice.
  9. I think the question is, "Do kids really enjoy kidding, or are they just kidding themselves?" Sometimes I miss the magic shows. "It's great working with kids, but for this next trick I'll need the assistance of an adult. Or an adulteress, makes no difference to me." Just rambling and reminiscing now...
  10. No, it cannot be true any more than Santa can be real. Now, if you'd like to assert that there is a real chance, that it's just possible, that the fat man in a red suit comes down your chimney every Christmas Eve, then I'll be glad to watch that argument unfold.
  11. Any extraordinary claim such as a literal hell, but also many other outrageous claims of talking snakes, the dead rising, and all the other fairy tales, requires evidence that it's true and not just some wild assertion. Without the evidence, and there is none, the default position is to not believe it otherwise we'd be expected to believe in Santa, Xenu, Muslim Hell, Fairies and the Easter Bunny as well. IOW, you don't need any reason or evidence to NOT believe unsupported claims.
  12. Everyone wins! Nobody wins! Now we're just that much closer to our final breath!
  13. I don't know, but it reminded me of a shirt I finally had to throw away after many years of service. It said, in large letters, "Jesus Loves You" and in smaller type, "But I'm his favorite."
  14. No, no possibility. The more you know the more you leave fear behind.
  15. I never gave any thought to his religious leanings. He was just a good entertainer with a rather bizarre persona and act.
  16. I'm insulted. And after he was so nice to me in the men's room.
  17. There should be no questions that can't be asked and there should be no topics that are off the table. Dawkins is neither racist nor transphobic, but he dared to open a topic for academic discussion. It's a quite valid topic, judging from the responses and backlash he got! Yes, she lied. Race is a real thing and quantifiable. Ask a doctor about the different weaknesses, strengths and unique vulnerability among the races. Yes, there are other lies. A guy with the two testosterone producing boys and a schlong decides to identify with and live life as a female - how is tha
  18. My only point (compared to what?) was we would need to be familiar with people(?) on other planets to judge how advanced we are. We have no reference for ranking ourselves; as far as we know we are the most advanced and the least advanced.
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