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  1. Actually we DO understand how to deal with and mitigate Covid 19 but we refuse to do it because it would be inconvenient.
  2. People of great faith still look both ways before crossing a street. This virus has become a political/religious statement.
  3. Chocolate is most certainly worthy of worship, and it actually exists! Personally, as a Pastafarian, spaghetti is my god so I strive to remain al dente as much as possible and I also welcome a variety of sauces with the occasional meatball. Praise Cheeses! Ramen!
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    There are moderators for each specific area. Super Moderators can moderate every area and have mysterious ways like the Big Red Button of Doom.
  5. I also had a good experience with my church and its leadership. My deconversion began as I started studying the Bible at Moody. My epiphany hit me during a class and I realized it was all just bullshit. Walked away, never looked back, never blamed anyone. Yeah, if you want to remain a believer, for doG's sake don't study the Bible too closely!
  6. The world has gone to shit again as it frequently does. Our little window on time doesn't let us enjoy the ice age, black plague, Spanish flu, various natural disasters and political/religious purges that have taken place before. Our current problems of a new virus and accelerated climate change are due to current politicians around the world, particularly American ones. More than 95% of all species have already gone extinct, so we're doing well so far!
  7. Of course I remember. You weren't exactly invisible. I was merely trying to acknowledge your new start. So, Welcome Freed!
  8. Welcome, Freed. Glad to meet you!
  9. Good one! Of course we just saw that Trump knowingly lied about the virus from the start and put us all at greater risk for his own political gain. Hell, between the virus and climate change we're all gonna die from Democratic hoaxes!
  10. I don't think anyone here, other than perhaps a physicist if we have one, is qualified to make such a determination. How are we, the unwashed masses, supposed to make an informed decision on something qualified professionals can't totally agree upon? I'm referring to matters of verifiable scientific inquiry, not theology. Professional theologians don't have a leg to stand on and haven't for thousands of years.
  11. Hell, that's easy. Just deny it's happening, claim they deserve it and blame Obama as if he's still calling the shots. Easy peasy.
  12. Okay, let's say that the daily video evidence is all fake and all those unarmed black folks getting shot by police doesn't really happen. Let's say I misheard a cop I know say he was "going down to the ape yards to rattle a few cages." Let's say George Floyd was a threat to the cops as he was being killed. Let's just say, as the President directs us, we shouldn't believe our eyes and ears. I am not a Democrat by a long shot and I get why people have problems with them. But I must ask how hatred/fear of Democrats can be so great that one would support Trump with his long list of ver
  13. You seen this, right? https://god.dailydot.com/nypd-escorting-car-protesters/?fbclid=IwAR2PcNTwElhXLg6tKhYAI9gQJ0-iUDbt_mJ3xxDOQYzSq4F5z-gnsd8WQtE Violence breaks out with both extremes. I am against the violence. The powerless often have to resort to violence (how much would have MLK accomplished without the riots to make people listen?) and these days those in power are often the instigators, and you can fact check that. Please do. It's the principles that matter, and what would you recommend people do to stop the police murders of unarmed black civilians and the closing of ranks
  14. With politicians it's "spin" and with theists it's "cognitive dissonance," both of which require ignoring certain actual, demonstrable facts. I've heard people explain how the tax breaks for the rich that brought us a record deficit from which we'll never recover is somehow a good thing for America. I've also heard that dinosaur bones were planted to make us believe in evolution. At some point we have to put our brain in gear and look at the unvarnished facts and decide what makes sense to a reasonable, unbiased mind. Biden? Our classic lesser evil scenario. I know of very few enth
  15. The evidence shows an unrelenting effort by Trumpublicans to cripple/destroy/eliminate democratic institutions, national parks, national monuments, education, healthcare, civil rights, the justice department, voting security and rights, safety nets, the environment....... how much evidence do you require? Check out the available official resources for information about windfalls for the wealthy, the ballooning deficit due to those windfalls, Republican proposed legislation, Democratic legislation killed by McConnell, voting records, and listen to the horse's mouth regarding propos
  16. How could this anti theist be offended by you? I get that you hate me because I oppose all the antiquated god beliefs. I, on the other hand, don't hate theists but I do pity them. The reason I'm anti theist is because the unfounded belief in various gods engenders departures from reality, and we have real problems to address. I'm still open to any theist who can offer actual evidence that it's not just make believe. Cue the crickets...........
  17. I need to give credit to my former Bible believing fundamentalist church and pastor. I just kind of drifted away after my epiphany while studying at Moody and nobody pursued me. After a few years I went to a yard sale the church held in their parking lot. A few people said they missed us and hoped we would come back sometime. The pastor, with whom I had a really good relationship and logged lots of hours discussing issues, was only a little more forceful and showed genuine concern and just hoped that at least I was still able to believe. They're good people. It was certainly not because of a b
  18. So gullibility is masquerading as courage now? Learned Christian and Hebrew scholars are unable to present evidence for their god's existence so maybe Leia will do so. Please, you have the floor.......
  19. Since each species of animal, including us, perceives different sensory inputs I would conclude that each works with a "reality" tailored to their evolutionary needs. As humans we don't need to see like an eagle or hear like a bat, for example. We have a quite limited ability to perceive the entire range of vibrations happening out there, but we sense enough of the light and sound spectra to maximize survival behaviors. There is so much more available but we don't need use sonar or sense magnetic fields or see x-rays. We only now know about some of the available frequencies through technology,
  20. Believe what makes sense and has evidence supporting it. Using any other approach is cheating yourself.
  21. Center of what? Berchtesgaden? Anyway, only the most extreme things get any attention today so I doubt there could be any success with a moderate anything.
  22. Dressing up is a big part of the fun - look at the RCC for example. Most people want to feel special and you can't do that very well without looking the part. But remember, the most highly respected Buddha is indistinguishable from a regular person.
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