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  1. I can see it happening. They have already made good inroads here and everything is in place for expansion. Well meaning liberals here are having success at desensitizing us to the excesses and horrors of Islam, not to mention the danger it poses to any free society. The Right portrays Islam as a bigger problem than it actually is at the moment, and the Left severely underestimates their potential, IMO. They have their foot in our door, so let's see how "woke" America can get and still survive!
  2. In every other respect Islam always lags a few hundred years behind.
  3. Yes, a mental vaccination! If only. Christianity has many mutations already, and it's spawning more every day. Most splinter groups die out, but strains like the Prosperity Gospel are enjoying a resurgence. Republican Jesus really qualifies as a separate religion as its tenets run counter to the teachings of the Jesus character in the Bible. Of course the snake handlers are dying off, not surprisingly.
  4. It's always the extremists that get noticed. I've no clue how it really is but I hope they continue to dwindle in numbers and calm the fuck down and learn to live with others.
  5. I'd like to know the percentage of Christians who know ANYTHING about their handbook or its origins. Clearly, it is a very low percentage. My non-belief in the Christian god is simply a lack of belief due to a lack of evidence. Science, by definition, is not equipped to prove or disprove any god/spiritual concept and is therefore irrelevant to reaching the conclusion of non-belief, IMO.
  6. Hell, I can't even keep this discussion on topic. Though many Ex-C folks subscribe to various belief systems that would fall under the New Age umbrella it does seem that none are interested in the mind/body part of the general teaching. I am convinced of the ability of the mind/subconscious to physically and dramatically affect the body in both positive and negative ways. But those babies and animals....
  7. But why does everyone come up with even crazier shit than those who went before? Is there a contest?
  8. It's hard to decide which religion has the craziest stories or the shakiest foundation. Xenu's got nothing on these folks.
  9. Again, this is my topic, not whether or not specific alternative therapies actually work. That is, can some believer please provide evidence or reasoning to reconcile the proposal that though ALL disease is ostensibly brought on by our negative thinking/behaviors we still see newborns and animals with disease.
  10. That's not even near the topic of this thread. Read opening post again.
  11. I am interested in seeing a believer mount an actual argument that the existence of babies and animals born with disease do not negate the theory that we create all disease through our negative thoughts. I do not doubt that healing can come from thoughts and beliefs. I think it happens frequently, even to the extent that actual medicine prescribed by a medical doctor work at least partially because the patient has faith in it. I grant the powerful mind/body connection that allows the placebo effect and improved outcomes and also that anger, stress and such can cause a myriad of physical conditions. The problem is when someone claims one's mindset/beliefs/attitude actually causes all disease. Not all of them do but some have stated as much.
  12. So I'm seeing no apologetics addressing this conundrum. Perhaps nobody at Ex-C has New Age (for lack of a better term) beliefs.
  13. Of course the individuals in this current movement are all over the place with specifics. I'm too lazy to collect and categorize them all, though some do reference karma and past lives. I would be interested to hear from some true believer who can explain the problem we have with diseased babies and animals.
  14. Ostensibly a healthy immune system and balanced energy created by "right" thinking trumps any genetic predisposition. It is true that stress is a killer and laughter is the best medicine and a patient's attitude and beliefs weigh heavily in the curative process. I do get that this is about moving beyond the old models and embracing quantum concepts; there is no physical substance as it's all energy, waves, frequency and pattern and therefore more in the realm of consciousness/thought rather than the world of nuts and bolts and billiard balls interacting. My real issue is with the onset of disease being a manifestation or "wrong" thinking. Stress can contribute to giving you cancer, but there must be other factors they choose to ignore given that even newborns and animals are sometimes born with deadly disease, deformity and chronic conditions.
  15. As I investigate spiritual/mystical/alternative healing practices there is one underlying belief there that gives me pause. The accepted explanation for disease in this arena is that it is caused not by genetics or even necessarily toxins but rather by improper thinking, wrong alignment, not forgiving, not expressing total love, stressful negative emotions and such. I refer to Ayurveda and shamanic traditions embracing reiki, meditation, yoga, acupuncture and such as techniques to cure disease. Of course there is a mind/body connection and nobody denies that. But to say we technically (unwittingly) give ourselves cancer, arthritis and other chronic conditions and then can rid ourselves of illness with some kind of "right thinking" poses one killer question for me: Since babies and animals are also sometimes born with or develop chronic, fatal diseases and tumors . . . then stress, wrong thinking, resentment and having fucked up one's qi could have nothing to do with them developing the disease. The theory, particularly regarding stress as a factor, seems plausible until I hit this brick wall. Can anyone find an apologetic angle that gets around this huge flaw? Or are we prepared to just play the "hokum card?"
  16. I miss our little mud wrestler.
  17. Yeah, I understand that people can become obsessed or fanatic about anything from religion to football to stamp collecting. But there's this specific thing Jesus told his followers, and we can see now it was clearly a lie. Sure, they can ignore it, they must ignore it, because the failure of the promise negates the whole thing, doesn't it?
  18. You give gypsies a bad name.
  19. It's all just cud chewing, but personally I think it would be cool if we were in a Mobius strip or Klein bottle. Either that or in Xenu's universal universe.
  20. I think Hubbard's tale of Xenu is as compelling as any other creation myth. It also has just as much evidence.
  21. I really am starting to feel a little sorry for him. What if he's impaired in some way I'm not aware of? It's becoming clear that he has some very real mental issues. Having finally lost all credibility here (Holocaust denier, 911 denier, etc.) he is begging to get banned, and I'm more and more inclined to let him off the hook he so painstakingly crafted.
  22. I've come to call these kinds of "arguments" the Seat Belt Argument. "Local Canoga Falls chiropractor, best known for selling self published books and colloidal silver products, will speak on the dangers of seat belts. It seems he knows someone who is reliable who knows a guy who drowned in his submerged vehicle because he couldn't get his seat belt off. He will demonstrate how we are all like Jews in WWII Germany because we are forced to ride in these death traps so Big Seat Belt can profit from out death and suffering."
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