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  1. So no matter how we respond to the virus, it pretty much doesn't care. My money's on another wave in our near future.
  2. For now, yes, but why? It's not anything we did.
  3. I agree, but there still is some disparity since Miami Dade is just a tad under 70% white and Pinellas is just a tad over. The two populations are demographically much closer to each other than the virus statistics. I can't help but think that the virus ebbs and flows on its own and our efforts may affect final outcomes a lot less than we like to believe. I'd like to study the stats over the past year from other states but it's too much tedium for me, Florida is enough for this one guy to handle! Only one thing is clear from the numbers, you are very unlikely to die from the virus if you are vaccinated.
  4. "interestingly I still feel that a lot of what Christianity says makes sense. For example, I don’t believe it teaches an eternal conscious torment view of Hell, nor do I believe it even attempted to teach about science. I just realised that I don’t actually truly believe it, even if it makes sense to me. That is likely to be an interesting part of this process as I look back over time. I recall discussing my changing view of Hell with my dad and cheerily saying I don’t believe in eternal conscious torment, but that it is really the death penalty. I said this with no hint of concern for him, just a happy assertion of what I now think the text says. That was a big catalyst for change for me… if I really believe in it, then how could I not feel a joy of concern about it." The "nuggets of wisdom" (e.g. Golden Rule) people can find in the Bible are not original concepts, and believers of every degree and dogmatic bent always cherry pick the hell out of that old book to make it say something they're comfortable with. Not really a useful book, IMO. A Humanist is just an atheist who doesn't want to offend anybody. Humanism says, "I don't believe in a god, but I believe in you!" Kinda puts a positive spin on the negatively perceived lack of belief in everyone else's God.
  5. The relevant statistic is ICU availability, and that seems pretty cut and dried. Hospitals report how many of their ICU beds are occupied and how many of those are COVID related. COVID patients who do not need intensive care are segregated and census is taken every day. The hospital I frequent for blood work and imaging has started shifts an hour earlier recently, though they are by no means in crisis. Part of it is that people who have been waiting to have procedures done are just finally going ahead with them and not waiting any longer for the virus to go away.
  6. I get that, but I'm only looking at one set of people sharing the same testing protocols and behavior patterns. I'm looking at months of data. What made me take notice early on was when Miami-Dade (which I mistakenly referred to in my text as Hillsborough) had by far the highest rate of vaccinations yet had more daily cases per 100k than my own county which was slow to vaccinate. There are virtually no public health mandates in the state so the majority still carry on as if nothing's going on - that behavior doesn't change but all the statistics do just as if one month we have mask mandates/lockdown and the next we're wide open for business as usual. Hospitals fill and empty, fill and empty, as our behavior never changes. A county with nearly twice the vaccination rate of another county doesn't do any better with the numbers, and that's just one thing that doesn't make sense to me. On paper stats and ICU admissions the virus seems to do what it does independent of our efforts or lack thereof. I'm really starting to wonder if when we do institute some safety protocol and virus activity declines, perhaps it's coincidence because the opposite also has happened.
  7. I have questions I don't want to turn political, please. Any thoughts would be appreciated. I watch this COVID site like many people read the daily horoscope. What's been happening is the numbers get worse, then the numbers get better, then worse again. Nothing changes but the numbers, there are no mandates starting or stopping. People are doing whatever they do with consistency, yet cases per 100k can double or halve across the state. Hillsborough has had the highest vaccination rate for a long time, yet they often do the same as or a little worse than counties with lower vaccination rates and they consistently and inexplicably have more cases per 100k. Positive test rates go up and down along with new cases. Deaths were at zero for a long time, then there was a huge spike, then back to zero. I do not see correlation here on anything and the spread and severity of the virus fluctuates independently of the wildly volatile numbers. It appears the virus has a mind of its own and doesn't care what we do or don't do. Without getting political, can anyone shed any light on what I'm seeing here? Maybe the politics at this point is unavoidable. Thanks, anyway. - Puzzled in Pinellas
  8. Right now I'm spending it with my computer looking at this silly thread.
  9. You can tell when they start off like this... There is a creator. You will never convince me otherwise. I'm here because I'm done hoping for goodness. I may crawl back to him since there's no alternative. These are parameters I'll converse in, please keep it there. I'm not here to argue or sway. Add Tag
  10. Your hope and wish is that your debunked Christianity still has hidden gems of relevant wisdom, even Truth. You want or need it to work when it clearly doesn't unless you reduce it to a Philosophy 101 discussion in the Quad rather than what it actually is. Clearly, cherry picking is not just for Fundamentalists! What did Christians believe before there was a Bible? We don't know. Who wrote the Bible? We don't know. Did the writers work together over generations to create a cohesive story with an agenda and goal? It would seem the opposite. Why do some people lend such weight to "revealed" writings and folk tales from the Bronze Age? I'll certainly never know. If you prefer to argue Christianity's value you need to present more than your wishes as evidence.
  11. I heartily disagree almost entirely. Definitions should not be changed to suit someone's current philosophical musings or make the thing more palatable to a larger audience. A dog is a mammal with four legs and insisting we need to change the definition to a winged avian that barks is silly. It's still a dog, original definition. I've always puzzled over people who claim to be of one religion or another but immediately add, "but I don't believe blah, blah, blah." Then why claim a religion that requires belief in "blah, blah, blah?"
  12. John 3:16 is a simple, clear message. There is a minimum requirement if someone is to legitimately call himself a Christian. Obviously there are myriad nuances regarding implementation of specific teachings beyond basic salvation by a resurrected Christ, but that's the nature of any religion, no? Even the very new Scientology already has schisms and factions. It's not that difficult; a Christian worships Jesus the Christ because of his supernatural standing, not because of being able to twist the story of a resurrected god into some dispassionate philosophic musings.
  13. You have described what most people would call "spirituality" and not at all like religion. The Bible clearly defines what a believer (Christian) is and I find other definitions that attempt to expand non-Biblical, fuzzy concepts into the label to be irrelevant. I know too many people who mindlessly call themselves Christian because of the society they were born into but have no idea what that means and have no intention of emulating the Jesus character at the center of their Bible story.
  14. I totally agree with that. Moderate/lukewarm/liberal/CINO members of a church aren't really religious in the first place, and when they tire of their church they probably just quietly drift away without a second thought and they don't have a need to heal from their experience; I know several. Fundamentalists, though, have been through some shit!
  15. I grew up in the Church of God (Anderson) where my father was the music director for several years. We went to services on Sunday morning, Sunday evening, Wednesday evening, special guest speakers, revivals and a week at "camp" every summer where we stayed in dorms at the college in Indiana. We endured chalk talks, special music programs and Bible studies. Mom just went along with Dad but the kids hated it. Luckily my dad eventually flipped out a little and started drinking, smoking and whoring around, so we got a reprieve for a while. Later, he flipped back to religion after divorcing my mom and marrying a Pentecostal Catholic or something. They were into folk guitar services and Amway. She eventually died and he went into working on a mission ship and met his next wife on the boat. Once again, it was full time religion at their house. It was all very obnoxious. So I'm not surprised these guys are still a little daft. At least they got away from the worst of it. As for me, much later there was a really cool guy at work who played religious shows on his radio and he eventually persuaded me to try out his church. It was much better than my church experience as a kid/young adult and I actually enjoyed it and became good friends with the pastor there. In my zeal to learn more I took classes at a Bible college, but I learned a little too much I guess; the revelation that it was all bullshit came to me during a class on Revelation! Cult/Christian is a fine line indeed.
  16. There is absolutely nothing we can do about it so I feel comfortable with my complacency. Climate change at an accelerated rate is reality and we're currently living, and dying, with the consequences. Of course there's that virus thing people seem to want to keep going. Better to focus on things we could change/mitigate, at least theoretically.
  17. Another possible natural disaster in the making, no doubt. The conclusions drawn about a worst case scenario seem a bit of a stretch, though.
  18. In a world that recognizes facts and logic, their position is untenable. Creating alternate realities is the only way people who are demonstrably wrong can hold on to their misinformation as Truth. The phenomenon is also found in other areas besides religion.
  19. No offense intended to the other animals. I think that though some of them may realize something big is up during their last moments, they don't sit around thinking and talking about the day they'll be gone and where they will go like we do.
  20. We are glad to discuss if there's any point in doing so. It seems likely not since you stated up front you're not listening to any facts that don't support your already held position. Stick around, discuss the arguments or fuck off. Makes no difference to me.
  21. You don't understand it so it must be magic? That's nobody's job. It is YOU making the claim who needs to do the convincing. I don't care what anyone believes but I am always very curious as to WHY they would hold such beliefs. And to be clear, you are only entertaining the god portrayed by the particular culture that you grew up in, right? To go further in understanding, so we have a better idea of what you specifically believe, which Christian sect defined that god you referenced?
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