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  1. What's the big mystery about what morality is? It is virtuous behavior. Virtuous is defined as good because it does no harm and promotes general well being in the society at large. We learned a long time ago (well, most of us anyway) that killing your neighbors and stealing their shit wasn't a good, sustainable plan.
  2. He's been away for awhile. Whatever civilizing influence we had wore off after he was released back into the wild.
  3. "Jews will not replace us!" According to Trump there were some fine people chanting that bit of Jew hate. Pandering to the Jews is not his agenda. Protecting Israel, or more specifically their leadership, from criticism of war crimes is.
  4. No, I introduced the squirrel, so...
  5. A+B=C A+B+GOD=SQUIRREL Simple logic.
  6. I always hated the holiday season. Too many people, too much pressure and too much wasting money. That said, the food is often pretty good. Management (as I call my wife) has always been a Christmas nut. We have three trees. She decorates the shit out of everything. Even though she is not the least bit religious she always puts out a manger scene because it's traditional Christmas decoration. I no longer do any outside decorating because I convinced her years ago that I was too old, had had an injury, and I would likely kill myself climbing ladders. Though we're never there on Christmas Day we actually celebrate the holiday early in Key West with food, drink, food, drink, weird people, food, drink and drag queens. Keep Christmas Weird!
  7. I'm not convinced that is actually true. Between 1892 and 1954 over 12 million people came here through Ellis Island alone, but it doesn't matter. I also don't understand the distinction you make over by what mechanism someone came from another country and now lives here. The only point I wanted to make is that other than the Native Americans, everyone living here, for whatever reason, has their origin in another country. Many people seem to say that their family came here 50, 100 or 200 years ago so we can just stop the immigration now.
  8. It struck me as odd even when I was a believer. One can be the biggest rascal throughout his life, but on his death bed if he just thinks, "Jesus! You really are the savior! Please let me into Heaven" then all is forgiven. All because of a last minute thought. Ponder that.
  9. I am questioning the mindset that produced and maintains the laws. There is a pervasive anti-immigrant sentiment from current Americans who are themselves descendants of immigrants.
  10. For starters: https://thinkbynumbers.org/government-spending/corporate-welfare/corporate-vs-social-welfare/ Being a nation of immigrants it seems odd that now many of us are opposed to immigration by any means. Many are even opposed to sanctuary for those at risk. I still wonder, what's wrong with immigrants coming to a nation of immigrants? Your heritage as being from a family of immigrants isn't diminished by time. It happened and that's why you are today an American.
  11. (1) The wealthy and the corporations take the most advantage. (2) So I take it you are a Native American and not from a filthy immigrant family???
  12. I merely pointed out that the ultra wealthy don't get that way from hard work and therefore anyone could be a billionaire if they only tried hard enough. Of course it's your money to do with as you please. I wouldn't presume to think nobody should pass on their empire to the kids. Again, my issue is with rampant welfare for the rich in light of the perception that food stamps are our big problem. Pay attention, folks.
  13. You're twisting my meaning to your advantage. The rich are undeserving of sweetheart tax breaks and loopholes that provide them even more advantage over the poor. They are not undeserving of their wealth, they are undeserving of special treatment in the form of lower taxes and loopholes they lobbied to get, thus putting the rest of us at disadvantage. But the fact is that the extremely wealthy, the billionaire class, by and large did not pull themselves up by their bootstraps and build their fortune by their own sweat and innovation. Most all were born into the upper class and had their first millions handed to them.
  14. If health/cleanliness is the "reasoning" behind the religious mandate for circumcision, as I have often heard, then that just points out an obvious design flaw.
  15. I always find it odd that when someone is incensed about some poor bastard getting food stamps for his family they also turn a blind eye to the corporate welfare, tax breaks and loopholes reserved for the very wealthy and the rapidly growing extreme disparity between rich and poor. They also believe the repeatedly debunked lie of trickle down economics. The rich get more of your tax money than the poor, and ALL of the rich are undeserving. A FEW of the poor receiving help are undeserving, but no system can be perfect and weed out all the cheaters. So what would Jebus do???
  16. I think Republicans and Christians share an authoritarian mindset. Atheists and free thinkers are not welcome in either camp. Funny, because if Jesus existed he was a Socialist and everything he espoused ran counter to the ideals of Republicans.
  17. Aim higher. I enjoyed the Africa albums. I'm sure people here are interested in your well being too.
  18. What he said. No matter how good you feel, don't stop the meds. I've seen that too many times.
  19. Hear! Hear! I was in my forties when I stopped caring what other people believed or thought. Thirty years later I have even less interest in walking on tiptoe through the minefield of stupid. How you doing, Ro?
  20. I think we're just talking about the puddle that is going on about how the hole was created to fit him exactly.
  21. Quite true. Look at the Bill Clinton impeachment for example. Regardless of which party is in power everyone's overriding motivation is their own reelection by their target support base. Of course they all have to juggle that with corporate bribes being under the radar as much as possible. But as has been mentioned, single issue voters, that is most voters, are quite good at forgiving or ignoring the shenanigans of their elected representatives as long as they at least talk favorably about abortion, gun control, gay rights, or whatever their pet issue is.
  22. It's a little late in the game for people to change their minds. All the impeachable offenses have long been on the table, with mountains of evidence of all kinds, and the only thing left is to decide if they can be overlooked in the name of party, agenda or mandate from God. Mueller left it in the hands of Congress to do their duty once the facts were assembled.
  23. It is indeed exhausting. I get that Christians like to support Christian businesses, Masons like to deal with other Masons whenever possible and all that makes sense. There is a lot of false information for those who "vote with their pocketbook" and therefore it takes a lot of work to discover which businesses agree with you. Also, AFAIK the Salvation Army is one of few charities that don't skim most of the money and provide huge salaries for their top people. Yeah, they generally support Christian ideals and agendas but are also helping people at the same time. I think maybe we just have too much information available to have simple lives anymore.
  24. The issue here is about whether climate change is real. There is hyperbole coming from both camps as to the seriousness and immediacy of the problem, though some still deny there even is a problem. That is the issue I'm addressing here. Will we all drown tomorrow? Probably not. Can we cut back on adding our own known contributing factors and at least not hasten the change? Definitely yes. The extreme positions are politically motivated and not stemming from the science.
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