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  1. I like dancing! But not in my underwear Are you a professional editor? Nah. I'm not a professional anything. Just another schmuck who knows a little bit about a lot of things. An average Joe. A Joe of all trades, so to speak. I like to read. I'm going to read your book about growing up in South Africa. I'll give you a scathing review when I'm done.
  2. Hi JenniferG. Welcome to ex-c! Nice to have you here! I liked your poem. If your book is equally well written, I bet it will be good. Hey, do you need an editor? Unless of course, your book is going to be threatening, menacing, or ominous! If you're going to lower the boom on the flock, I want to read it for sure...... Don't mind me, I'm just a bald guy who dances around in his underwear.
  3. So, if you want to get rid of the fear of hell, there are two things you need to do. IMOSHO. 1. Figure out what evidence is. This sounds condescending, but it's not meant to be. Most people, if they haven't studied science or law, they really are in the dark here. One thing evidence is most definitely not, is someone's first person account (of anything). Like Richard Feynman's First Principle: you must not fool yourself, and you are the easiest person to fool. 2. Follow the evidence wherever it leads you.
  4. Nice, Margee. We have a lot in common. Plus I like your hugs. Our sons are among the lucky ones. I feel really bad for people who have to face condemnation from their families simply for the "crime" of being true to themselves.
  5. Oh, and as a little personal aside: my son is gay. And in a same-sex marriage. He has never been religious (unlike me) and is unencumbered by that particular brain infection. My son is a great person and I love him. And I have no fear of hell for him either.
  6. Ok, so let's look at this from a little different angle to perhaps give you a little different perspective. Rather than us just telling you hell doesn't exist, you tell us why we should be afraid. Make me afraid of hell again. I have been a fundamental christian for a good part of my life, so I know the literal interpretations of the bible and I'm quite familiar with the old and new testaments from a literal believer standpoint. But in the past 10 years I have also studied quite a bit about higher criticism of biblical texts, and I'm pretty good at seeing through them and comprehending the motivations and historical contexts surrounding them. So quoting scripture will not have any chance to instill fear in me. So, we come to the soul. Tell me what a soul is. Explain how "soul" is not the same as "mind". Show me how both of those concepts cannot be functions of an active brain. Convince me that I have a soul. Convince me that my soul will exist for all eternity in a nice place (heaven) or a not-so-nice place (hell). Tell me why I need not be afraid of Egyptian hell. Or Greek hell. Or Muslim hell. Or Zoroastrian hell. It's only christian hell that I need to be concerned about. Help me to unlearn what I know about evolution and the scientific explanations for the origins of the universe. So let's start here. If you can get through this list, I'll give you a second list you can get started on to instill the fear of hell back in me. Catch my drift?
  7. Indeed. And the milk jug answers prayers exactly the same too. http://whywontgodhealamputees.com/video8.htm
  8. Oh, but you are, zadachve. A little bigger brain than the others, but an animal to be sure.
  9. Ehh - judging by the rest of your post, I think you can discard this as a path that would have made you happy. But you can still minister to others without doing it for the sake of the Gospel.
  10. I recognized early in my decon that fear of hell was always there in the back of my mind too. And I just made a conscious decision one day to say "fuck this!". I just decided that I was no longer going to live in fear. I refused to be held hostage anymore. If it turned out that God were real, and hell was real, God was going to have to wait until after I was dead to terrorize me. Sounds ridiculous, but it worked. That was over 10 years ago. Hell is a silly little superstition to me now, and sometimes I'm amused by how I used to be so afraid of it. It was learning, on a variety of different fronts, that extinguished the flames permanently for me.
  11. Hi zadachve. Welcome to ex-c. We all had a fear of hell when we escaped the religious mindset. It's one of the last things to evaporate under the bright hot sun of reason and learning. But it does go away, given enough time. Most of us will attest to that.
  12. I'd say - they need to love you and accept you as you are, but that fails to take into account their mindset. In their world of sin versus obedience/holiness/righteousness, their acceptance of your lifestyle is tantamount to letting you go to hell. (assuming they are christians of the fundamental variety). So keep that in mind. They might be cold to you or even reject you, because they love you. Brainwashing makes people do things and act in ways that often don't make sense to a non-religious person. I'm sure I'm not telling you anything you don't already know. And I also know it doesn't make things any easier. Welcome to ex-c, knightcore.
  13. Don't know if you and your fiance are same-sex? Just curious, because you used the term "partner". If I'm off-base here, my bad. My son is gay. And although it was a shock when I found out, I got over it. Because I love my son. Luckily religion was no longer a factor in accepting him as he is. About a year ago he and his partner got married. I won't lie and say the wedding didn't feel a little strange to me, but it was actually a touching ceremony and a happy time. I still have a good relationship with my son, who is a great guy. If your difficulties are just about religion, then your family is WAY too religious.
  14. Hi A&B. Welcome to ex-c. I don't believe you are lost with regards to how to proceed. There are times in our lives when a choice isn't really a choice. You know you can't go backwards. The choice is up to your family. If they will only love you if you meet all of their expectations - then that's a choice they make.
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