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  1. It's resulted in some pretty good movies......
  2. Mythra


    My fear of hell evaporated once I accepted that human beings do not have souls. Not while alive, not after they die. Whether that's a comforting thought or a distressing thought doesn't matter. It's what the evidence from a variety of scientific disciplines shows. The subject of "what is a human being" is no longer beyond the reach of science. Here is a good read: The Soul Fallacy by Julien Musolino. He is a cognitive scientist and psychology professor at Rutgers University.
  3. Sorry, little Timmy. There is no Santa Claus. It's just a little game we were playing with you. All in good fun. You have now reached the point of nothingness. We suggest you jump off a bridge and drown yourself in the river. Point of nothingness!!
  4. Point of nothingness!! Is that what you call it when you realize your invisible friends were just pretend? Point of nothingness!
  5. I traded in my old rust-bucket christianity on a nice shiny new curiosity in reality. Christianity: 1. a traditional story, especially one concerning the early history of a people or explaining some natural or social phenomenon, and typically involving supernatural beings or events. Oh wait. That's actually the definition of the word "myth". My bad.
  6. I look at it this way: santa, the reindeer, snowmen coming to life, the who's in whoville, it's all make-believe. The manger scene is just more of the same. Christians don't own christmas. It's about sharing gifts and eating good food and making nice memories with those you love. For me, it's never been a birthday party for Jesus.
  7. I like the lyrics: "let's give thanks to the lord above, cause santa claus comes tonight". Kind of a hybrid make believe song. ???? I do the entire gig. Lights all over the house, big christmas tree, everything. Never saw any reason not to. It's tradition - it's my tradition too, filled with memories of when my kids were kids. I like the christmas music too. Even the jesusy songs. None of it bothers me at all. Jesus is not the reason for my christmas season. Tradition is. Ps: hi Ro-bear!
  8. Yeah, and both sides think they can't lose in the end. Cause their holy book tells em so.
  9. Note to directionless and rjn: Watch this video. Invest the time. Please. Julia Sweeney is a lot like you guys. A very intelligent lady who was obsessed with religious thoughts and questions from a very young age. In her quest for the truth, she has examined and questioned just about everything imaginable. Only she had the resources and presence of mind to really examine them closely. In the end, the quest leads her to the conclusion that God is not real. And then she does some deep "soul searching" about nihilistic thoughts and other implications regarding atheism. Her presentation is kind of animated, perhaps you might think the deadpan expressions and everything are corny. But she is an actress. And this monologue is like she is in a one-woman play. I really hope you two guys (especially) will watch this. I promise you'll find at least one or two things here that resonate with you. And may even help you in your journey.
  10. If I were going to design a christmas billboard, it might be something like this; QUAINT SCENE. BUT NOTHING WORTH STARTING A RELIGION OVER.
  11. Julia Sweeney is a comedienne who was with Saturday Night Live years ago. She is now a prominent atheist who performs a monologue based on her book "Letting Go of God". I'm sure a lot of you are familiar with it, but I wanted to post this for anyone who isn't. Its' long (about 2 hours). But it's pretty entertaining. And interesting. And at times funny. Has anyone seen this monologue in person?
  12. Another good one. If I were among the people deciding, this is the kind of billboards I would support.
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