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    I am currently attending community college for an associate in arts, I hope to transfer to a real college soon and get a degree in something, and I have yet to decide. I have been through 9 years of Christian school, starting with a catholic kindergarten, and then onto a laid-back Baptist middle school, and then fundy-baptist high school, I went to public school for a year, spent the next 9 months in a military academy, where I went through terrible depression, and extreme lonliness. I prayed and prayed with no results, and eventually gave up on Christianity, which I quickly replaced with witchcraft and death metal the first through a book by aleister crowley, the second through a nihilistic guitar player in my barracks. both filled the void in my life,and made me feel like i actually had some control over the world. Then during the summer, mainly through the internet I dabbled into witchcraft and Lavey Satanism. I spent another year in a horid fundy-baptist school laughing and cringing at the things they were teaching the children. During that time I came upon pantheism after it was mentioned briefly in a sermon in church and I began identifying myself as such. i found it appealing since it required no worship, or much of anything. strangly though, the thought of atheism had never crossed my mind, probably becuase i had very little exposure to it. I got my diploma after finishing my required credits at an adult high school summer class. A short time after that I saw a fascinating man on t.v called christopher hitchens. he openly rejected god and argued eloquently for something called atheism. i was fasincated, and reserved his book at the libray. after about five weeks i got my copy of “god is not great� and finally found the answer to the world’s questions, that is that there is no ultimate answer, and only through logic and reasoning can man know the world. I have since become active in the online atheist community, and although I am not out to my parents and family, I am open with my friends, and actively argue the atheist viewpoint when it comes up. i am very happy, and am enjoying reading and learning things through eyes not clouded with religion. As for hobbies, I watch about 6 hours of professional wrestling, I read alot. I occasionally Indulge my senses with cannabis, I don’t drink and don’t do any other drugs unless I need them for some occasional inspiration, or a break from reality. If I had to label my life philosophy it would be somewhere between humanist, liberal, progressive democrat, etc... Etc... Which is why I don’t label myself? it is constantly changing and very flexible. To summarize I am an ex-Christian, ex-magician, ex-Satanist, and ex-pantheist. I am proud to call myself a freethinking born again atheist stuck in the bible belt, although lately I must admit am starting to doubt my atheism in face of overwhelming evidence for the flying spaghetti monster.
    My E-mail is
    cm_christ@hotmail.com feel free to drop me a line

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  1. Hmm.... well, if anyone on here wants to make a few extra bucks, we can go found it
  2. had to write an argumenative paper for a college course, so i figured school prayer would be an open and shut case. turns out i was right . enjoy ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The freedom to pray in school is protected by the first amendment, but having a public school lead, support, or otherwise endorse prayer is wrong on both a constitutional level and a moral one. The conflict is whether or not schools should have prayer during class and at after -school events that are led by, initiated by, or otherwise encouraged by the schools staff. Therefore, in this essay, I will be presenting an overview of the arguments against school- led prayer. This argument is commonly misunderstood, as many think whenever prayer in school is mentioned they assume it’s about the student’s personal right to pray and feel that people want to keep their kid from talking about God in class or praying in school. The First amendment guarantees students right to free speech, so long as it’s non-disruptive to the learning environment; if a student wants to pray before class, or talk about his faith in class, he’s completely protected. That right will always be guaranteed, since all freedom- loving Americans believe in the right to free speech. So, whenever laws concerning school prayers are discussed, know that it’s not about the individual’s right to pray in school, it’s about the schools right to lead prayers in and out of the public school environment. One of the problems with having prayers led in class, or at games is that it discriminates. Contrary to what some would like to believe, not everyone’s kid is Christian. In today’s modern world, there are many diverse faiths and beliefs in a modern classroom. To have a prayer in class would be certain to single out someone. Some say we could rotate prayers between faiths, or allow a generic prayer, but this still singles out atheist and agnostic children. While some proposed rotating prayers in class, with each faith being represented, this still poses a problem. Obviously the majority of people are Christian, so they would have more of their prayers said, while minority faiths would be less frequently recognized. It is much simpler to let parents lead their child in a prayer at home, for the student to pray by themselves or with others before classes. It isn’t the schools duty to guide students in religious rituals. Now, some fundamentalists are probably saying how America was founded as a Christian nation and their kids should be taught Christian values, regardless of other people’s preference. Well, this little argument falls under the category of utter lies, to use a nicer word. "The government of the United States is not, in any sense, founded on the Christian religion, "Treaty of Tripoly, article 11 is a treaty signed by our 4th president, John Adams, clearly stating in plain English, that America was, in no way shape or form intended as a country to promote Christianity. America was founded so that everyone could worship freely or have the choice to not worship or practice anything at all, thus, the words in the first amendment: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religionâ€. The Public school should not be an environment to promote religious rituals or try to teach a certain brand of God. If you want your child to be part of a certain religion, there are churches you can send them, there is plenty of time at home to pray with them and instill them with your values. The public school is not a forum for prayer; it is a place for learning established scientific facts, not religion. The last ditch arguments most proponents of government- led prayer is that it safeguards morality in our schools, without God, they say, how will our children know right from wrong? Well, the school is not the primary place that children should learn "right and wrong"; these type of values should be instilled at home. While some say that it should be Christian based learning, schools aren't supposed to endorse certain moral values. It is the parent’s place to teach their children right and wrong, to blame declining morality on the simple fact that kids don’t say a few lines before class is ignorant and makes as much sense as saying opening an umbrella indoors caused your divorce. To say America is suffering because we don’t promote Christianity in schools does not stand up to logic. Japan, where there is no prayer in school, has one of the lowest crime rates of any country, so obviously more prayer is not the answer to the school violence problem. Instead of scape goating lack of prayer for our kid’s behaviors, we should be looking at the parents who are raising the children. Schools are designed to educate children; it’s the parents who are responsible for raising them. In closing having prayer in school violates not only the constitution, but the moral rights of the children attending school. Since the loudest of school prayer are Christians, maybe the best way to close thus argument would look into the bible to garner its opinion on this. Jesus says in Matthew 6:5-6 KJV " And when thou prayest, thou shalt not be as the hypocrites are: for they love to pray standing in the synagogues and in the corners of the streets, that they may be seen of men. Verily I say unto you, They have their reward. 6But thou, when thou prayest, enter into thy closet, and when thou hast shut thy door, pray to thy Father which is in secret; and thy Father which seeth in secret shall reward thee openly.†This Verse does not suggest you have to go into a closet to pray the to the Christian god correctly, but it does show that Jesus is against prayer simply to be praying and showing off your religion, which is what having a class prayer would be doing. Forcing non-Christian students to sit through prayer is no different than those people who back in biblical times, prayed loudly and openly in public to simply show off themselves. If there is a place for prayer its in private and with fellow believers.
  3. in arguing with apologetics, i find that your forced to pick apart every single little piece of that crumbled argument to even start to break their faith wall...
  4. you need to redeem yourself, i recommend some Flying Spaghetti Monster tracts at random noodle-related places :>
  5. Love the full metal quote ;>

  6. wouldn't be a good fundy e-mail without a little racism. fear the minorityraces!!!!!
  7. yeah, same here with the occult, i got a one way ticket... the death metal thing doesnt help my chances either....
  8. Its like that here in the south, when people sit down to a big home-cooked, do they thank the chef, no they thank jeebus.. like he really had anything to do with it.. THANK THE CHEFS YOU BASTARDS!!!!
  9. don't forget to put all the "Christian science" in the sci-fi section.
  10. there is a paved walking trail through my little town, and every time I've went there i find some jack chick tracts rolled up in the and stuffed in the benches, its really sickening/sad that someone would actually think their doing their gods work by littering. i usually read them while i'm walking for a good laugh, then disposes of them in a proper trash receptacle, which is where they should have been put in the first place. by the way thanks for the mention of book by Charles Fort. I've been looking for something to read, and i think I'll go try to find a copy, it sounds pretty interesting. let us know how your viewpoints turn out after reading that eclectic selection of books
  11. how do i deal with anger?? usually with very violent death/thrash metal, i.e slayer, cannibal corpse,deicide, etc.. people who dont listen to death metal usually think the music would make someone more angry and violent, but the music expresses what i feel without me acting it out. its letting someone else vent your anger for you instead of just trying to suppress it. some recommended listening Cast Down-slayer enemy of god- kreator new found power- damageplan shadows and dust-Kataklysm redneck- lamb of god harvester of sorrows- metallica death to jesus- deicide
  12. awesome avatar

  13. lmao, i cant recall how many of these i have heard.. so sad
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