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    I am currently attending community college for an associate in arts, I hope to transfer to a real college soon and get a degree in something, and I have yet to decide. I have been through 9 years of Christian school, starting with a catholic kindergarten, and then onto a laid-back Baptist middle school, and then fundy-baptist high school, I went to public school for a year, spent the next 9 months in a military academy, where I went through terrible depression, and extreme lonliness. I prayed and prayed with no results, and eventually gave up on Christianity, which I quickly replaced with witchcraft and death metal the first through a book by aleister crowley, the second through a nihilistic guitar player in my barracks. both filled the void in my life,and made me feel like i actually had some control over the world. Then during the summer, mainly through the internet I dabbled into witchcraft and Lavey Satanism. I spent another year in a horid fundy-baptist school laughing and cringing at the things they were teaching the children. During that time I came upon pantheism after it was mentioned briefly in a sermon in church and I began identifying myself as such. i found it appealing since it required no worship, or much of anything. strangly though, the thought of atheism had never crossed my mind, probably becuase i had very little exposure to it. I got my diploma after finishing my required credits at an adult high school summer class. A short time after that I saw a fascinating man on t.v called christopher hitchens. he openly rejected god and argued eloquently for something called atheism. i was fasincated, and reserved his book at the libray. after about five weeks i got my copy of “god is not great� and finally found the answer to the world’s questions, that is that there is no ultimate answer, and only through logic and reasoning can man know the world. I have since become active in the online atheist community, and although I am not out to my parents and family, I am open with my friends, and actively argue the atheist viewpoint when it comes up. i am very happy, and am enjoying reading and learning things through eyes not clouded with religion. As for hobbies, I watch about 6 hours of professional wrestling, I read alot. I occasionally Indulge my senses with cannabis, I don’t drink and don’t do any other drugs unless I need them for some occasional inspiration, or a break from reality. If I had to label my life philosophy it would be somewhere between humanist, liberal, progressive democrat, etc... Etc... Which is why I don’t label myself? it is constantly changing and very flexible. To summarize I am an ex-Christian, ex-magician, ex-Satanist, and ex-pantheist. I am proud to call myself a freethinking born again atheist stuck in the bible belt, although lately I must admit am starting to doubt my atheism in face of overwhelming evidence for the flying spaghetti monster.
    My E-mail is
    cm_christ@hotmail.com feel free to drop me a line

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    CM Punk
  1. Love the full metal quote ;>

  2. awesome avatar

  3. like all xtians, he sees christianity as the only possible truth, thus any evidence that contradicts his exact view of is warped to fit, or destroyed. although im just repeating what we all have observed repeatedly im sure.
  4. Welcome to the forum. i hope you find your time here educational :>
  5. From http://www.tektonics.org/af/christianmyths.html
  6. From http://www.sptimes.com/2004/08/08/Columns/...st___so_w.shtml
  7. that is the technical name for the phobia of the number 666, which is referenced in the bible as having some very nasty connatations. I have heard of people making major changes in work, living places, even towns changing area codes because of to avoid the association and fear brought on by these simple little numbers. surely of course because of all the end of days stuff in revalation. so as a former christian or even now do you or have you ever feared the number 666? ever had any errie coincedinces where it has shown up? or heard storys about things being linked to it??
  8. i am excited about this movement, i have been a fan of free though and women, i like to see something hta incorporates the two
  9. well if you are more interested in learning about free thought view points, being free thinking people is a start, just be up front about it and let them know you are interested in learning their viewpoints. i dont think you will get any hostile backlash, us freethinkers arent really violent by nature.
  10. (cue john hagee voice-over) That was satan rising Up from his place in hell and trying to walk upon the earth and commun with you bastard godless no god-niks....praise jesus for stopping satans infernal rage upon gods good earth..praise jesus
  11. i was on a christian school field trip to a cave once and my friend accidently hit me in the head with a rock..does that count??
  12. reposted from another site , i thought i might feed the lions and let you guys tear apart the flesh of another foolish argument , enjoy your feast, and try to keep it orderly 10. You vigorously deny the existence of God, yet you frequently blame Him for all the "evils" in the world, all the natural disasters, and everything else under the sun that is wrong in modern society. 9. You feel insulted and "dehumanized" when creationists say that people were created in the image and likeness of God, but you have no problem with the evolutionist claim that we all evolved f
  13. very interesting thought process, you might want to invest some time to studying memes, i have a rough idea of the concept but it would seem to support your argument or at least give you further studys into theorys of how ideas are passed down from generation to generation.
  14. That seems to be the fallback argument for anything in nature that disproves The Bible,or biblical teachings
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