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  1. Hmm.... well, if anyone on here wants to make a few extra bucks, we can go found it
  2. had to write an argumenative paper for a college course, so i figured school prayer would be an open and shut case. turns out i was right . enjoy ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The freedom to pray in school is protected by the first amendment, but having a public school lead, support, or otherwise endorse prayer is wrong on both a constitutional level and a moral one. The conflict is whether or not schools should have prayer during class and at after -school events that are led by, initiated by, or
  3. in arguing with apologetics, i find that your forced to pick apart every single little piece of that crumbled argument to even start to break their faith wall...
  4. you need to redeem yourself, i recommend some Flying Spaghetti Monster tracts at random noodle-related places :>
  5. Love the full metal quote ;>

  6. wouldn't be a good fundy e-mail without a little racism. fear the minorityraces!!!!!
  7. yeah, same here with the occult, i got a one way ticket... the death metal thing doesnt help my chances either....
  8. Its like that here in the south, when people sit down to a big home-cooked, do they thank the chef, no they thank jeebus.. like he really had anything to do with it.. THANK THE CHEFS YOU BASTARDS!!!!
  9. don't forget to put all the "Christian science" in the sci-fi section.
  10. there is a paved walking trail through my little town, and every time I've went there i find some jack chick tracts rolled up in the and stuffed in the benches, its really sickening/sad that someone would actually think their doing their gods work by littering. i usually read them while i'm walking for a good laugh, then disposes of them in a proper trash receptacle, which is where they should have been put in the first place. by the way thanks for the mention of book by Charles Fort. I've been looking for something to read, and i think I'll go try to find a copy, it sounds pretty intere
  11. how do i deal with anger?? usually with very violent death/thrash metal, i.e slayer, cannibal corpse,deicide, etc.. people who dont listen to death metal usually think the music would make someone more angry and violent, but the music expresses what i feel without me acting it out. its letting someone else vent your anger for you instead of just trying to suppress it. some recommended listening Cast Down-slayer enemy of god- kreator new found power- damageplan shadows and dust-Kataklysm redneck- lamb of god harvester of sorrows- metallica death to jesus- deicide
  12. awesome avatar

  13. lmao, i cant recall how many of these i have heard.. so sad
  14. this video is very disturbing.... there is a similar video i just found where a psycho fundy invades a catholic mass. fundie mass buster seriously we still have this stuff in this day and age??
  15. i took a world religion class this semester and we had to sum up what we learned and how it affects our viewpoint in a paper. i think it turned out pretty well. please ignore any spelling and punctuation errors, but besides those feel free to criticize
  16. i order free tracts in large quantity's off the internet all the time, i have a little folder with about 600+ in about 20+ languages. probably make good fuel this winter.
  17. one of my teachers at my old fundie school said that scientists had found that fire when it burns hot enough is actually black, so he said hell would be pitch dark. i havent had time to check that fact, but considering some of the other stuff he told the kids , i doubt he could even properly spell science :<
  18. This is great, i know some other freethinkers in my school who will get a kick out of this :>
  19. honestly even though i was a christian thorughout almost all of my first relationship, i never felt guilty about anything, nor did i ever let it inhibit me. my girlfriend although more chrisian than me was the same way, except she wouldnt go all the way because she felt god wanted her to save herself for marriage.
  20. odd, i must have missed that parable in the bible. now is that found before or after jesus uses the 64 palm strike to defeat Satan??? Seriously???
  21. awesome, good to see you have a job you like. :> now how about helping me find one??
  22. like all xtians, he sees christianity as the only possible truth, thus any evidence that contradicts his exact view of is warped to fit, or destroyed. although im just repeating what we all have observed repeatedly im sure.
  23. this movie is blow up and get alot of media attention and were gonna have some half-assed 5 minute cnn debates. this nation is so easy
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