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  1. I find upon observation, and it isn't very difficult frankly, that those who have left their respective religions, in this case Christianity, all seem to take up the same causes, whether they left Judaiism, Christianity or Islam. It's fascinating to me and has led me to the conclusion that there is indeed a religion of sorts even in that, because people chiefly through the movements upon their government(s), have made it so. I 'left' Christianity when in fact I actually despised it since I can remember even as a very young child. I find that I equally despise the vile dreck that others, usuall
  2. You know, I am going to be the odd man out here. I am no christian, and in fact absolutely despise the entirety of it. However, I have started to become a bit bored by the seemingly same old arguements against it. Always seem to revolve around several particular issues, sexual orientation, bogus historical things, contradictions et al. I introduced myself when I joined as someone who frankly couldn't give a fuck less whether the god of the Bible turned out to actually be real and surprised us all, because I wouldn't worship tthe s.o.b. just the same, because to put it bluntly, I just don't wor
  3. fuck it, I'm pissin in the wind. Just can't get my mind wrapped around what warped sort of mentality it takes to come to the conclusions these courts do.
  4. "a scholar in canada recently gave a 1 million dollar challenge out to anyone that can ....."........yawn
  5. I don't know about the rest of you, but I can't understand why people waste so much time arguing with these fundies. I mean, what's the point? Why bother? Maybe that's just me. I seriously grew so tired of debating over shit with those brainless idiots, that I just can't even muster the desire to even speak to them any more. Seems like you'd get tired of even talking to them after awhile anyway. Endless debate is just not my cup of tea though. Maybe some do actually enjoy it. For me it's a simple matter of the fundies don't like how I think, then fuck'em. And I feel like that about anyone, fun
  6. What I am wondering, is why anyone even follows the comtemptible, and utter bullshit of either the Christian Bible or Muslim Koran. Both have prompted so many to do so much damage to others in the world and throughout history, that I cannot understand why anyone with even half a brain would follow or even waste their time reading the dumb arse horseshit written in those dirty tomes. What's your take on that Malik?
  7. "Why Does God Deserve Worship, Anyway?"--because he'll kill you if you don't. BTW, he loves you.
  8. Wow. You have done alot of researching this stuff over the years apparently Grandpa Harley, or so it would seem. While I don't subscribe to IChing coin tossing or tarot card reading or any of that, I do feel there is some wisdom that can be found in Taoism and other Chinese philosophy. For me, and maybe this doesn't really qualify as its not a 'god' by any means, but I find great comfort many times when I read some of the writings of folks like Thomas Jefferson, Thomas Paine, Voltaire, Mark Twain, Ben franklin etc etc. Shit the list is too long for one post. That men could be so brilliantly an
  9. You guys all make great points and that's what I believe in my own mind as well. What you said Gradnpa Harley about 2 camps, sound or arses seems exactly to be the case on a whole host of issues. I just want to live free and without hurting anyone else feel I should be able to do so. As far as specifically regards the race issue at least in America, the bad history cannot be denied as to what befell blacks and to be fair I think even worse befell the Indians. Some of the things that were perpetrated on the Indians is shameful, but we all know about it by now I would hope. What I find to be a m
  10. I experienced those suckers in Pensacola myself back in the '70s. My uncle was in the Navy at Pensacola Naval Air station and while down there my cousin like an idiot was out with a bucket trying to scoop one of those things up and got stung by another one.
  11. What I mean is Vigile, people in the past who have brought about real change, not me. No doubt there are people on here who don't go for the PCisms.
  12. Possible, but then again no one suggests that those who bring up injustice in the past just let it go lest they become old cranks. Again, seems just to be a matter of who it's being done to.
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