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  1. I definately agree with you, Vortex. Many people bitch n' moan about the modern days being the end times. "Oh no!! there are wars!! earthquakes!! ungodly behavior everywhere!" Yeah, show me a time in history when there has NOT been wars, earthquakes, and ungodly behavior. This obsession with the endtimes reminds me of something from an old history class of mine. The subject regarded the rise of Imperialism in Japan. Basically, during the 1800's, Japan tried to modernize itself, and even begain moving away from Shintoism, and mostly abolishing the fuedal system. Problem was, after the great depression (yes, they were affected by it) people started to romanticise the "old days", when the emporer was worshiped like a god, and the feudal system was in. "Things were "better" then, there was no great depression then...Japan was strong!" This type of thinking resulted in Japan going back to the old, corrupt system that it had tried to abolish. The moral of the story is, people have a nasty tendancy to romantasize the past; The whole idea that the world is getting worse has been so ingrained into our heads. How many sci-fi movies/stories show a really positive future? Yeah, Star Trek. Thats about it. "back in the bible days, the world was better! people were moral and just! they obeyed god! Yeah fucking right. You really wanna live in Europe 500 BC? Where superstition is rampant? Where at least half of all children never make it to adulthood? Where only the wealthy/clergy are literate? Where your life is absolutely worthless to every vicious warlord who goes on a killing spree? Hell, in some parts of the world, its STILL like that. "OOO, the 50's were sooo much better, there were wholesome family values. kids respected their elders. There was no teenage promiscuity" The whole 50's perfection crap only appeared on TV and movies. And we all know how utterly realistic TV and movies are. In the 50's, racial minorites where viewed as slightly above dogshit. Husbands could abuse thier wives and kids without worry of legal action. The disabled were hidden away like mutants. And only upper middle class white kids had any chance of going to college. The End times stem from the gloryfication of the past. And if you think about it, the past isn't really that great.
  2. Keep in mind, confused2501, that while your "good book" does have many good stories and moral lessons, it is still filled with extrememly questionable material, namely the atrocities commited by the so called benevolent god, as well as downright nasty and unfair laws, supported by your very deity. Sure, the church can do good. Ive seen people who've had an arguably better life because of it. I was very much like you once; but i realized that i only accepted my faith because it was brought up in a christian home; i blindly accepted christianity, because it sounded good in theory, and i had never bothered to truly question it. It was when i began to question the bible, to read its passages for my self, to see the very evil contained in the so called "good book" that people just casually skim over.... It was then I realized in order to accept christianity, I would have to condone the evils commited by that god, the unfair rules, the bigotry and hatred he allowed. I chose not to accept it. Keep going to church if you'd like, its your choice. Just remember, if you stay in the church, you must also accept the evil that blatenly written in your bible...dont pick and choose the good verses, and casually "forget" the bad ones, just like every other christian does. Realize, and acknolwedge the bad verses exist. Otherwise, you'll just be like every other drone out there who blindly accepts what they are told. You seem like a smart guy. Don't let your feelings for the church hold you back.
  3. Of course its ok to kill infants. They get a one way ticket to jesus land, cuz everyone knows Jesus loves babies way more than adults. Eventually, then the human race will die out, and no one will have to worry about ending up in hell. Yep, one main reasons I find Christianity absurd. According to them, there really is no reason to exist, other than pleasing some invisible sky-buddy. Morons.
  4. logically, you'd think fundies would be glad to abort some fetus. After all, it a free ticket to jesusland, where they'll be happy and be able to sing in play with the other naked winged babies. But then again, fundies aren't known for logic.
  5. Yeah, being single does suck. Of course, once you're NOT single, you'll find out she's actually a crazy possesive bitch and you'll end up wishing she'd get hit by a bus. But hey, thats life. It's a vicious cycle. But hey, look on the bright side; -You get the bathroom ALL to yourself. -Don't have to leave the toilet seat down. -You don't have anyone calling you to bitch about their car not starting. -No one waste the hot water. -Your forearm will get pretty strong with all that masturbating. -You can purchase a creepy pet, like a snake or Amazonian Red-legged Leaping Turantula.
  6. Non-Denominational, from what i can remember.
  7. In all honestly, im not even sure if I can really qualify as an ex-christian. Oh sure, I was born to christian parents. But in many ways, they were among the most liberal christians you'll ever meet; during church on sundays, we nevered stayed more than one hour. Infact, my dad would often say "Lets get the hell outta here before they bring some evangelist asshole and make us sit for ANOTHER hour." They also cursed alot, especially my mother. She'd smack me when I cursed, and say something like "where the FUCK did you learn to talk like that?" I found sunday school to be boring as hell, and I officially labeled sunday as the "most boring fucking day in the week". Although I did enjoy our Sunday ritual of eating chinese food after church. (not sure when that started, but damn that mongolian beef was some good stuff) I bring up Sunday school because it during this one service where I first questioned god's athourity. (yeah!!!) The teacher had mentioned how all heathens go to hell, no matter how nice and kind they were. I found this to be somewhat COMPLETELY FUCKED UP, and pondered on the unfairness of it. But, being young, I eventually just accepted it and was thankful that I was born into the correct religion, least I'd be hell bound just like them damned heathen buddist. That wasn't the last time I'd question the fairness of the good lord, but each time I would just sorta grudgingly accept it, despite never getting a satisfying answer. Well, to get on with the story, Ive read many of the deconversion stories on this site, and I must say mine doesn't hold a candle to the amount of anguish and heartbreak of the tales Ive read from some of you guys; my "deconversion", if you could call it that, was rather uneventful. I was never much of a Jesus lover; sure, i believed in his divinity, and acknowledged him as the worlds first hippie, but, in my prayers, his name was never uttered; I always sought god for my problems, not his son. And well, since Christianity mean accepting jesus as your saviour, kissing his ass, and wanting to make babies with him, and begin to think "well, gee....I guess im not a christian. The the question is, what the hell was I? Was I muslim? Nope, not dark enough skin tone. And I didn't like turbans much. Jewish? Well, I do love money. But then again my nose is too small. Buddist? Don't know kung-fu. Or throw Dragon Punches. Voodoo? Tried it once; I stabbed the doll till it looked like wiffle ball, but that bastard Marcus still wasn't dead. I eventually decided I was a Deist of sorts. But since I no longer believed in the bible, I really had nothing that could prove to me the exisitence of a god. Ive noticed one serious error that people make regarding the exisitence of god....they falsely assume it is as simple as A or B; in otherwords, they think "either you believe in god or you don't. But that doesn't quite cut it. If god exist, there are FAR too many possibilities regarding his existence to make any sort of solid beliefs. Think about it. We generally assume if god exist, he's in the model of the judeo christian god-----loving, omnipotent, eternal, blah blah blah. But that is just ONE possiblility; what are the others? What if he was not omipotent? Surely he'd be far beyond us, but having the power to create life and a planet doesn't nesscesarily make one infinately powerful. What if our creator was only one of many? What if he worked in a team? What if he was green and named Mervin? What if he was once a mortal being like us, who ascended to god-hood somehow? What if a once a superhero from planet Xenos, who battled the evil Lord Gorzo the Devourer, and after a mighty battle, got sucked into another dimesion, where his powers grew beyond what they once where, and then he went to beat the living hell out of Gorzo, and thus was rewarded with a planet of his own by the Watchers of the Universe, and after a few years, got bored, made mankind, then took off to Juptiter because the high gravity was good for his allergies. The point im trying to make is, I have no fucking clue what god is, or if he even exist for that matter...To assume I, or any other person, can know him or understand him is arrogant at best; Unless of course he shows up at my doorstep to personally inform me. He hasn't done that yet, though, so I'm gonna go back to my evil, sinful lifestyle of watching History channel, wishing I got more premarital sexual encounters, and hanging around ex-christian forums. Ok, I'll shut up now
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