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  1. Two guns John Wick style. Works every time.
  2. It makes them feel better and more included by forcing everyone else to play along with their delusions. It doesn't matter if it's right or wrong, true or false as much as it matters that you play along.
  3. Dear Bhim, As you know, theirs so little difference between Islam and Christianity that we dont have to have government agencies trying to delete databases of either religion's extreme terrorist activity within our own borders. You know -- since terrorist activity is only spawned from trying to take religious liberties away and all.
  4. https://youtu.be/pNh6UWTG5YY
  5. Please go see Alita Battle Angel instead. I swear to god you will like it more than Captain Marvel. And it's a shame that Alita is not getting the viewership that it deserves. I'm so sure that anyone that goes to see Alita will like it, that if I could, I would refund their money if they didn't. Everything the guy in this video says is true.
  6. He'd definitely get the female vote. And not because of his sleak, hot and sexy bald head, either. They'd vote for him based on the fact that he always concludes that all problems somehow stem from men not living up to some impossible standard.
  7. I'm pretty sure he does have to declare it. Can you honestly see him not going for a second term? So yeah, most of my comment is based on hopes that he's going to run again. Bo is better equipped to answer your questions than I am.
  8. I just listened to the whole thing. That was the biggest shit sling session I've ever heard in my life. He just blurted out a whole bunch of shit in hopes that some of it will stick.
  9. Because I listened to the first minute and 20 seconds of that video, I have never been so sure of casting another vote for Donald Trump. Thank you for helping me make up my mind, Mr. Sanders.
  10. Okay so, I kinda agree with you there. ^^^
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