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  1. Middle Age Dating

  2. Middle Age Dating

    "Bitches be crazy" is the mantra of men who've known lots of women well. "Mature women that know themselves" are in the minority. To try and say that all women are mature and know themselves is -- well -- kinda crazy. So yeah, End, pay attention. Pay close attention.
  3. Middle Age Dating

    I thought I'd post this here. The scary thing is, the sex doll in the picture looks eerily like my niece. Haha!
  4. Middle Age Dating

    And a piece of advice that I was given by one of our founding members was, "If you are going to make mistakes in life, make them with good people." -- Pitchu She gave me that advice when I began dating after my divorce, too. And now I'm married to the woman that led her to advise me as such.
  5. Garage Floor Repair Or Replacement? HELP!

    Thanks, Buffy. I am probably going to look into the foam fill and seal technique first. We definitely don't have the money to get it fixed the right way right now. Especially after just having got into the house.
  6. What makes you think that these people who are doing the shootings are not loving others as they love themselves? A mind of madness can easily understand that quote to mean the opposite of what a healthy mind would. Same goes for the do unto others quote. If you like inflicting pain upon yourself and you read the Bible where it says that, it's easily understood that you are to inflict pain upon other people.
  7. Amateur astronomer catches supernova being born

    And very hot at the same time.
  8. Garage Floor Repair Or Replacement? HELP!

    Yes, its about 2 inches. And yes, you are correct about the ground below. The piece in the foreground is sunken. The one in the background, although it too is broken, hasn't sunk much at all.
  9. Middle Age Dating

    And that's exactly what it seems like sometimes; bullshit. You don't really have any other choice other than to take what she is saying at face value. Don't read anything else into it. Give her her space. If I were you, I would just let things go until she contacts you again. Then on the flip side, some women will play games like this just to see what your reaction is going to be. Don't let this get to you. You should seriously find something else to do with yourself for when things like this happen. Get a hobby or do something, anything else other than stewing over it.
  10. Garage Floor Repair Or Replacement? HELP!

    There's a place around here that can level the floor back out by lifting and injecting some kind of super foam underneath. Once it sets, it's guaranteed for (I think) 25 years. After it gets semi-straightened/level, then an epoxy is injected into the cracks and the surface gets coated. I'm just not sure if this would be the way to go. They boast that it costs about a third of what it would to replace the floor. I haven't gotten any estimates yet.