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  1. Fweethawt

    How Islam Infects

  2. Fweethawt

    How Islam Infects

  3. Fweethawt

    How Islam Infects

  4. Fweethawt

    How Islam Infects

  5. Fweethawt

    How Islam Infects

    This is what happens now that they let women drive in Saudi Arabia. https://reddit.app.link/QfAiodiLFQ
  6. Fweethawt

    Lame Jokes

    Right after takeoff, a pilot comes on the microphone to welcome his passengers. “Thank you for flying with us. The weather is....” Then he suddenly starts screaming while still on the mic, “OH MY GOD! IT IS BURNING!!, IT IS BURNING!” Then silence... A few seconds later, he comes back on and says, “I’m terribly sorry about what happened. I spilled some scorching hot coffee on my lap...you should see my pants!!” A voice from the back of the plane yelled, “Why don’t you come here and see ours?”
  7. Fweethawt

    Trip to Rome

    When in Rome, do as the Romans do. Duh!
  8. Fweethawt

    How Islam Infects

    A picture speaks a thousand words...
  9. Fweethawt

    How Islam Infects