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  1. Fweethawt

    How Islam Infects

  2. Fweethawt

    How Islam Infects

    Muslim Community Patrol... ... in New York.
  3. This is probably one of the most amazing videos I've ever seen. Enjoy! https://vimeo.com/315487551?ref=em-v-share
  4. Fweethawt

    How Islam Infects

  5. Fweethawt

    Things Fundies Say On Facebook

    I can only stand to listen to about 2 and 1/2 minutes of this.
  6. Fweethawt

    Things Atheists Post On Facebook

  7. Fweethawt

    Things Fundies Say On Facebook

  8. I wonder if this is where we get the word manure? 🤔
  9. Fweethawt

    How Islam Infects

  10. Fweethawt

    DC movies

    Believe it or not -- Tom Hardy's performance. I know he's not the one that wrote the script so, he's not really to blame. But, his part and lines were so bad that I actually felt embarrassed for him. I really like Tom Hardy so, to see him do a role like that was heavily disappointing. I've never really followed the Venom character in the comic books. But as far as I know, he didn't end up being a somewhat likeable character personality-wise. Am I wrong? Does venom actually take orders or instructions from its host? I don't know. But seeing it happen in the movie was just stupid in my opinion. In the story wasn't that great either.
  11. Fweethawt

    Get Well Soon, Simone Giertz!

    Well this sucks for her...
  12. Fweethawt

    DC movies

    So you skipped over the best one. That would be Wonder Woman. I like all the superhero movies. Marvel and DC alike. However, I have to admit I like the Marvel movies better. The worst of the newer Marvel movies would be Venom. Now that movie was complete trash. I will watch any of the DC movies again and again before I will ever watch Venom a second time. The reviews that I read for Aquaman said that it was just as good as Wonder Woman or the Christian Bale Batman movies. So when I went into the theaters, having this in mind, I was disappointed to find that the movie did not get to be as good as those. However, Aquaman is my second favorite DC movie under Wonder Woman.