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  1. And just why shouldn't they talk about "the Jews" when they're in church, LM? After all, "the Jews" are God's chosen-and-extra-spectacular-special-people, aren't they? Heck, I figured "the Jews", being special an all, would love to have large groups of people talking about them.
  2. That part is really gonna suck. What I want to see, is the gigantic dragon that uses his tail to knock all those stars down! Now that, would be cool.
  3. I turned that pic into a wallpaper for my desktop. Here's a 1024x768 image in case anyone else wants it.
  4. This link was sent to me the other day by another one of our forum members. I thought that I would give it a nice home right here. N.A.S.A's Astronomy Picture of the Day Archive They add pictures to it daily, which is probably a damn fine reason for calling it a 'Picture of the Day Archive'. Take a look! If you're into this sort of thing, you'll love it. This stuff is just too awesome! Here is my favorite one so far. Could you imagine doing something like that?
  5. Come back when you're serious.
  6. Don't take this the wrong way, Brother Jeff. But after I was finished watching everyone float up into the sky, I would quickly claim the house of my dreams along with a '69 Chevelle. Preferably a red one. Oh God I miss her so much! I should have never sold her....
  7. I didn't vote because I don't think any of those would be applicable to me if such an event would occur. Unless I was in any direct danger, I think my only reaction would be one of observation.
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