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  1. I couldn't do jobs in the medical field that require contact with a bunch of random and strange human beings. My wife works in a GI lab at a veterans hospital and the level of literal filth she experiences sometimes makes me want to gag just hearing about it. And don't even get me started on the bed bugs. Can you imagine being a gynecologist and having to inspect people that smell so bad that it literally brings tears to your eyes and makes you gag when you get close to you let alone when you're down there staring into their crotch? I can never be a gynecologist either. And then there's just the general, overall stupidity level. I guess I just don't like working with people. The interesting ones are few and far between. And the stupid and oblivious ones that make up 99.99 percent of humanity just make me hate being around people all together. I couldn't be an insect exterminator, either. I hate bugs. I guess I got fortunate when we bought this house a little over a year ago. I have seen maybe at the most two spiders inside. And maybe two centipedes in the basement. Other than that, this has been the least insect present residence I've ever lived in in my life. We live close to a wooded area and, strangely enough, during the warmer weather the outside of our house is covered with several spiders and spider webs. I imagine this has much to do with how very little insects we have on the inside of the home.
  2. That is an excellent video. They just gained a subscriber.
  3. And not a single white man in any of the advertising. It just doesn't get any better than that!
  4. A combination of both ever since we stood upright.
  5. I must not be a real man then. I did complain to my wife about my wet mustache after taking a drink. Then she tells me to shut up and think of the fishes...
  6. I didn't know anything about this whole straw thing that's going on. We went to a restaurant Saturday night. It was just a little hole in the wall pizza joint. They asked us if we wanted straws and my wife said no. I looked at her and ask why not? Then she explained it to me. Looks likes straws are going away. If you want one, you're gonna have to keep one with you or get yourself a reusable one.
  7. Yes, Ciri... 'nuff said. And yes, I got all of the expansion packs. Absolutely awesome additions.
  8. Had my first watch-through last night. I was amazed that something like this could be done. I saw the fight scene, too! Ha-ha! I'm looking forward to watching my wife go through it. I spread my experience of this movie like wildfire at work and turned a lot of people on to it. I think that somehow the Netflix system knows whether or not it is being viewed on equipment modern enough to utilize the interactive function though. I say this because when I mentioned this to a couple of people who had already watched it , they had no idea what I was talking about when I was explaining the interactive feature. Apparently, the movie just plays out like a regular movie on older televisions. I watched it on my phone so, I had no trouble at all doing it. Once I got home, I pulled the movie up on my television set and, since my television is only a year old, I was easily able to use the remote to take part in the interactive function. It's pretty awesome. I'm looking forward to watching it again and trying new choices to see how the movie plays out. I heard that there are several different endings depending on the choices you make. And I'm definitely looking forward to more programs being made this way. I think it's a genius idea. It gives shows a high replayability rating. For sure.
  9. Played Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. The emotional involvement nearly brought tears to my eyes. I love it and am hoping to get to play it again before the Netflix series is released. I read one of the books -- The Last Wish. Beautifully and wonderfully written. And since I read it after playing the game, it was all too easy to put faces and voices to Geralt, Yennifer and Dandelion as I read the words. A nearly magical experience. And I practically laughed myself into hysterics when I found out what the last wish was. Hilarious!!! I hate Gwent. For the life of me, I simply just can't learn to play it. But then again, learning to play card games is something that I've never been able to register in my mind. It seems like an extremely cool game but, it just does not click. Also from the game, this ever remembered song which I found so magically entrancing -- since it is a perfect, poetic glimpse of the love between Geralt and Yennifer (And one of the wishes from the book is even mentioned within) -- that I saved a game in this spot so that I could return and listen to it anytime I want. Beautiful song... These scars long have yearned for your tender caress To bind our fortunes, damn what the stars own Rend my heart open, then your love profess A winding, weaving fate to which we both atone You flee my dream come the morning Your scent - berries tart, lilac sweet To dream of raven locks entwisted, stormy Of violet eyes, glistening as you weep The wolf I will follow into the storm To find your heart, its passion displaced By ire ever growing, hardening into stone Amidst the cold to you in a heated embrace You flee my dream come the morning Your scent - berries tart, lilac sweet To dream of raven locks entwisted, stormy Of violet eyes, glistening as you weep I know not if fate would have us live as one Or if by love's blind chance we've been bound The wish I whispered, when it all began Did it forge a love you might never have found? You flee my dream come the morning Your scent - berries tart, lilac sweet To dream of raven locks entwisted, stormy Of violet eyes, glistening as you weep. So, yeah, brother Thuisaz, I've dabbled in the world of the Witcher. And now, after the above refresher, I feel it calling to me once again.
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