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    Peace to all,I'm an independent chef from Birmingham,AL.

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  1. i haven't forgotten you and sending dirt to you. I've had some tough things to deal with and soon as I get them taken care of, I'll get your 100% genuine Nebraska corn husker dirt to you.

  2. Welcome to the site :)

  3. Thanks for the nice complimentChef.Makes the ole' doll feel good!

  4. Browncoats RULE!!

  5. Mickey Mouse is sitting in the office of his lawyer. The lawyer is looking through a stack of cell phone bills and credit card statments,scratches his head and replies..... "Mr.Mouse,I don't see the evidence of mental incompetence or delusions on the part of Mrs.Mouse. But we can proceed with......... Mickey buts in furious "I didn't say shit about her being crazy,I SAID SHE'S FUCKING GOOFY!!!!
  6. lmao same here only really loyal fans know that pic from serinity :) Welcome to the site

  7. Thanks,Bro everything is on track windows all replaced and interior contractor will be done in a few days.Camping out in the backyard used to be fun as a kid heh you know what they say ...we all regress a little sometimes thanks for the well wishes lost o luck to you as well

  8. Wonderful sweetie!!

  9. killed a 162lb field dressed 10 this morning.While huffing the cover scent and not falling out of the stand.:P roflmao

  10. Welcome to the site :) As the child of Lawyer,my hats off to you.

  11. Welcome to the board :)

  12. how's the new job going? (((hugs)))

  13. How do Xians brain cells die?.........ALONE
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