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  1. No one, including you has had a god moment, because there is no such thing as god. Most of us here had what we thought were god moments, but later realised it was just wishful thinking/hallucination/crowd hype/co incidence etc. So it's nothing to be sad about, we have not walked away from god, as there is no god. We walked away from the beliefs that were taught to us from a young age. We simply realised god doesn't exist. Prayers aren't answered and there is no one out there intervening in any way. That's why there is so much bad stuff in the world.. But there is also good stuff. We as humans can do the best we can to add to the good stuff as much as possible, and deal with the bad stuff as best we can.
  2. lol thanks that was funny!!

  3. thought you might enjoy this ;) lol

  4. Hi Laurilee, Welcome and congratulations! I remember when I posted my story 3 years ago, I was so nervous, and couldn't believe that I had actually said "out loud" that I wasn't a christian anymore! It was great though receiving everyone's supportive responses. Looking forward to reading your story when you do post it (but no rush). Cheers, Jackie
  5. Hi Running Free, I don't think your post was shitty, you made some really good points! I agree. We were born human, which means we're not perfect, but certainly not evil. And being human does not warrant everlasting punishment. I really like this idea. So true!! Knowing that this is the only life we have really makes you value each day more and more. Exactly! The christinsanity doctrine is truly repungent! I felt the same way after leaving the religion... But I have made up for it by making new friends and hanging out with people I never would have as a christian (and my new friends are a lot more fun) he he Me too!! I was very strict when it came to no sex before marriage, but since then I have made up for that too. he he Just make the most of your life from now on, and think of your time in christinsanity as a massive learning curve! Cheers, Jackie
  6. Hi Margee, Your post was an interesting read, thanks for sharing. It is definitely a difficult thing to come to terms with "no life after death", especially if you have lost a loved one who you were hoping to see again. Recently my sister in law's mother passed away at age 51 very unexpectedly, and her family are somewhat comforted by the belief she is now in heaven....however, I know my sister in law is really struggling with why god would let this happen, why did god not heal her when so many people were praying for her etc... She's dealing with lots of anger and confusion at the moment. I guess my point is, try to take the good things with the bad...unfortunately there's no life after death, but how wonderful is it that we no longer have to try to reconcile in our minds all the horrible things that happen on this planet with a "good and loving" god... I now believe things are as they are now... no trying to work out why, or what purpose god may have. The other great thing is, NO HELL! For me, realising that there was no hell really was a HUGE weight off my shoulders. It was a concept that I really struggled with as a christian. And I was so glad to be free of that burden. Also TIME is a big factor. Getting used to the idea of no everlasting life takes a while. Especially if it's something you believed in for such a long time. Someone else mentioned that a finite life makes each and every day that much more valuable. So I think it's important to really make the most of each day, and make the most of seeing the loved ones in your life. Don't take anything for granted. It may be that you feel life has lost meaning to you right now. In time you'll find how YOU can give meaning to your life and the lives of others around you. All the best! Jackie
  7. Well it's not real logic. Pretty much all of the arguments for god and christianity are NOT logical, although those that believe them think them to be logical. Speaking for myself, when I was a believer, I had many many questions, deep down I knew christianity made no sense, but I just ignored the questions in order to cling to my faith. In the end I just couldn't do it anymore...it wasn't a decision, something just clicked in me and I knew I didn't believe anymore. I couldn't make myself believe now even if I wanted to. Just like I couldn't make myself believe in Islam or Santa Clause! So why do some people come to their senses are others don't? Who knows? I thinks there are many factors that play a part, and also for some people it takes longer than others.. I'm just grateful I "woke up" at a relatively young age (29)...
  8. No worries, I'm glad you found my advice helpful. Another thing I wanted to add, at the time I was tempted to go back to church just for social reasons. I was feeling quite lonely at the time (I had just come back to Australia after living in Japan for 2 years). Instead of going back to church, I joined a salsa class! I've made so many friends through that, and in fact my best friend now is from salsa. I think spending time with non-religious people gradually helped me let go of the emotional attachment to christianity. Jackie
  9. Hi Striving for logic, I think our logic is usually 2 steps ahead of our emotions... it's kinda what makes us human. I left christianity 3 years ago, and yes at first it was hard...The rational part of me had totally let go of the faith, and I knew I didn't believe anymore... But emotionally I was scared...What if I'm wrong?... How can I just leave god like that?...How do I make friends if I don't go to church? What do I do with my life now? I think in some ways it's like a breakup..You know the guy is no good for you... but there are still emotional ties there. It just takes time. I'm so happy and so free now. It did take a little while to get to this place, but was totally worth it. What helped me was reading these testimonies, reading other books, socialising with new people that don't give a crap about christianity etc.... Hope this helps!
  10. My story goes like this (in summary): brought up in a christian household, but didn't get serious about religion personally until I was 18. I joined a pentacostal church at that age, and became a super christian. It became my life! Although once I started taking it seriously, the doubts started too. There were a lot of things that didn't make sense to me, such as the hell doctrine, unanswered prayer, suffering in the world, god being silent....just to name a few. I spent the next 11 years as a super christian, but at the same time struggling with these doubts. I often got depressed due to the concept of hell. Generally I fought against the doubts and tried to rationalise them away, as I was too afraid really start questioning. When I was 27 I went to Japan for 2 years as a missionary! Towards the end of that time I was having more and more doubts, it must have gotten to the point where I couldn't rationalise them away anymore, and at some point I realised that I simply did not believe that christianity was true anymore. So for me it was nothing bad that happened, just logic catching up with me! I came back home (Australia) and found this website. I was amazed to read about so many people in the same boat as me, all the posts just made so much sense! This was where I started rebuilding my life. ALL my friends were christian, and I didn't know where to start. That is 3 years ago now, and let me tell you I am SO HAPPY now. I have new friends and a new life. It does take time, I recommend seeking out new friends and hobbies. Figure out what is important to you and what your goals are. Consider yourself very lucky that you worked it out at such a young age. I broke free at 29, and I do feel like I wasted my 20's, but I'm certainly making up for that lost time now, and taking nothing for granted!! Life is what you make of it, so make it a good one!
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