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    I'm a 42 year old Australian woman, been ex-christian for about 12 years, and the the longer it's been, the better it's become :)

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  1. Haha that was my favourite bit
  2. This video debunks hell quite nicely:
  3. Hi FairlySunny, I remember when I first reconverted, one of my first thoughts was "How do I make new friends/connections without going to church?"... Apart from school and uni, it's all I ever knew. I was lucky, an old friend invited me to go take salsa dancing lessons, and well that became a huge part of my life for several years.. I made some really good friends, and got me out several nights a week. Then later down the track I took up rowing... That has completely taken over my life, in a good way.. I have an amazing circle of friends and am part of a great rowing community.
  4. Hi All, I've been ex-christian for about 13 years, I posted my exxtimony back around that time too, and have been an on and off lurker/occasional commenter ever since I have been enjoying reading the various discussions and debates, however I notice a theme whereby trying to reason with a religious person is like trying to reason with a toddler.. Ie it's impossible.. Lol And the more I think about arguing/debating xtian apologetics, the more I think it's like banging your head against a brick wall lol It seems pointless in many ways to argue religion.. Like trying to argue ab
  5. No one, including you has had a god moment, because there is no such thing as god. Most of us here had what we thought were god moments, but later realised it was just wishful thinking/hallucination/crowd hype/co incidence etc. So it's nothing to be sad about, we have not walked away from god, as there is no god. We walked away from the beliefs that were taught to us from a young age. We simply realised god doesn't exist. Prayers aren't answered and there is no one out there intervening in any way. That's why there is so much bad stuff in the world.. But there is also good stuff. We as humans
  6. lol thanks that was funny!!

  7. thought you might enjoy this ;) lol

  8. Hi Laurilee, Welcome and congratulations! I remember when I posted my story 3 years ago, I was so nervous, and couldn't believe that I had actually said "out loud" that I wasn't a christian anymore! It was great though receiving everyone's supportive responses. Looking forward to reading your story when you do post it (but no rush). Cheers, Jackie
  9. Hi Running Free, I don't think your post was shitty, you made some really good points! I agree. We were born human, which means we're not perfect, but certainly not evil. And being human does not warrant everlasting punishment. I really like this idea. So true!! Knowing that this is the only life we have really makes you value each day more and more. Exactly! The christinsanity doctrine is truly repungent! I felt the same way after leaving the religion... But I have made up for it by making new friends and hanging out with people I never would have
  10. Hi Margee, Your post was an interesting read, thanks for sharing. It is definitely a difficult thing to come to terms with "no life after death", especially if you have lost a loved one who you were hoping to see again. Recently my sister in law's mother passed away at age 51 very unexpectedly, and her family are somewhat comforted by the belief she is now in heaven....however, I know my sister in law is really struggling with why god would let this happen, why did god not heal her when so many people were praying for her etc... She's dealing with lots of anger and confusion at the moment.
  11. Hi Jack, I'm also from Australia, and I think we're very lucky in this country that religion does not have as much influence than in other countries such as the US. I think because of this we don't see the detrimental side of christianity so much. But, I can speak from my own experience as a christian, christianity was certainly NOT beneficial for me. I'm happier and healthier now as a result of leaving the religion 3 years ago. To address your points specifically: Personally, I'm a more selfless and compassionate person now than I was as a christian, because I believe this is the on
  12. Thumbelina, If hell does not yet exist, where are all un-saved people that have died in the past few thousand years? I'm curious.
  13. Well it's not real logic. Pretty much all of the arguments for god and christianity are NOT logical, although those that believe them think them to be logical. Speaking for myself, when I was a believer, I had many many questions, deep down I knew christianity made no sense, but I just ignored the questions in order to cling to my faith. In the end I just couldn't do it anymore...it wasn't a decision, something just clicked in me and I knew I didn't believe anymore. I couldn't make myself believe now even if I wanted to. Just like I couldn't make myself believe in Islam or Santa Clause! So
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