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  1. Thank you for the kind words!

  2. Sorry I missed your 50th - it looks like you had a great time in Hawaii!

  3. has been a member since June 2003

  4. Huang Chung (original name of Wang Chung)
  5. Welcome Trashy - where are you in Texas?
  6. Mythra, Yes, Dave is the webmaster. You can read his testimony here.
  7. It's provided me with a community to replace the christian community that I belonged to. It also has really helped me grow in knowledge and in my ability to communicate with others about religious topics. I consider many members to be good friends who have shared in my triumphs and setbacks. They've given great support as I've moved on from christianity and had to deal with what that means to my family and friends who still believe. Thanks Dave, and thanks to everyone who makes this site the uniquely wonderful place that it is.
  8. Hey Kevin, It's good to hear from you again. Are you doing ok? It can be rough discarding any strongly-held belief.
  9. I joined. Don't know how much time I'll have to spend there, but I'll try to visit occasionally.
  10. The "blue" laws were overturned in the late 1980s in Texas. (Even christianity can't stand in the way of consumerism and corporate profits!) However, we still have some strange liquor laws. You can't buy hard liquor at the liquor store on Sunday, but you can have drinks made of hard liquor in restaurants beginning at 10am on Sunday (or in a bar beginning at noon on Sunday). Bars in counties with a population of greater than 500,000 can serve liquor until 2am. Smaller counties have to stop serving at 1am. You can buy beer or wine in a grocery store beginning at 7am each day (ex
  11. Reconciling scripture. Those are just fancy words for trying to make sense of nonsense. It seems like the words of an all-powerful god would be so clear and non-contradictory that they wouldn't need to be reconciled.
  12. I also recommend Zinn's book. A couple of other books along the same lines are: Battle Cry of Freedom by James McPherson for a balanced view of the civil war and its causes and Lies My Teacher Told Me by James Loewen for a look at what you're not being told in history class about American history.
  13. Dennis, I'm not clear on what you're not understanding. Will you please elaborate? It seems like your morals are based on your judgement, rather than being a clear instruction from your god. We all know that sincere christians, when faced with the same moral questions, often come up with differing or even opposite responses to the moral question. That's clearly a subjective or relative moral system. I believe that humans have for a long time been involved in activitities where they combined various life "forms" to come up with new ones. Grafting of different types of plant
  14. A clear indication of the founding father's intentions are spelled out in the Treaty of Tripoli which was negotiated under George Washington, unanimously ratified by the US Senate and signed into law by President John Adams. It says... What could be clearer? Full treaty here.
  15. Dennis, to address your question in the title of this thread... I'd have to say that these experiments could be considered immoral from a secular standpoint because we're conducting experiments on sentient beings that would be considered immoral to conduct on humans. I doubt that anyone would consider it moral to place monkey brain cells into a human fetus in an attempt to give birth to a more monkey-like human. These experiments are "bad" not because of anything to do with a god, but because of the extension of moral behavior to include our interaction with other beings in addi
  16. This will present moral challenges no matter the "source" of your morals. I won't speak for christians, but as a humanist I think this will hasten the debate on the rights of animals, especially sentient ones.
  17. No - I hadn't noticed that the offensive post was back - maybe he was shamed into putting it back! He's so easily manipulated. And yes, I have to admit it's fun giving these idiots a tast of their own medicine once in a while.
  18. Come on, TF....we were ruthless! MUHAHAHAHA He was an asshole from the beginning by completely ignoring our stated position as non-christians and lecturing us on how to turn from our lost ways. Not to mention trying to pass off a (possibly faked) window smear as a see-thru re-enactment of the bible. I really found all of that very offensive. Had he really wanted to engage us in honest, peer-to-peer dialog he could have said something like this... I think the thread would have gone much differently (in tone, if not substance) for our hit-and-run "guest" if he had t
  19. Boy, he's sure a sensitive one. We certainly didn't treat him any differently than he treated us with his first post.
  20. LOL! I've been looking for a home-based business. Thanks for the idea Mythra! ** Begins looking for old sheets and lube **
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