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  1. Thank you for the kind words!

  2. Welcome to this site Charles! Most of us continue to struggle with relationships to family and friends who are still believers. I hope you are able to benefit from our community.
  3. Welcome Lawl, it sucks that religion does this to families. I hope you find some comfort and friendship at this site, and wish you the best.
  4. Sorry I missed your 50th - it looks like you had a great time in Hawaii!

  5. ExMan, thanks for sharing your story. You're in a situation that many of us have faced, and although it would be nice to tell you there will be a happy ending, it's not always the case. I come from a very conservation Southern Baptist family. My family has known that I'm an atheist for almost 10 years now. Although they were shocked when I told them, everyone in my family still talks to me (but not about religion!) There's usually some stress when we're all together but we all know we love each other. I urge to to take the high ground. Even when they are yelling and threatening to you don't do or say anything you'll regret later. It's possible that they are just reacting out of fear and anger right now and will become more open to you once the initial shock wears off. Tell them you are your own man and have made up your mind about this topic. Be prepared to explain why you think the way you do if they ask. Ask them to respect you for that, after all America is supposed to be a place where freedom of religion is cherished. (Too bad it seems like for many Americans that means you are free to believe what they believe and nothing else!) Make sure you build a support network (this site is a good place for that). Living a life that's outside the majority won't be easy, but it can be done. I wish you the best.
  6. For me it started with the realization that the bible had errors. I was brought up to believe the bible was the perfect word of a god. When I began studying more about the bible outside the "approved" texts of my church, I learned the bible was not perfect. I also realized that very sincere christians are unable to agree on some of the most basic beliefs. If sincere people read the same bible and talk to the same god yet get significantly different answers that's a big red flag. Of course each group claims to be the only set of "true christians", but can give no other reason for the differences in belief. The fact that prayer never worked as promised also caused me to question christianity. The bible is very clear that if a few sincere christians pray for something it will happen. I think it's weird that christians pray for health for those who are sick, yet studies show no big difference (if any difference at all) between the health of those prayed for and those who are not. It's also strange that all the claims of prayer resulting in healing are for ailments that the body can cure on its own. Why is there NEVER an answered prayer to restore a limb for an amputee? Show me a leg that is gone one moment and restored the next after a christian prayers to his god and you'll get my attention. Maybe the christian god is limited in the type of prayer he can approve. The biggest reason I'm not a christian is the problem of evil. Most christians claim their god is all powerful and all good. Yet, horrible things happen to innocent people all the time without the christian god's intervention. How many little girls and boys are sexually abused every day around the world (often by christian leaders)? A god who can stop that yet doesn't is evil. A god who can't stop that is not the all powerful god christians claim to worship. It sure appears that there is no all-good, all-powerful god in existence.
  7. has been a member since June 2003

  8. Nice way to introduce yourself Mom - you obviously have no respect for our beliefs, so let me return the favor... Just so YOU understand this, we are not "satan's followers". We don't believe that satan exists. He, and your god are imaginary.
  9. Welcome to the site ITook.... It's always nice to have another Texan join.
  10. Welcome, pattylt! I'm looking forward to hearing more about your experience. TF
  11. Hi Thomas and welcome! Your situation sounds tough - I'm glad you've found a local facebook group and this site to be able to talk with like-minded people.
  12. My pivotal moment was when I decided to take a critical look at my beliefs. For almost forty years I just accepted what I had been told by my parents and church. I did a lot of bible study during that time, but it was always within the context that the fundamentalist christian world view was correct. When I decided to look at the bible's claims from outside that world view and judge the bible like I would any other set of claims it all began to unravel. Some of the first blocks to fall were: - The bible is not inerrant - it is full of contradictions and inaccuracies - The concept of an all-good, all-powerful god can't be reconciled with the evil in the world - The bible is full of evil itself. God ordering death to innocent children and animals, treatment of women as possesions, support for slavery, attacks on reason, etc. - The problem of prayer. The bible makes claims that believers can accomplish anything thru prayer. Yet, prayer never seems to accomplish anything that can't be attributed to nature. Show me an answer to prayer where an amputee's leg is instantly replaced and I'll be impressed. Show me an answer to prayer during an airplane crash where the plane is supernaturally suspended in air four feet above the ground until everyone can be safely evacuated and I'll be impressed. - Realization that evolution was more believable than the eternal existance of a supernatural being who could create universes.
  13. What you're going through is common among many of us on this site. My fundamentalist family has known about my atheism for several years now and there's still an uneasy tension whenever religious topics come up. I firmly believe I made the right decision in telling them that I am no longer a christian for a couple of reasons. First, I think it's important to be open and honest about your feelings in any relationship - especially relationships with those you love. I'm not recommending an in-your-face honesty, but one that politely conveys your feelings when the topic arises. Also, I feel that being an "out" atheist can help those who are also questioning their religious beliefs to know that there are others like them. It also counters arguments from the religious right that there aren't very many of us - that this is a christian nation. Good luck - I wish you the best.
  14. Oddly enough I have never had major issues with moral issues. The only moral issue I have ever had with Xtianity is why is there suffering in the world. If you have ever listened to Sir Elton John's song "If there's a God in Heaven (What's He Waiting For?)" then you will get what I mean. Mr. Taupin's lyrics in that song had a major impact on me. I am much more interested in questions such as these: 1. How did the canon of the Bible form? 2. Why did the early Church include some books in the canon, but excluded others? 3. When Constantine made Xtianity the official state religion then the Church became more political, and thus more prone to corruption. The offical Church taught "orthodox" doctrine while labeling every other group as "heretics", however; what if the "heretics" were right and the official Church was wrong on some issues. 4. Why do Xtian denominations (especially Roman Catholicism) today paint a picture of the early Church agreeing on all beliefs when in reality the early Church disagreed on many important theological issues such as the nature of Christ, God, original sin, etc.? 5. What is the nature of Jesus? BB Welcome Diane from another Texan (and an ex-Southern Baptist). Your questions are some of the same that led me away from Christianity. I believed for many years that the bible was the inerrant word of a god. Once I began an open-minded investigation into the origins of the bible and the diversity of early christianity I found my faith faltering and finally fleeing. Any fundamentalist christian who dares take an open, honest look at the foundation of their faith is likely to re-think their beliefs, IMO. Welcome to this site- it's been a big help to me over the past 3 1/2 years.
  15. Welcome Tref! I hope you find some of what you're looking for here. This place has been a great help to me. TF
  16. Welcome JJ! This is a great site for asking questions, getting other viewpoints or just venting. I hope you find some of what you're looking for here. I look forward to your posts.
  17. Welcome to the forums AM - this is a great place.
  18. Welcome Joe! Great tag line on your site ... "Why be born again when you can just grow up?"
  19. Welcome Artur! You're right - this place is great for some laughs now and then, and is really wonderful for the sense of community it provides. We're glad you're here.
  20. I'm an ex-SB too. There are quite a few of us here.
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