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  1. Welcome SoulInCrisis. I found it to be a great relief when I realized that there wasn't an invisible deity I had to depend on to fix the problems in my life. You're doing the right thing by taking matters into your own hands and relying on yourself and those people who care about you. I hope you're able to find some comfort and strength in these forums. I have. TF
  2. Welcome Odintim! In which denomination were you a music minister? We're glad you're here. Tim / TexasFreethinker
  3. Welcome SwordOfTruth - I hope you'll enjoy your time here. I'm looking forward to hearing more from you. As an Ex-Southern Baptist I'm shocked to learn that you Church of Christ folks didn't think I was a TrueChristian™. I'm sure you'll be equally shocked to learn that we thought the same about you all - you weren't TrueChristians™ because you thought you had to be baptized to be saved (at least that's what we were told!) Silly Christians.
  4. Welcome Angel! A lot of us are here because of what we saw in the bible. It's a great deconversion tool when read with an open mind.
  5. CLICK HERE to send an email message to Tulsa City government officials urging them not to install creationist exhibits in their zoo.
  6. I think you have the beginnings of a great letter to the editor of the Tulsa World!
  7. I think it's funny that the Hick kept using the word "adulterate". Preachers have a talent at making everything sound like a horrendous sin.
  8. Looks like jesus stopped by to point out how greedy everyone is... Don't worry about the breakage. I'm sure the window will miraculously be whole again in three days. From Monday's Dallas Morning News.
  9. Yahweh spent much of the old testament hardening people's hearts. That implies that he made sure that people didn't choose the "right" path and made it possible for him to justify slaying them (or having them slayed). That is immoral. Christians can't (or won't) see that because it messes up the entire "god is love" doctrine. But blindess to immorality doesn't lessen immorality. If it walks like an immoral monster and hardens hearts like an immoral monster, it's an immoral monster. *** Takes two Yahweh Lipitor tablets to make sure my heart can't be hardened ***
  10. It seems to me that these blastocysts are potential persons in the same way that sperm or eggs are potential persons. Yet you don't hear Tom DeLay arguing that every egg that is not fertilized or every shot of cum that isn't used to fertilize an egg is the murder of a potential living human being.
  11. These christian reconstructionists are enemies of democracy and pluralism. From the Chalcedon website... They claim not to want to force christianity on everyone, but then talk about stoning homosexuals, etc., since that's what the bible says to do.
  12. Welcome Appellation, It's nice to have another Texan on the site and I look forward to your posts.
  13. Good article. I often wondered if it was the passion and rigor behind a religious sect, rather than its proximity to truth, that explained its relative popularity. How else could you explain the fact that sects with wildly differing views of the truth (think fundamentalist christianity and fundamentalist islam) are equally very popular.
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