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  1. skip and burned are twin cancers here, I'm done with this site for good.

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    2. Ramen666


      They taught me, one does not need to believe in a God to have a religion.

    3. Travi


      Have fun in whatever life throws your way.

    4. FreeThinkerNZ


      There's one or two people here that I don't much like, but I ignore them and focus on the majority who are good people. It's a pretty cool place once you do that.

  2. By the way, did Skip and Burned run off to Oregon?

  3. Nothing matters. Really? So the impact of your actions on others mean nothing? Why not rape, murder and pillage then? Why bother practicing kindness or charity? Was that reply tongue in cheek? That reply was honest. Not that it should need to be said but I don't rape, murder, or pillage, and when I go to the grocery store I round up stray carts to save someone some work before I leave. The topic was death which is inevitable for all and why nothing matters. I go to antique shops and often see family photographs, sometimes whole albums, for sale. Who are these people in the pictures? Does anyone even know anymore? Does anyone remember? What about the billions of people who lived before photography of whom we have no documentation, visual or even written, unless their family had money pay for a portrait? Billions of people who left no trace, who for all material purposes might just as well have never existed in the first place. This planet will die eventually and all history will be gone - not just purposely eradicated like ISIS is doing or intentionally distorted or rewritten, but GONE. Nothing matters. I don't matter - I can be a good guy and people are happy and I've been helpful, or I can be an asshole and people will deal with it or dump me - they go on. Life doesn't matter, death doesn't matter, I don't matter, nothing matters. Sorry if that's a bit incoherent but I'm over 50 and diabetic - my thought processes aren't what they once were, Or maybe they are and I'm just flattering myself. Now if you'll excuse me I have go to facebook to see if the woman who dumped me has been dumped by her new boyfriend. Not that it matters.
  4. I'm good with it - the sooner the better.
  5. Ironhorse is still an asshole - some things never change.

  6. bdp


    Martin Luther was an asshole. I don't understand the appeal of beer. Of all the great things one can find in this life - beer? Really? That's what gets you jazzed? Shallow, and I'll say that about anyone who gets revved up over beer.
  7. If you support the NRA and any of the other even loonier 'gun rights' groups you're the enemy - fuck you.

    1. BrotherJosh


      I don't support the NRA, but hell I just donated $25 to them for you.

    2. nivek


      Good idea Josh!

      bpd, 100usd to Oregon Firearms Federation. Not Not Relevant Anymore, more local and powerful.

    3. Orbit


      The NRA perpetuates ignorance about the true social costs of having unregulated guns, opposing even the most commonsense gun regulations like closing background check loopholes and mandatory background checks

  8. between Burned and Skip, I end up wanting to slit my wrists by the time I leave here..

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    2. Travi


      Sounds like a personal problem. May want to consider other means of participation.

    3. buffettphan


      The "ignore" feature is a wonderful thing.

    4. Lilith666


      I'd just avoid reading posts of people I didn't want to interact with.

  9. Mystique: next time you see the 'holy spirit' tell it I said to fuck off.
  10. 'god' if one believes in it, has forced us to live in a reality where elementary school children get slaughtered wholesale in their own classrooms, teenage girls in India are gang raped and hanged by their own scarves, preteens in the US and elsewhere are forced into sex trafficking - doesn't sound like the results a 'loving god' would inflict on us.
  11. My dead family members are gone and I will never see them again - in fact I rarely even think of them anymore, and all of that is fine. It's the way life is.
  12. It's a Hollywood movie - that's as condemning for me as anything I could say about it.
  13. My world, my way. If I don't want to suffer fools - even if they are delsuisonal and it's not really their fault - I won't. Simple as that. Plenty of people here are more than willing to humor them - if I don't put them on ignore I'l just become a snarky, obnoxious asshole anyway so it's best all around. But really I do it because I can and I want to.
  14. No. Oh yes it is - you just don't know it yet. It is you who does not know it yet. I know what is true and what is fiction. I also know what the ignore button is. Goodbye. Sorry, a bit off topic. But what is the point of that? I seriously don't understand... Point of what?
  15. No. Oh yes it is - you just don't know it yet. It is you who does not know it yet. I know what is true and what is fiction. I also know what the ignore button is. Goodbye.
  16. No. Oh yes it is - you just don't know it yet.
  17. I can't put a mod on ignore? What the hell is that?

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    2. BrotherJosh
    3. FreeThinkerNZ
    4. bdp


      but why do I have to see a mod's paranoid far right brain dead topics and comments on topics?

  18. You gave it about ten more than I would. It honestly didn't do anything for me.
  19. I had an abusive stepfather - I came to a place of forgiving him before I had finished high school, well before I was a Xtian and when, in fact, I considered myself an atheist. No belief system has a monopoly on compassion or forgiveness, but forgiveness is also not a compulsory thing - at least if it's genuine.
  20. I used to think I was a 'former atheist' once upon a time too - before I had educated myself in any way about anything. I passed through Xtianity on my way to truth. Maybe there's hope for this annoying sod
  21. bdp


    lord frith, another insufferable 'theist,' involved in a mutual mastubation fest with the horse...why was this thread even allowed to 'bloom' as it were? fschidt, welcome to the 'ignore' button...
  22. The assault weapons ARE the rpoblem - the division is between those who give a shit and those who don't.

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    2. mymistake


      Of course some can handle it. But the gun lobby works very hard to ensure those who can't handle the responsibility get the right anyway. You sell more guns if everybody can have one.

    3. TheOutsider


      And how, exactly, do we determine who can and cannot handle owning a firearm? Without trying to kill someone?


      I'd say not just some can, most can. Some relatively few cannot, and some of them just want to kill people for whatever reason.

    4. Orbit
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