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  1. Its amazing that a religion which claims to offer so much good to people that they would believe anything need to tout around these fraudulent "relics" to get people interested! What does it prove if you do or do not have a religious relic? Nothing.
  2. This "god" dude seems to reveal himself in some pretty horrible ways, so the asshole had better try harder!
  3. I think whatever you call christianity, it is going to be a euphemism. For such a destructive, megalomaniac practice to be labled as "religion" or "relationship" would suggest it was a thing which christians could actually get out there heads once in a while.
  4. It annoys me that they claim not to want a "conflict" with myself and other atheists (cos christians just *dont* fight geddit?) yet they will be quite happy to say such blanket statements as "but god loves you and you should be glad that he made you and created the world for you". They do not seem, for the most part, to be able to comprehend humility, but instead love to shout about their faith whilst still preserving the "oops just slipped out" attitude, as if they only mention the fact that they are christians by accident. Urgh. If you don't want an argument then hold your tongue. I won't sa
  5. Another creationist with no scientific knowlege finds it hard to differentiate between his arse and his elbow. Very enlightening is his seeming hatred of people with PHDs. Maybe he failed university somehere along the line and now has an almighty grudge? Who can tell.
  6. I think probably never, as the education of highschool and junior school pupils is getting worse, and the schools are getting heavily subsidised by morally questionable companies such as Pepsi etc... This bleak outlook of poor education and everyday exposure to huge faceless corporations will no doubt lead to a generation of pawns too busy forking out $40 for a pair of once-utilitarian Converse Allstar to care what the hell their country is doing.
  7. Oh can anybody double post on this thread seeing that wolfy does it all the time?!
  8. Sex Ed from a muslim lulz. This is a farce.
  9. Cats are a bit too much like atheists aren't they. I watch my girlfriends dog acting around, and I must say, she never sits down and wonders where its food comes from. She will go to her food bowl and eat, but never stop to think too much. Sort of like christians. Hell the "good news" is easy to come buy, and offers a bit of happiness, but a lot of christians never address WHAT infact they are mentally digesting.
  10. What idiocy. I dare say praying won't cut it in sorting her out.
  11. I dare say that youtube isn't the hangout of the most intelligent of any faith. I've seen a lot of angry muslims on there, a lot of angry christians and a LOT of flawed arguments. I would suggest personally not to engage these simpletons wth their unshifting beliefs, because that is mainly what is keeping them sane and simple. Yes they are exploited to hell by other christians.
  12. Is the eye complex? It is compared to fecal matter, or stones, but it is only complex in terms of the fact that humans with machine have a hard time reproducing it. This means we have a harder time grasping the full nature of an eye than we have to rush off and atribute it to intelligent design. Infact, the eye isn't that complex. It gives us an inverted image our brain has to fathom out, and we need two, spaced out, to get 3D imaging. Our brain does most of the work as far as selecting focal range and what to actually concentrate on. The eye is just a well trained but simple organ.
  13. Ok, I am new to this whole idea of xtians speaking in tongues. Rather shamefully I admit that the first time I came accross it was in the Borat movie. Here in the UK, with the exception of the evangelical teeny church phenomenon, I have never seen a church service where anybody starts talking mush unless they are suffering from senile dementia (and that isn't just the congregation. I once heard a minister describe islam as a "threat to the kirk"), so how new is this phenomenon? Did Billy Graham have something to do with this?
  14. Because if they didn't they wouldn't be Christians. Jesus said all who follow him would be persecuted. Once they admit that the persecution has stopped, they admit that they are not Christians. Also, if they write off all the Christians except their particular denomination or congregation, it's a lot easier to prove that Christians are the few in number who are being saved, and that they really are being persecuted. Most of the time the persecution comes from fellow Christians who are not acknowledged as Christians. Of course, they all close ranks and blame the atheists the minute we come with
  15. Its not a persecution, because most of the people apparently doing the persecuting don't actually give a shit about christianity, whereas a persecution would first involve somebody thinking about christianity then purpously targetting, much like fundie xtians persecute atheists by constantly calling us morally debase animals etc...
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