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  1. I usually reply that I've been better and get a sympathetic look in response.
  2. I have a nursing job lined up in Fort Wayne, IN starting in either May or June (depending on when I can take my licensure exam), so most of my unoccupied time is spent packing. My cat is intimidated by the whole packing process, but delighted at the number of boxes availible to play in. I am still working though (as a nursing assistant) four days a week, so I don't have that much free time.
  3. I found comfort in the Satanic Temple's response to Coronavirus. I can't find it right now (it was published shortly before March 16th if anyone's google-fu is stronger than mine). The closest I can find is this summary. They basically acknowledged that we're all going through a very hard time right now and we can expect it to be traumatic. What we need to do though is practice social distancing and staying at home while we wait for a vaccine to be developed. I take a lot of comfort in the fact that the world's top scientists are working on a vaccine. We just need to slow the transmission until they can develop it. (I'm going to keep looking for that press release now). Edit: found it in my email trash folder (and restored so I can find it again later):
  4. I hope I'd be brave enough to rebel. More likely, I'd just try to keep my head down and avoid attracting attention to myself.
  5. The highest court in Australia has just released Cardinal Pell because there was insufficient evidence to prove that he sexually abused those kids. It's kinda hard to have proof when one of the key witnesses died as an indirect result of his abuse though. I was abused by a priest as a child, and this has reopened old wounds (not completely afresh but enough to bother me).
  6. I was raised very strictly Roman Catholic. Today is Ash Wednesday, and I made a point of eating something with meat in it as an act of rebellion, something I plan to continue doing each Friday during Lent. I'd love to get to the point where I just don't care and don't notice whether I eat meat that day or not. Apparently that isn't going to happen this year though. Can anyone else relate?
  7. For the past five years, I've been living in Missoula, MT which has an active secular society. Before that I lived in Las Cruces, NM where the Unitarian Universalist church is basically an atheist club. I was just offered a job in the operating room in Fargo that will start as soon as I graduate and pass my boards. I can't find an atheist group there: the Red River Freethinkers used to meet regularly, but it looks like they stopped a couple years ago. Moving to a new place is intimidating, and I'm try to identify as many social supports as possible before I get there (this would be so much easier if I were still Catholic). If any non-religious folks are in the area, I would love to hear from you.
  8. If you don't mind me asking, where did you teach abroad? I'm planning to do the same thing when I graduate, and I didn't realize women could get fired for complaining about such things. That's really not cool. What are you even supposed to do in such a situation where you can't report sexual assault? Just quit your job? I taught in Thailand first and then Korea. Thailand was great, and I loved it there. Korea, on the other hand, I really don't recommend. Officially, my friend was fired the very vague reason of "parents have complained about xyz." It was pretty obvious that it was because she was making waves by complaining about the harassment and standing up to her harasser (someone who had worked there a long time). The public school system in Korea can't get away with firing teachers for unfair reasons like this, but private academies/hagwons can pretty much hire and fire willy-ninny. Since one's visa is tied to one's place of employment, they can exert a lot of control over their teachers. There are good hagwons as well as bad, of course, but it's very difficult to tell the two apart without visiting them in person. Where are you planning to teach?
  9. Thanks for all the replies, everyone. Now that I think about it some more, I'm pretty sure there's some reverse culture shock going on here. I taught English as a second language for three years and got back to the US six months ago. I'm afraid I got used to the idea that women can be fired for filing a police report about sexual assault (because the resultant investigation could tarnish the employer's reputation) or persistant complaining about any sexual harassment. I need to remember that I'm back in my own country where a). sexual harassment is taken seriously and . I can stay in the country and fight any unfair decisions if it did come to that.
  10. And I am sorry to hear that you had such an uncomfortable experience during your training. As FreeThinker said, we have all been there.
  11. Tyler, are you in Austin (that's what your profile says)? If so, there is an active Atheist Community of Austing that meets for dinner every Sunday. I was an active member about four years ago when I lived there. They have annual bat/river tour in late summer which I found really enjoyable (I do suggest bringing a clear umbrella, so you can stand on deck for a better view). That might be one to try to build a new social group. When I left Christianity, I felt very lost and alone as well. It does get better. The ACA helped me; joining shared interests groups (in my case, knitting; there's lots of different groups available in Austin though). This board helped a lot as well. I think what helped the most though was simply giving myself time. It can be daunting task to find friends without a church. However, once you find a social group that you're comfortable with, you do start to meet more people through them. I don't know if this helps or not, but you are by no means the first person to go through the loneliness and confusion of deconversion. It took me a couple years to find my feet again.
  12. Blaming "satan" for those atrocities elevates Satan to godhood by giving him sufficient power to cause (or prevent bible-god from stopping) them.
  13. I think you might be giving that person too much credit for thinking things through there. I like that idea. Thanks. Well, firstly I wear a minimizer bra at work that seperates out my breast so that isn't really much cleavage to begin with. If I wore a regular bra, there would be cleavage showing. Still, prehaps I should rephrase that: "low-cut; the third lowest-cut shirt I own." (And I only wear the other two in bars).
  14. I wear a uniform at work. The old one was an embroidered cotton polo, unisex. Now men wear an embroidered synthetic polo that looks basically the same as the old one with white undershirts. Women, on the other hand, now have to wear a synthetic, collared v-neck shirt that is cut very, very low-cut. When I say that it's low-cut, I mean that it is within a quarter of an inch of showing my cleavage. When I say that it's low-cut, I mean that I own exactly one shirt that is low enough to be worn underneath it without showing. It's technically not revealing, but it is very, very close. I feel uncomfortable wearing that shirt in a professional setting. So I decided to continue wearing my white undershirt. Apparently, only men wear white undershirts now. Women can't wear undershirts unless they have religious objections to showing skin below the collarbone. I talked to my supervisor about that the other day. Basically, since enough women have been complaining, we are all allowed to wear undershirts...unless corporate is coming to visit that day (thankfully, they don't make unscheduled checks!). On those days, one women with religious objections on file with the corporate office will be allowed to wear undershirts. Seriously, what the damn fuck?!? By the way, most of the our frequent customers are nerdy men. I think corporate has decided to try to make its female employees look more attractive. What really pisses me off is how blatantly sexist the new uniforms are (I suppose that technically a uniform can't be sexist; how blatantly sexist the uniform's designers are). The other thing that pisses me off is that being stared at by a creepy customer used to be an occasional occurrence. It now happens more days than not. I'm working here part time while I go to grad school. I can't wait to finish my degree...or take on a different part-time job.
  15. It's supposed to be 1000 words spoken in tongues, maybe...?
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