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  1. I usually reply that I've been better and get a sympathetic look in response.
  2. I have a nursing job lined up in Fort Wayne, IN starting in either May or June (depending on when I can take my licensure exam), so most of my unoccupied time is spent packing. My cat is intimidated by the whole packing process, but delighted at the number of boxes availible to play in. I am still working though (as a nursing assistant) four days a week, so I don't have that much free time.
  3. I found comfort in the Satanic Temple's response to Coronavirus. I can't find it right now (it was published shortly before March 16th if anyone's google-fu is stronger than mine). The closest I can find is this summary. They basically acknowledged that we're all going through a very hard time right now and we can expect it to be traumatic. What we need to do though is practice social distancing and staying at home while we wait for a vaccine to be developed. I take a lot of comfort in the fact that the world's top scientists are working on a vaccine. We just need to slow the transmission until they can develop it. (I'm going to keep looking for that press release now). Edit: found it in my email trash folder (and restored so I can find it again later):
  4. I hope I'd be brave enough to rebel. More likely, I'd just try to keep my head down and avoid attracting attention to myself.
  5. The highest court in Australia has just released Cardinal Pell because there was insufficient evidence to prove that he sexually abused those kids. It's kinda hard to have proof when one of the key witnesses died as an indirect result of his abuse though. I was abused by a priest as a child, and this has reopened old wounds (not completely afresh but enough to bother me).
  6. I was raised very strictly Roman Catholic. Today is Ash Wednesday, and I made a point of eating something with meat in it as an act of rebellion, something I plan to continue doing each Friday during Lent. I'd love to get to the point where I just don't care and don't notice whether I eat meat that day or not. Apparently that isn't going to happen this year though. Can anyone else relate?
  7. For the past five years, I've been living in Missoula, MT which has an active secular society. Before that I lived in Las Cruces, NM where the Unitarian Universalist church is basically an atheist club. I was just offered a job in the operating room in Fargo that will start as soon as I graduate and pass my boards. I can't find an atheist group there: the Red River Freethinkers used to meet regularly, but it looks like they stopped a couple years ago. Moving to a new place is intimidating, and I'm try to identify as many social supports as possible before I get there (this would be so much easier if I were still Catholic). If any non-religious folks are in the area, I would love to hear from you.
  8. It's supposed to be 1000 words spoken in tongues, maybe...?
  9. is trying to protect her steak from the cats.

  10. how do I change my username?

  11. Welcome, we'll try to help you in any way you can. I want to reassure you that almost all of us have been through what you are experiencing now. It will get better. Just try to relax, breathe. I wish I could remember exactly how I got over my fear. I think it was mostly just time. I stopped praying, stopped attending mass, and no disasters occurred. Reading about other religions and the history of christianity (and how it adopted from many other religions) also helped. I've been out for over two years, and I sometimes still get scared. That's how christianity operates unfortunately -- it exploits our fears.
  12. Ameen, that is absolutely adorable about Aria. I wish I could say Zorro had been that cute, but he didn't see her photo (and I'm pretty sure he's gay). You can count me as another Kirk-hater. I think I must have had really good luck with internet boards. The only problem I've ever had was losing interest on one or two. I think that ex-x is, like Earth, mostly harmless.
  13. Wow, your Catholic childhood sounds very much like mine: father stricter catholic (Mom's a believer), begging for faith at around age 10/11, getting into charismatic stuff at high school age, etc. I feel like I can understand where you're coming from on a lot of things and look forward to getting to know you better. Course, I'm 21 years younger, so there's a lot that I won't be able to relate to at all. Welcome and enjoy ex-christian (which I always think of as "ex-x," surely I'm not the only one?).
  14. Their grief?! What about your grief? That is such an absolutely horrible thing for your father to say. *hugs*
  15. I remember awhile after I had deconverted, a friend (who was fortunate to grow up with atheist/non-religious parents) asked me if I had told my parents yet. I said I hadn’t, and he frowned at me. I was just trying to come up with an appropriate response when another friend (who went through a similar deconversion experience), said “No, remember, her parents actually love her.” I nodded and the one friend looked at us like we were crazy. It does sound crazy, doesn’t it? Being American (with European roots), I don’t have the same family dynamics as you do. However, my parents have a great deal of control over me. I didn’t really realize how much control until I was 19 years old, living at college miles away, and called to ask if I could go camping with my friends that weekend. They told me I couldn’t. I did…and then spent the next few weeks worrying that they would find out and were going to call and let me know how angry they were (didn’t happen – thank goodness). I’m 20 now and still firmly under my parents’ yoke, though slightly less so (with the help of an university shrink – I don’t what I’ll do when my free sessions run out). I wish you the best of luck. Overcoming the traditions of Chinese society as well as Christian doctrine must be extremely difficult. I wish I could advise you, but you’re further along on this deconversion and “outness” business than I.
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