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  1. ironically..... I almost reconverted back to Mormonism....... But get this..... this actually deconverted a kid from Mormonism. or most probability cause his eventual conversion... man he was red eyed.... See what happened, I was working at the Esso, and this dude I knew from Mormon, came in, and asked if I was Casey L, . I not remembering him, with out his "Southern Gentleman" attire (He was portly, had a beard, and wore a nice vest with Pocket watch.... (he did a mission in Virgina).. This look actually suits him and his physique. ... Anyhow.... He (the kid), is excited that I might be "
  2. You mentioned that you were Exmormon, in another post. I am also Exmormon.

    do you visit exmormon.org? did you have your name removed? I guess since I wasn't Mormon royality, (you know a 6 figure job, or son of some Quroum member, or an RM). they let me leave with not much fuss. This is rare with Greg Dodge.

  3. However, if I am alive on the day that the news proclaims that 99% percent of the world considers itself to be un-religious or having no beliefs in god, I would immediately build a huge radio transmitter and start beaming a new message to the rest of the universe: "Its ok, you can come out now! We are cured!!!!!"


    : This answer made me

  4. Yeah i get that alot. I had a complete stranger come up to me once and started talking to me, thinking i was someone else. He was totally blown away that i was not the person he thought i was. He told me that there is a guy who looks 'exactly' like me who works at this restaurant in a town a little ways up the road.

    Maybe someone created clones of me and scattered us across the globe

  5. Justin, you look exactly like my brother's friend, Ian. Coincidently my brother is named Justin... You are an exact clone of Ian, very strange.

  6. with all this evidence staring the Christians and debunking their 6000 young Earth Theroies down, why do they persist?
  7. didn't they find "Lucy" a female human skeleton that dates back to 1 million years. In Africa? The peiking man I think is only 18,000 BC
  8. Odd thing is when I used to be a member here a long time ago, back in 2005, or a lurker, I seen many apologists here, I've only encountered two of them. Kratos, and End3. I remember there was a very arrogant one called Daniel and someone posted a picture of a cuckoo clock, with his doctered head out of it. have they given up already?
  9. My brother's Girlfriend was homeschooled, she's a math wiz, and sexy, lucky him, and she has many friends... So it depends on the personality of the student, of how socially developed as he or she would get.... I was a loner in public school, so being around people is not necessary for the development of personality.
  10. Does this mean I'll soon evolve my X hormones, to become a mutant? I do hope I am smart like beast! or compassionate like Nightcrawler (scratch that, he's a die hard Catholic), or bad ass like Wolverine. No Morph. I want to be Morph.
  11. >>> I though the lost city of Ryleh was in the middle of the ocean...
  12. >>> We will soon have no more use for this imaginary being Jesus... boy are Christians going to be pissed off that they have done nothing to help progress this world of science... Like I grow myself new eyes, and step on these glasses. no no , freeze these fuckers in a river during a Canadian winter. heheheheheheheeheh. But didn't the Christians predict a world of plenty, where there is everything you could ever want especially health? too bad, their church didn't bring this heavenly Kingdom of God. But good ol logic and brains, and sensibility through science....
  13. The suspension of natural physics, and making the world topsy turvey, would prove that a God is doing this..... but since all phenenonononoms can be proven.... There is only one conclusion, there is no God, and all the WTF acts of God, are really WTF acts of nature.
  14. what no Pastafarian afterlife, of Beer volcano, and robotic Stripper assembly line? gahhhhhh no Jedi Afterlife, of being a luminesent being of light?
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