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  1. >>> Typical loud mouth, AND typical Loud mouth Christian.... In my youth, as an angry angust filled 21 year old, I get drunk and scrappy. I'm smaller than most of my opponents... yet when they start barking.... I go into yappie dog mode... It's quite amusing, to watch cowardly bullies back down... When driving and someone gave me the stink eyes, or gasp flashed their lights at me... I'd simply chase them down. after they passed. Finger them. Then get all road rage (of course controlled). again. They drive sanely, to avoid me. Not I'm a very slow, and safe driver. There are 3 -1 (so TW
  2. Oh that's simple. Christians believe that they're the true church of God, because the Devil is the author of all deception, and everyone is misled by the Devil.
  3. No Wonder Christianity is against humanity's efforts to use science and logic to reverse death, (for as long as possible), cure old age ailments, and mercifully erratic ate Infant Mortality, or against stem cells.... They're a death cult, not a life cult....
  4. I'm very confused about this too, as..... according to Scientologly... all religions are artificial indoctrinations, imposed on viewers of watching "movies". (I guess Christianity would be a slasher flick like Friday 13 (a religious term btw with the slicing up of bodies), or Wiccan-Paganism: a Children's movie for it's fun rainbows and faries and mutant ogres, Buddhism a serious movie, and UFO religions would be science fiction. and patriarchical religions based on a king, ie Persia, Abrahamism, Christianity, Shintoism, (would be those movies that Shatner or Will Smith likes to do. Bombastic
  5. This is what christianity is to the core, doom and gloom, making you feel worthless and guilty for the state of the world, death, pain and suffering, and last but not least, putting money in the offering plate. There is nothing good about christianity. >>> They sound like a bunch of gloomy emos.
  6. This statement by Justin gives further crediance to my theory that Christianity is not a religion of life and abundant happiness and bliss, but death pain and sorrow.
  7. God is Dead, but WE can RESURRECT him...... Cloning is one thing.... But, this is the primitive form of "Godhood" actual resurrection..... Religion has officially become redundant. No 12 Trumpets of Gabriel. No grand descent of the 12 Imam, Kalki riding on his Tall White Horse.... no booming voice that commands people to rise from the dead, no answering of silly riddles to some farting angel blowing trumpets out his ass..... just the serene humming of some cloning machine, gluing back one's broken body. Science is Glorious. Humanity is Glorious. Scientists said Tuesday
  8. Why do Mega church goers continue to support a religion that is hell bent on destroying them? No I'm not talking about Islam.... but Judaism... Loud mouthed pentacostal preachers, preaching about war, jerking off to thoughts of people and themselves vaporizing in a nuclear flash (rapture)... and the orgasming to the eventually of the Al Aqsua mosque collapsing on itself due to structural damage, so they can build their 3rd temple..... and the Israeli government playing on Mega Church christians desires of total global chaos, that only Kim Jong Il can dream of, get American Christians to d
  9. a museum of some dead compassionate nun, with half of her face disolved, and the other half, turning green, encased in glass..... Yuckky.
  10. Ha ha ha I always dressed like a slob at church..... shorts t shirt, or sweatshirt and sweat pants....
  11. Ya, I foresee large jesus statues and crucifixes being toppled and dragged through the streets like Baghdad. We could tear down all the churches and recycle the materials to make libraries and schools that educate our children with the truth. That big black thing the Muslims like to walk around would be turned into a state of the art movie theater with ten screens dedicated to adult films. The temple in Jerusalem would be paved to make way for brand new condos to be given to the Palestinians as a small token of appreciation for putting up with all the bullshit over the past 60 odd years.
  12. What are some of your anecdotes of turning people away from the church? This kid came into my store yesterday, and we got to talking, and he asks why did I leave the LDS church (a member who was friends with him recognized me..... funny I didn't recognize him), anyways, he said that he would let the Missionaries know that I wanted to begin discussions again.... (I honestly didn't know why I said that I like to think about going back to the church, which I honestly did... not going to lie, I'm over that now). He comes back latter in the night bleary eyed. He was very excited to find two mi
  13. ironically..... I almost reconverted back to Mormonism....... But get this..... this actually deconverted a kid from Mormonism. or most probability cause his eventual conversion... man he was red eyed.... See what happened, I was working at the Esso, and this dude I knew from Mormon, came in, and asked if I was Casey L, . I not remembering him, with out his "Southern Gentleman" attire (He was portly, had a beard, and wore a nice vest with Pocket watch.... (he did a mission in Virgina).. This look actually suits him and his physique. ... Anyhow.... He (the kid), is excited that I might be "
  14. >>> Actually it's one years worth of food. They also stock up on other necessities and supplies...
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