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  1. The dispensationalist movement that started 150 years or so ago fueled the idea that it was absolutely necessary for the Jewish people to return to Israel in order to get the "last days" prophecies rolling which would include some secret rapture of saints. Included in those prophecies is a belief that the Jews will return home and after settling in the land, they will experience untold horrors (as supposedly predicted in the book of Zechariah) and only a remnant will be saved to receive Jesus at his second coming. If these Christians are correct, why would a Jew want to move back to Israel
  2. I'm sure you all have heard it many times and for those claiming it, we poor unbelievers are just suppressing the natural because we just want to be heathen scumbags. So my Ex-Christian compadres, what say ye on this subject? Do you know of any websites that puts this argument to rest once and for all?
  3. I've heard this claim stated quite a few times and never really paid it much attention until toay. I've often heard it in the context of comparison with Christianity which seems to be losing members as fast as it may claim it gains. The subtle impression Muslim apologists appear to want to give is that because the religion is gaining adherents faster than other religions, then it must be true or provides better benefits as compared to other religions. This takes the path of the argumentum ad populum logical fallacy ("because lots of people follow or believe a thing, then the thing must be true
  4. Pat Condell (of YouTube fame) said something in one of his video clips that got me thinking. He said that the fact that the word blasphemy even exists is because humans took it upon themselves to feel insulted on god's behalf and instead of waiting for good old judgment day to have punishment meted out, prefer to also take it upon themselves to dish out the unishment here and now on god's behalf. When he said this, it appears he had fanatical Islam in mind. Anyway, when you were a "grease can"...um, Christian, do you remember those days when those heathens just exasperated you with their r
  5. Don't bother even reading it, I just read it and like someone else stated already, it doesn't refute anything. I looked very hard for some evidentiary refutation of the other saviour similarities and the author of that page didn't give any. Didn't even try nor, in what I read, even provide any facts to back up a thing. Just went round in circles. The bottom line really from his point of view is, that he just believes in jesus that's it. Also, in reference to what Tyson said, and I agree with btw, there actually are references in Isaiah that could be likened to describing jesus, birth, death et
  6. Tyson, that was a very good anology of the whole deal! Well done! Thanks. While I am not a believer by any stretch, I am not one who believes that Jesus NEVER existed. For him to exist actually makes it easier to refute the whole fantasy of the NON-existent mythical Jesus. A mere man who captured the imagination of the poor and rejected masses who over time had a legend built around him and it found itself in the right place at the right time which catapulted it into the position it holds today. To clarify, I believe some guy by the name of Jesus existed, I just don't believe
  7. I once heard a story that went like this. A man was walking through a forest one day and noticed quite a few trees with arrows perfectly shot through bullseye targets. Every last one had an arrow shot dead in the middle. As he continued walking he met the archer responsible for these acts. Completely amazed at the archer's accuracy, he asked him about his expertise. The archer looked at him and said, "oh this is very easy. All I do is shoot the arrows into the tree and then I draw the target around them." I too believed that someone VERY remotely resembling the Jesus of the Gospels exi
  8. Oh, I was able to get past their retarded ban and sign up again. Now I'm going to terrorize them. lol I played nice and by the rules before. LOL!!! Just kidding - I think.
  9. Ok, so I stumbled into this very active site (www.city-data.com) while doing a search. Noticed they had a religious forum and one that was VERY active so I decided to step in and join. Started posting and almost immediately, one guy started with his patronizing, snide remarks and trying to determine my motive. Next up with one of the site's moderators. He started with his, "there's nothing you are going to post we have never heard before and about 20 people like you have come through here before trying to deter people's faith and blah blah blah." I just ignored them. Then another member (w
  10. The part in bold has been my suspicion also. I still speak to some of my old church friends and I can hear it in their voice. They just follow the routine because it is all they ever knew (well the ones who "grew up in church").
  11. There's a guy on another site who tells me that there has been NO alteration/variation between the bible we have today (I think he is referring to the KJV) and the Dead Sea Scrolls. I know of one key groundshaking one that is shoved under the rug, but I know there are others. He then stated: Part of Luke's in the Dead Sea Scrolls? Did Christians settle in Quram long after the Essenes bailed and does this mean they knew the older scrolls were up in the caves and they placed their's there too. The book of Luke was not written until late into the 1st century on a best case scenario,
  12. Generally when I have conversations with Christians off a bulletin board, a place where they can just disappear or keep silent on tough questions, I sometimes can corner them and bring them to the retarded conclusions their belief will bring them to. One Jamaican girl told me that black people should be thankful for slavery because that is how god brought us to the knowledge of the truth. WTF??? I just told her to stop for a minute and listen to herself. Her reply (paraphrasing)? "Well I know it sounds harsh, but we cannot comprehend the ways of god and he must have had a reason for carrying i
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