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  1. But why? I know I must sound like one of those coastal elites that Sarah Palin is always slagging, but I was born/raised in L.A., I live in Las Vegas now, and I'm about to move permanently to Italy. I could never imagine willingly moving to a place like North Dakota for any reason. Unless it meant I was going to make a million dollars in a couple of years, or unless I bought a huge parcel of cheap land and started some art colony squat commune for weirdos and gutter punks or something. I just can't wrap my brain around it. I take it you're in PA these days. Are you glad to have gotten out?
  2. That's what gets me. Hell is such a pivotal, pivotal, pivotal tenet of fundamentalist Christianity. Without hell, who the fuck needs Jesus? Without hell, the building crumbles. And yet the New Testament is so vague about it. You'd think something so important as that would have gotten an entire fucking Epistle written specifically and explicitly about it. When I was deconverting I tried to buy into liberal Christianity where there is no hell and everyone's cool. But then I realized that without hell, what was even the fucking point? Just to babble on and on about how "God is love" and we should all be nice to each other? So I went all the way to agnosticism.
  3. Here's one that Phanta came up with: Pentecostals (of the demon hunting variety) are like LARPers who don't realize it's pretend.
  4. Oh shit, how do you make sure you're not allergic to shrooms before trying them?
  5. Oh, I could talk for hours and hours about that spiritual warfare shit. It's bad enough being caught up in fundamentalist Christianity to begin with. All that Dungeons & Dragons stuff is an extra added layer of shittiness.
  6. I never knew any Pentecostal preachers that drank. If they did, they kept it well under wraps (it was about as verboten as fornication), and they certainly would have kept it well hidden from fellow pastors. The Assemblies of God expressly forbid drinking. I always figured that Catholic priests were the ones doing the drinking.
  7. I still kind of think it sucks that there is probably no afterlife. Oblivion sounds really shitty to me. Even if I'm just loafing around in purgatory for all eternity, as long as I have an unending supply of good books, good beer, and hopefully some sex to go with it now and then, I'd be juuuuuust fine.
  8. Try being in Vegas. It was over 100 a couple days ago.

    1. excalvinist


      Dam, that would be nice. It's -9 here right now.

  9. You do realize that there is a great many of us out there who would've been up shit creek without their help, right? Not all of us have had the luxury of getting to be an ubermensch....
  10. Portland, Seattle, and Las Vegas are among the three most godless cities in all of America. The "fair number" of fundies you mention would be comparatively minuscule in almost every other American city, going by the stats.
  11. Jedah: wow! That's one hell of a story you've got there. Hey, I have Asperger's Syndrome myself. I'd recommend going in and getting screened. If you indeed have "something", then knowledge is power; there's no use flying blind. Is it pride that keeps you from going in? And if you don't have "anything", then oh well. Two things: 1. The teenage years suck for most people. Hit the ground running when you escape to college. Be glad that you got over the delusion by your late teens as opposed to... your late 20s, like I did. May you have all the fun that I didn't get to have until a few years ago, and I'm thirty now. 2. By my use of the term "escape", I am implying that the only solution -- whether you aspire to higher ed or not -- is to get as fast the fuck out, and as far the fuck away, from your parental household as you can the first fucking chance you get. Please tell me that's what you're going to do.
  12. Hey there Jabbrwokk, you've got one hell of a story. (Pun not intended.) And you've got a rad avatar, too. Who is that, David Carradine? Okay, I've had shit like that happen to me too. Where God would say shit like that in my mind just out of the blue. For example, one time when I was 17 I was lying in bed and contemplating all the bad-ass tattoos I was going to get once I turned 18. This was before full sleeves and neck tatts were trendy like they are now, back in the glorious days when it still meant that you were a dangerous fucking freak. So anyways, just out of nowhere, God says "you're not going to be paying for that with the money I provide for you." I was like "auuughhhhhh!!!!" near panic attack. My pastor later told me that since God provides everything in our lives, that I wouldn't be getting any tatts. So I thought "great, I either have to get them done for free or start robbing liquor stores to get around this technicality." In hindsight, 'the Voice' did me a favor because I would've gotten a bunch of stupid shit, most of it Jesus-related with maybe a few Straight-Edge tatts thrown in. By the way, Straight-Edge sucks, too. No booze, no weed, and no pussy? You can shove that up your ass. I still don't have any tatts but I contemplate it from time to time. If I ever do, I'd get some like Henry Rollins, who was one of the first punk dudes to get tatted, and it freaked people out back then. Look him up on Google Image if you don't know what his look like. Basically, sleeves and shit are overdone, and getting shit on your neck and hands is too much shit to deal with in the real world. Maybe one of you guys that knows about neuroscience could help us out here. Because years later, this is one of the things that still fucks with my head.
  13. I belong to the Church of Don't-Give-A-Shit.
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