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    swimming, photography, natural medicine, reading, nature, lots of things...my husband, sons.
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    I deconverted in April of '08. It was a sad time for me. I am really a lot happier than I was then that is for sure and Ex-c helped me enormously during that time. Since then it has been a lot more freeing for me and I like having the freedom to think and to feel more like me again.

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    not right now
  1. Wow finally! It's been hard reading this thread. I've been following your story since you first started it. It's been Frustrating at times. you've said all along you were working on leaving your parents home. Of course I was getting impatient thinking when ? When will duckie get out from under that crazy roof? And Now it's Happened! Yes! I'm so glad it's finally happened and you made it happen. All your Hard work and just hanging in there. Congratulations on your independence and freedom. Now you do not have to ever go back to live there whatever your circumstance. There will always be other alternatives and solutions. Enjoy your life. And good luck to you.
  2. Norton65ca! It's so nice you popped in to say hi and give us an update. It's good you are doing better. It's good that you came back to share that news as I am sure your story can be helpful to others who have deconverted. And can see the change over 2 years. Did you ever get new fur babies? It was the saddest thing to read about your losses of your kitties. It is the hardest thing losing our animal friends. I've been through it too but with a dog in 2010. I will never forget her. I did get another dog a few months after And I love her a ton and I'm attached to her now. Anyway it's great you are ok. And I hope you'll visit again. Ex c will always be a special place to me. Even when I don't visit or post for a while and then I return. It's always a safe haven for all of us. Hugs to you.
  3. I know. And I kinda feel sad for him because I know how it goes. I use to get almost euphoric when I "found" Jebus. It can be very powerful when you think you've found the answer to life.
  4. "I've been on such a spiritual high lately. I could be homeless and broke and still be happy knowing The Lord and savior is still with me" "Living life by the bible is much easier than sin by far! Loving my new life!" These two quotes are by a young newly "saved" born again Christian. He is in love with Jebus. He got clean and sober. I'm Happy for him in that regard but this sweet syrupy stuff he's posting? Bah. I want to say something but I won't. He can carry on basking in his delusional fantasy.
  5. Hi Norm That's a beautiful and sad letter. Heartbreaking. In the last few lines I see your strength and fight shining through and I think you are going to be ok. It may take time but you will find yourself again, your real self and as time goes on you'll feel stronger and confident in your newly found independence and any fears you have will fade away. I'm glad you found Ex C. I wish you all the best.
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