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  1. I probably had some doubts before this, but I remember having a discussion in one of those church youth groups. Someone said they occasionally wondered if the whole thing was just a huge conspiracy and that the preists were just pawns. Since I always had trouble making sense of God/Jesus, that theory actually made more sense to me. Months later, I started questioning my conservative morality and came to the conclusion that if it doesn't hurt anyone, than it shouldn't be bad. I applied this to drugs, homosexuality, sex, truency, and many other things which only affect the consenting parties
  2. I just love that backwards thinking. Somehow gays demanding equal rights is trumping them. Christians are so used to being the majority that people not wanting to be dictated by Christian morals are somehow oppressing them! I blame our prudish culture trying to protect children from anything that might be outside the norm. I remember hearing an arguement against gay marriage saying that parents would have to explain it to their kids. WTF? I wonder if racists back in the day used the same reasoning to justify treating black people as second class citizens. Hey we can't let them get equal
  3. What makes victim manipulators so despicable is that there are genuine victims out there. When someone actually does need help, people who have experienced first hand manipulation may be reluctant to help. I also blame the Christian mindset for making people more vulnerable to manipulators. Even if people realize they're being manipulated, they may still be guilted into helping people out of fear of damnation. After all, when you're a Christian, you're told that you're a sinner too and aren't any better than the worst of humanity. It also encourages that annoying martyr mindset, maki
  4. Manipulatition is what it's all about. People like this pastor are experts at it. Say one thing, mean another, all while acting like you're some kind of martyr. People don't question them because they are too busy beating themselves over their own "sins" to worry about the actions of another. It's descpicable.
  5. Oh I hate that attitude. The student didn't mean feel in a literal sense, she meant that what she read didn't show women being as equals. Yeah, women are abused are treated worse, but at least the culture doesn't condone it as the middle east does. And how women are "reveared" sounds similar to how Christian housewives are "reveared". Once she doesn't want to fit the traditional role, we'll see how "reveared" she will be. But of course any arguement you pose back will be met with "that's your cultural bias speaking!". Just like how fundies say that any arguement against their bullshi
  6. That reminds me of my religious anthropology class I had to take. I thought I'd like it at first, teacher seemed nice, and I was familular enough with the subject. I actually did like it for the first couple of weeks, but it wasn't long before it became a frusturating bore. -Tests were a huge pain in the ass. Multiple essay questions that took a page of paper to answer correctly. Very specific and in depth, but only 90 minutes of class time to complete and NO OPEN NOTES. -Teacher was really old fashioned. Not just in her teaching style, but her attitude. She implied that the re
  7. Looking back at my fundie days, I wonder if anything would have convinced me that I was being conned. I had gone through all the arguements, but there was always an apologetic answer to that question. Particularly pascal's wager, which had me convinced that life was meaningless without God. Not to mention all that paranoia and mind games that come along with Christianity. The best thing I could have told myself was not to fall for trick reasoning. Fundies can come up with clever arguements for God, but at best, they only disprove a strawman arguement against God. If the only reason I
  8. I know exactly what you're talking about. Christians think they're being "logical" and "rational" when they are really appealing to people's emotions. That's why pascal's wager fails so badly. As for that asshole who said that about your mother... Let's just say he better watch who he says that to.
  9. Is it just me or do the businesses that pride themselves in Christian values have the scariest employment practices? Okay, we all know the Chick Fil A owners pride themselves in being homophobic bigots, but check out their hiring process. http://www.forbes.com/forbes/2007/0723/080.html If that's not cult mentality, I don't know what is. I also had an experience applying for Hobby Lobby. On the application, they wanted me to sign away my rights to privacy. At any time, they could search my car if they suspected me of theft. They even advised that I consult a lawyer, for a
  10. Very well put. I am growing more and more sick of Christians playing the tolerence card. I noticed a trend with conservatards, they don't attempt to justify their bigotry, instead they claim their opposition is being bigoted. Example, I posted a thread on another forum where I mentioned "stupid religious beliefs" (in regard to a woman who was denied birth control for being raped). Lo and behold, a conservative Christian piped up about how I shouldn't call those beliefs stupid because she could say the same stuff about secular beliefs. She didn't defend the beliefs, she just said that
  11. RRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGEEEEEEE!!!! Of all the things I've grown to despise about Christianity, this is the one which makes me want to go on an angry rampage the most. Not only are these delusional scumbags judging people who are already selve loathing themselves, they are discouraging them from getting the help they need to make it stop!! Instead, they give them more guilt, more fear, and a dependancy on a God who isn't there. And of course, when God fails, it's not that he doesn't exist or care,
  12. I too have seen a stratification of education in fundagelicalism. Professions (nursing, medicine, even law) are definitely preferred (or homemaking, if you're female ), but anything that makes one think too much (like sociology or women's studies) or that lacks immediate application to being a missionary (like arts in general) requires much justification. You can't do what you actually like, that's for sure! I'm a walking testament to that! On one of the nuttier sites I went on, I was told that if I do something I like, I'm obviously not doing it for God, I'm doing it for myself,
  13. This is turning into a pet peeve of mine. In my experience, people who talk about the "good old days" are just jealous of young people having it "easy". It's never about how good things were back then, but about how "tough" it was. The work was tough, the parents were tough, and people were tougher in general. Yeah, that makes me want to go back to the way things were! I think the OP has a point, they feel bitter that people are more accepting of differences and feel the need to lash out. This is especially common with the pro corporal punishment people. They're pissed because treati
  14. Sounds like more of that "God works through people" bullshit. One of the stupidest and more dangerous beliefs due to the implications of it all.
  15. This is another line that I used to believe fully, that I now see as complete bullshit. Whenever the ugly parts of Christianity are brought up, someone has to chirp "it's not about that!!" or "that's not the message of Jesus". Even my own mother has said this (who I love dearly and is very accepting of me not going to church). Okay, maybe some people don't buy into all the guilt and sin crap (even though it's preached in almost every church), but even the Liberal churches have their own mind games. I recall a time when a deacon gave a sermon guilting people for wanting to rush home to watc
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