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  1. Very well put. I am growing more and more sick of Christians playing the tolerence card. I noticed a trend with conservatards, they don't attempt to justify their bigotry, instead they claim their opposition is being bigoted. Example, I posted a thread on another forum where I mentioned "stupid religious beliefs" (in regard to a woman who was denied birth control for being raped). Lo and behold, a conservative Christian piped up about how I shouldn't call those beliefs stupid because she could say the same stuff about secular beliefs. She didn't defend the beliefs, she just said that it was my opinion, as if both beliefs are equal. Even though there was no logical justification on why this stupid bitch doctor would deny birth control. I even mentioned that the doctor who denied BC was passing judgement on others, acting morally superior. Yet, apparently those who criticize judgemental Christians are no different. And that's what makes my headspin. Christians are some of the most prideful and arrogant mother fuckers around. However, by redefining words, they can make it seem like the others are just as prideful for wanting to live their life without Christian morality. Then they can get all pouty about how there's a double standard against Christians (in a bid for sympathy). In reality, the double standard is in Christians favor. They are allowed to get away with more discrimination if they can justify it with their beliefs. As for being prideful, these are the assholes who think they know the mind of God. There is nothing more prideful than that. But as long as they can redefine words or distract from the main issue, they can act as if they are the innocent ones (or at least in the same league as everyone else).
  2. This is turning into a pet peeve of mine. In my experience, people who talk about the "good old days" are just jealous of young people having it "easy". It's never about how good things were back then, but about how "tough" it was. The work was tough, the parents were tough, and people were tougher in general. Yeah, that makes me want to go back to the way things were! I think the OP has a point, they feel bitter that people are more accepting of differences and feel the need to lash out. This is especially common with the pro corporal punishment people. They're pissed because treating children like slaves is no longer considered acceptable. Well maybe that's a GOOD thing!
  3. I can relate too. The fear of death is religions greatest weapon. It works both negatively (fear of hell), and positively (heaven). Since it assumes the ultimate answer to an a scary unknown, I can understand why it's hard to fully let go.
  4. I raged just reading that. I amazed at how evil and controlling Christians can be. Lemme guess, they're the type who would act all hurt and offended if you stand your ground, right? That's also very typical of religious people. They play the "helpful" people (even though you never asked for their help) while you are the ungrateful heathen. It's very manipulative and enraging, but if you recognize it, you can diminish their power over you.
  5. I agree, there is too much proof that it doesn't work (at least the born again crap). Sadly, too many fundies will still find excuses as to why someone's life wasn't better. Either they weren't true Christians to begin with, God was testing them, or it's something they did wrong. I actually found an enraging site involving a Christian cop "counseling" people who struggled the same way. His advice was enraging, blaming the already emotionally beaten down person, and saying that God doesn't owe them anything. I might post a rant on that very site, but it makes me too angry to think about.
  6. Oh this is a sour spot for me. Depression and Christianity do not mix, especially the fundamentalist variety. Any "help" that's offered usually makes the situation worse I've actually heard Christ tards criticize psychology for not acknowledging people's sins!!! These delusional and ignorant fuckers are actually discouraging people from getting the help they need and encouraging them to stay in the abusive relationship known as Christianity. Then when things go sour, they blame the victim. I'm so sorry this had to happen. Fuck Christianity and fuck their ignorance.
  7. jackbauer

    The Burden Of Proof

    It's a standard apologetic tactic. When faced with the reality that they are behaving irrationally, accuse the other side of doing the same. Can't prove God? Well you can't prove there isn't a God, so ha! Christians are intolerant of homosexuals? Well they're intolrant of us by forcing us to accept! They need to stop!! It's more of the blame the victim mentaliy that seems so common in Conservative Christian circles.
  8. OH I HATE THAT. It reminds me of some of the annoying little games kids would play in elementary school! Yeah. I always wondered why you needed faith for god to "reveal himself to you". Wouldn't it be the non believers and skeptics that god would need to reveal himself to? That sounds awfully fishy to me...
  9. That's a perfect example of pot calling the kettle black.
  10. I disagree. From the sounds of it, it was a pretty hellish childhood (pun intended). I was fortunate only to have a few months of terror, but that was bad enough. I couldn't begin to imagine what it would be like to have your entire childhood living in constant terror. That's pure mental abuse but since it's religion they have the right emotionally scare children. Sickening.
  11. I should also add that Christians are very good at reinforcing your fears and insecurities with their mind games. I see it so many times with fundtards commenting on deconversion stories. Then again, they look for any little thing they can use to reinforce their beliefs. I might start a rant on that tommorow.
  12. *raises hand* I've always had that thought in the back of my mind. The past several years, I haven't bothered discussing much religion and adapted the view that I shouldn't fear what I can't see or have any way to test. If god is love, he would not sentense me to such a horrific fate just because I didn't commit my life to him like Christians think I should. The only problem is the Calvinist god who is not a god of love and from what I read, seems more in line with scripture. I probably should read the Bible to at least see if they're taking this shit out of context, but I haven't for 2 reasons, 1. I'm afraid that if I do, it will just trigger the same fears and anxieties. 2. It's extremely BORING. Seriously, I couldn't get through the first chapter of genesis without giving it up and calling it quits. As far as what triggered the fear, it was the same damn urban legend that terrified me 5 years ago. Even though it was proven false, and even though I only read some scary sermon using it and a few others horror stories as a reference, it triggered that primal fear I always had, leading to 4-6 months of insanity. Then when I read up on it again AND read comments believing it to be true, that sense of terror returned. While I'm not as nuts as I was before, I can't shake that feeling that living my life is a gamble. Fortunately, I know I hate that God if he exists, but that doesn't stop my mind from racing.
  13. I've been thinking how most of my life, I was a pretty Liberal Christian. While we were passionate about helping out at church from time to time, we never lived terror filled lives with fear of hell hanging over my head. http://www.ex-christian.net/topic/23698-title-i-never-even-attended-a-fundie-church/page__hl__%22fundie+church%22__fromsearch__1] As I said in my testimony years back,[/url] I wasn't even surrounded by fundies, yet because some website literally put the fear of god in me, I just couldn't shake the fears. -The first time I ever heard god mentioned came from mom when I was 3 or 4 years old. Basically, god was a being who could do anything. I though that sounded pretty damn awesome, a being who could do anything, but you couldn't see because he was so far away. Nothing scary or frightening about that. I also heard about death, how at some point, you will no longer be of this world. That actually terrified me so I pestered mom about where people go when they die. Surely, you can't just dissapear and stop existing, my mind cannot comprehend that. I remember mom saying she didn't know, but since I HAD to have an answer, I got her to say you go to Heaven if you're good and Hell if you're bad. Being a kid wanting the answers to everything, I went to the conclusion that Heaven was above and Hell was below (that's what the cartoons implied). And yes, you're there forever, but since I didn't think much of it, I didn't think of them as extreme as fundamentalism makes them out to be. That was the first idea of god and religion I had. -Church: Church was just a boring hour spent every Sunday (Catholic). As you can probably guess, I did not like going to church. I didn't understand what it had to do with god or why he would even care. Around age 8, I took my first communion. At that point, I understood that Jesus died and rose again. I thought that was pretty cool, but again I didn't think much of it, nor did I understand a lot of the stuff that was in the Bible. Like why did God need Noah to build an Arc? Why was God going to DROWN people? Didn't he love everyone? In fact, a lot of the things God did didn't seem very loving and he sure relied on people to do things that he should be able to do without a problem. Again, I was told these were just stories and I shouldn't take it literally. I was still confused, but I didn't ask or think much of it. -By age 12, I had made a lot of friends at church and we had gotten to know a lot of people there. It was here I realized that there were some people that did believe in the Bible literally and that they lived much stricter lives (having less fun). I remember expressing my first fears of what if they were right and we are going to hell? Mom eased my fears by saying that if that was true, hell is going a crowded place. I actually envisioned hell as just a simple place where everyone who didn't go to Heaven went. -It was at this time when I started to go to Church youth groups and confirmation. I should also add that much of the religious dogma was incomprehensable to me. Most of it was Christianese garbage, despite being a pretty Liberal Church. Aside from Jesus raising from the dead, I didn't understand what the purpose and significance of it was. I never thought god would need to kill someone to forgive people for petty mistakes. However there were a few people who were good at relating to teens. One in particular was a fundamentalist who believed in Hell and Satan. Surprisingly, I found his views made sense to me... sort of... I believed that if there was a source of good (god) there had to be a source of evil too and Satan made sense. However, it was at conflict with what my parents believed. Again, I just lived my live, didn't worry about god, Satan, Hell and only worried about what was on earth. -Well yeah, when I start thinking about death and immortality, I'm going to get extremely freaked when I hear an extremely graphic and horrifying description of hell. That's what happened 5 years ago and what lead to the the insanity I posted about above. I was 19 and was being driven to madness by some urban legend on the web. That led to a vicious cycle of trying to find evidence against it, but ending up reading more and more shit on the web which scared me even more. I guess what I'm trying to get across is that even though I was never raised in an uber religious house, I still feel victim fundie madness, even with everyone I knew trying to knock some sense into me. It was like the opposite of everyone else. I wasn't raised too religious (though exposed to a religious environment), but I was the only one who was openly terrified of the afterlife. Thus I was the insane one among a bunch of mostly sane people. While I don't go to church anymore, I don't think a belief in god is necessarly bad. It's just that religion comes and makes god into a source of terror, nothing more than a being who's going hold you accountable for the horrible crime of being human. I can't blame my family since they didn't inflict those toxic views (at least not directly), but I do wish they would have explained things more to me so I that I would have had some mental defenses built up when exposed to insanity.
  14. There is some http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/FridgeHorror"]Fridge Horror[/url] in the arguement of pascal's wager. For one, it makes atheism all the more desirable. Who wants there to exist a being who is going to punish you if you're wrong? Ironically, there is a part of me that does want some god or afterlife to exist, but if we're believing just to escape a potential horrific afterlife, than I'd rather find evidence against that god. Second of all, it's implying that life on earth doesn't matter. Infact, that's the problem I have with religion all together. It's devoting the one life you surely have to FAITH, something that can't be proven. It's one thing to have faith, but when it takes over your life, you miss out. All for the fear of potential punishment that may or may not exist? And they say atheists have the depressing worldview?
  15. "A part of me figured that the religion I would have adopted last, that disgusted me the most, that I "didn't want to believe in" must be the one that was true. It may have had something to do with my depression, anxiety and generally negative outlook on life, but that's how it happened. If you couldn't already tell, that religion was Christianity." I'm very sorry you had to go through that because I did too (though not as bad). And it's interesting that you say that no one really wants to believe but they believe 'just in case'. In other words, god isn't something that will give us hope, but something to watch out for. Just because something is depressing and bleek, like 'reality' supposidly is, doesn't mean it's true. The only reason people would have you believe that something depressing is true is because the goddamned news keeps harping on terrorism, crime, political backstabbing, war, and economic crisis's. In other words "Bad news is good news". I think TV is actually MORE depressing than what reality supposidly is.
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