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    Ex-Evangelical Lutheran. Born again at least 10 times, spirit-filled at least 150 times, now an atheist. :)

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  1. I don't know, to be honest with you, but the French kiss each other all the time, as do Arabs and I think it's also common among Jewish people. I guess all those people are going to hell then
  2. My advice is: Don't give him the conclusions. Give him your own experiences, but do so wisely. If you throw in your own conclusions there, he might get scared and run off and hide behind his wall of faith (mentally speaking). I'd tell him of some books he might want to read and stuff like that.
  3. When I was a Christian, the idea was quite different. It was speaking about the gospel, witnessing for Christ or whatever that was planting the seed, and not living in Christ. Living in Christ was when the seed had either fallen into good soil or one of the other options where people started out believing, but might fall away later. Also, medicine has a clear impact on people. It has different impacts on different people, but it is physical. Medicine does, however, not claim to heal everyone who wants it to. It gives you "expected effect" and is joined by a list of possible side-effects. I
  4. That Frank guy is the guy that I rent from. No doubt whatsoever. I'm glad I'll be moving out soon.
  5. I have to be pedantic here, Zen. A believer of Scientology is not a scientist, but a scientologist. Please don't mix them up. xD
  6. I can be justifyibly called an emotional person and it seems, as I have learned from my experience as a Christian, that I am also quite capable of manipulating my own emotions and my sub-conscious knows very well how to do it. I had prophecies spoken over me, I felt the "presence of God" and had "prophetic" dreams, I experienced the euphoria and even sometimes felt that Jesus was standing or walking next to me, only I couldn't see him. It was a strange thing but it's something that I imposed upon my own self. It would never have happened if I didn't so dramatically wish it to. It's wishful
  7. It depends on your interests, but I would recommend doing some research. Watch documentaries online (google video is great for that) and practice being critical to what you're hearing (it's fun too ), learn some science or about other religions or about the origins of your own ex-religion etc. If you learn a bit of science you'd also love to go outside and just enjoy nature if you have anywhere remotely close to you where such a thing is possible. Now, the question of whether my personality was changed I think no. I think it was confirmed when I made my exit from religion. It was confirme
  8. Hey lenbitme. I would like to suggest to you that you do some research with regards to not just religion, but also science and that in the process of doing so, you don't look for what "suits you best" but what is true, because the truth will be the truth no matter who it suits or doesn't suit. Look at all the evidence, use your head and reason, learn some pros but also criticisms of each and reach your own conclusion. Do your own thinking and reach your own conclusions, but do so on the basis of evidence, because without it, it's just one person's word against another's.
  9. What is astral projection and how do you know that it's possible? (Echoing florduh)
  10. I cannot put myself in your situation or even begin to understand what you're going through. I'm sure the guilt from the termination itself is more than enough without the Roman Catholic doomsaying voices in the background to amplify. I become frustrated and even angry sometimes when people so blatantly refuse to be honest and to face up to the truth, but I think you're "looking for" anger on a deeper, more personal level. I become angry when Christians use threats of hell and eternal torment to try to scare me into re-converting (or the "Jeezuz loves you!" for that matter), not only
  11. In one way, yes; in the sense that I have the evidence on my side. That makes me confident and calm about the discussion, although I can sometimes get frustrated by people's stubborness. I'm "fighting" for what makes sense now, rather than my own wishful thinking.
  12. http://www.pnas.org/cgi/content/abstract/0801268105v1 Since the "are religious people stupid/unintelligent" debate has been known to touch upon the shores of Ex-C, I thought it would be nice to post this. Apologies if it has been posted earlier.
  13. Well, historically (and personally) speaking, the fear of hell, has been known to have a certain effect on "sinners"...
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